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nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

Pros below: Plows native, everything is fine, bright screen, joysticks are not stupid, it's nice that they put an adapter for the plug Got cons: It was cloudy weather, but there are no shortcomings on the console.See full review

industrial oil oilright i-20 a 10 l logo

Has some pros: Inexpensive, large package, enough for different spare parts Cons: The bottle is cracked, I don’t know how everything hasn’t leaked yet)See full review

casio collection ae-1000w-1a quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, display backlight, black logo

I reviewed the video and instructions. It's a brain drain. I have not seen anything more incomprehensible. thrown away moneySee full review

ortox wrist brace, universal size, height 14 cm, length 20 cm, right hand, black/brown logo

Very well made, the brush is fixed, you can pull it off as convenient, you can feel the metal plate inside, which adds strength. I am satisfied, the brush is fixed. Top qualitySee full review

fork oil liqui moly motorbike fork oil medium 10w 0.5 l 0.42 kg logo

It smells disgusting, the packaging is not at all the same as the original! I have been working with the original for a long time and I know how it looks.See full review


I bought new summer tires Formula Energy 215/65 R16. There was a vibration at a speed of 80 km / h. He ran his finger along the sidewall of the wheel and found irregularities. Upon closer examination, all 4 wheels had a hernia on both sides. Contacted the seller. He went to meet me and agreed to exchange for another of the same set. On the second set, a hernia was found on two wheels, but much smaller. We decided to install this kit. Vibration went after 60 km / h.See full review


I expected more, I was disappointed by the screen, there is not enough color brightness, there is no flash, the camera seems to be normal, and the price is now cheaper than I bought it, I would not recommend taking itSee full review

bit set dewalt dt7944s logo

The bit holder is pulled FORWARD, which is unusual. Insert / remove the bit - you need to pull the latch. The bit is held by ONE tooth, respectively, play. U-shaped bits (drills) sometimes fall out. I expected more than one tooth from DeWalt.See full review


Skated the season. What can be said. All the spikes are in place, rowing in the snow with dignity, something like in the ice. Tire width 205. Doesn't brake on ice. It makes a lot of noise (and this is taking into account the fact that the car is completely soundproofed) At speeds of 50-65 Luteishe buzzes, the rumble is such that in half an hour your head will start to hurt. Rubber took as a temporary solution. And if I needed to take rubber again in this budget, I would buy a Chinese Viatti. ThiSee full review


Not noisy, quite manageable tires, puddles accelerates. If this release of rubber is stronger, then the company is credited.See full review


it is a pity that the store sent one cartridge instead of two and did not return the money, but this does not apply to the quality of the goodsSee full review

automatic blood pressure monitor omron m2 basic (ru) without adapter logo

I purchased the device in the summer of 2022. The purchase is satisfied. We use the whole family. There are no complaints. Comfortable cuff, large screen, memory for 30 measurements. The batteries that come with the kit are still alive. There is a connector for an adapter, but this model does not have an adapter in the kit. I want to draw the attention of everyone who writes that the adapter was not put in or the cuff is small - study the model range carefully. This model has variations with an See full review

spring mattress cityflex spring r2k1 80х160 logo

chose for a long time. probably a month. even the prices have been adjusted a couple of times. settled on this model. proceeded from the rigidity (it is more useful for the back), in general, for a couple of months I am satisfied with the mattress. when you lie down, your back rests straight. the mattress holds up very well. The mattress itself matches the description. All declared materials are inside. I highly recommend the product. My wife's back also stopped hurting. now about delivery: deliSee full review


With a discount, the table came out at 1400. Arrived the next day after ordering. They took me to an apartment. Thank you ! The table itself is beautifully packaged, accessories and instructions included. It is easy to assemble, we (mother, grandmother and 5-year-old child) assembled in 15 minutes. No cracks or other defects were found. Good quality chipboard. The purchase was successful. Production Belarus. Thanks to the manufacturer!See full review


Initially, during the repair, I planned to install it, but then due to problems with a decorative siphon (a certain size Wiring and my hand-ass builders abandoned this model. There were several attempts to buy other models, but none of them fit in my bathroom. And since the sewer was brought to a different height, I had to make a shelf. But in general, I'm satisfied. There are no other options for my tiny bathroom.See full review


The chair is large, fluffy, deep. The back is unfolded back into a reclining position. In operation for a month. Until it broke and broke.See full review


In general, the product is not bad, for everyday massage with a sedentary lifestyle, the chair is comfortable. It is better to buy in the store, where the delivery is free. Here 799, taking into account the fact that there is a plus subscription. You can at least make an exchange, . Market only offers a return, in violation of consumer protection law. I would return it if it wasn't for the end of the promotion and reorder. But since the product was bought as a gift and the promotion ended, I lefSee full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

It's cool that the company changed not only the name, but also improved the quality of the product. They put in a more powerful battery, made a rubberized deck, colored dashboard. Everything is like in the best houses in Europe) But here's a surprise, you will have to pay extra for the seat! It's a bit un-European. .See full review


Good fastening on the outside, in any way better than the usual "Bolt" under the vidyuhi. With the backlight, I flew a little, the ARGB connector is on the mount, I didn’t have this on the motherboard. I bought a regular LED strip and changed it.See full review


The solder warms up well, but when it comes into contact with the wires, it quickly freezes without having time to solder, and after that, dancing with a tambourine begins. I ordered new copper stings from Alik, they will come and change and then I will add a review. While minus the soldering iron.See full review

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