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smart bracelet honor band 6 ru, black logo

The design is excellent. The price is good. Pros: Everything works fine, with a Xiaomi smartphone 100% all functions work, Bluetooth automatically connects when the signal is lost if you move more than 10 meters away from the phone. Notifications are coming. Sleep monitoring also works great as an alarm clock and workouts. Automatically recognizes the type of training and immediately starts monitoring. I am satisfied with the purchase. Recommend. Has some cons Steps are not accurately counted. SSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

Different pros: Long work without recharging, design, price, elastic discreet strap. Its cons: It is difficult to take the watch out of the strap when you need to charge it.See full review

trimmer philips oneblade qp2620/20, black/green lime logo

Changed my electric shaver to this one. Shaves normal, but not for a clean shave! Feels like a cheap plastic toy in my hand after a razor.See full review

powerful car audio upgrade: ural as-w30tw speaker for superior sound performance logo

The disadvantages and advantages indicated by me are for the most part practical in nature and are far from an in-depth consideration of technical characteristics. However, I have tried to describe possible problems that you may encounter during the installation and use of this product. I have no complaints about the sound quality. However, these speakers cannot boast of power.See full review

dvr roadgid blick gps wifi, 2 cameras, black logo

The DVR has powerful functionality, it works stably, the recording is in high quality, even at night. Very cool that there is a parking assistant. In an emergency (God forbid), according to the declared characteristics, photography should work. I use it not so long ago and I no longer regret buying it, I just ask myself why I didn’t buy this wonderful device earlier.See full review

wireless headphones jbl live 650btnc, white logo

Its pros: Noise reduction, despite what is needed, is not one that drives into space, but which cleanly cuts off noise, but leaves voices and the signal of cars. Assembly, comfort, appearance. With its cons. Terrible phone app. The cover is not practical, just a bag with strings. Small control buttons, not easy to use with gloves. They broke down in two months, all the buttons were cut off, a very common bug of this model, Sadly JBL .See full review

jbl tune 750btnc wireless headphones, black logo

I took it as a second headphone. earbuds are more suitable for the street. Bottom line: These are the perfect budget wireless on-ear headphones FOR HOME USE. Different pros: Very good sound and sound isolation for budget headphones, especially from JBL. Okay. that you can connect headphones through a wire, sometimes required. It is quite convenient to carry around the neck, they can also fit in a small backpack. They fell to the floor from a meter to a meter and a half with a decent speed many tSee full review

headphone player sony nw-ws413 logo

Excellent, I bought it for the pool, even if the model is already outdated, but it’s not at all expensive 4t. They perform their functions 100%See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 2, black logo

Toy. No sports, just a watch with notifications. With its pros. The alarm clock is the most requested feature and works very well - always with you and wakes up without annoying others. Clock - convenient at night, you do not need to highlight anything to find out the time Notifications are also quite in demand. It is convenient to see who is calling without picking up the phone. Working time - without sports modes it lasts for a month, with sports for an hour a day - for 10 days. Many non-origiSee full review

💡 zalman gigamax gvii 750w power supply logo

Has pros: Price, appearance, equipment. Packed with high quality, for which many thanks to ! Has some cons: So far, no flaws have been found, since I have not tested it. A stone with a motherboard will arrive, I will make a brief review.See full review

💻 gigabyte ga-b150-hd3 ddr3 motherboard (revision 1.0) logo

With its pros. 2 video card slots, crossfire, good chipset, 4 RAM slots, 6 sata. super pay) Cons: Sata express ports not working. It burned out after six months of use, although I was just unlucky.See full review

xiaomi redmi note 11 pro 5g 8/128gb global smartphone, grey graphite logo

Pros below: An excellent phone, I took a growth test, as it works on our communication standards. With its cons. No, all Redmi have a problem with the sensor, otherwise everything is fineSee full review

smartphone xiaomi redmi 8 4/64 gb ru, ruby ​​red logo

Dialer from Google norms, there is nothing complicated, it's a matter of habit! There is no recording of conversations - it does not matter either! ated to MIUI Global 11.0.1 menu is new, everything is compact), dark mode is present! Some pros: Good autonomy, for 10 hours at night, 1-2% battery consumption, with a normal network signal, battery consumption is not significant, but where there is almost no network with GPS and the Internet turned on, it feels like the charge level drops actively) See full review

🔄 mikrotik routerboard rb260gs switch: boost your network performance with speed and reliability logo

It is better to spend time studying the equipment and then not touch it than to run to similar pieces of iron from another manufacturer for reboots, flashing, etc.See full review

portable acoustics huawei sound joy, 30 w, black logo

Received this column for my birthday. At first, I didn’t immediately understand why I needed it, because I used to hate these speakers in teenagers on the street. But on the same day at the celebration, everything became clear. The speaker fits perfectly at such events, the sound is incredibly clear and strong. There is also a trick that if there is a second speaker, they can be connected and then they will work in stereo mode, but it was not possible to check. I also take it with me when I rideSee full review

⌚ black garmin fenix 7x sapphire solar smartwatch with wi-fi and nfc logo

Until these hours, he wore an apple watch: he started from the first, there were fourth and seventh. in two days he drowned in the pool, first 7k, then 4k. After these events, I switched to Garmin and I am glad about it, as a device for sports, I am completely satisfied.See full review

xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic 2 global wireless headphones, black logo

I bought my first pair of headphones back in February 2022, and a month later the right earbud stopped charging and didn’t respond to anything at all. I was refused a warranty replacement, because I did not have a box with a serial number for the headphones, they told me to contact the store where I bought them. The store was sent to the central office, since the TT itself does not have access to the database with a list of goods sold. The central office was asked to write an official letter addSee full review

electric toothbrush oral-b professional care 500, white-blue logo

I am very satisfied with my purchase. After the first time, the teeth were spared from the plaque accumulated on them, which could not be cleaned with a regular brush. The charge lasts for a long time, about a week for sure. The only thing is, you have to get used to it. The weight differs from the usual one - 120g, at first it seems heavy, but it is convenient to hold it in the hand, so I quickly got used to it. It has a timer, with it you can control the time - very convenient.See full review

💻 high-performance acer aspire 15.6" notebook 3 a315-56-38mn with intel core i3, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd - full hd, linux os, intel uhd graphics - black (nx.hs5er.00b) logo

Pros: everything but the screen. as for me, the optimal configuration for little money. Some cons: screen. now more or less set up, but still not very comfortable.See full review

wireless marshall mid bluetooth headphones, black logo

If you are not a connoisseur of the brand and their orchestral sound, then these headphones will be full of compromises for you. They are for Marshall fans. I was imbued with them, but would not take them today. Marshall have already announced Major IV, which I have pre-ordered) If you want to try their headphones, take the Major II - you can't go wrong, the "people's" choice.See full review

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