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versace bright crystal eau de toilette, 90 ml logo

I have long wanted to buy such eau de toilette for myself, on the market it turned out to be the most profitable, thank you ️️️.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 14 pro 256 gb, dual: nano sim + esim, deep purple logo

The Japanese version of the iPhone 14 Pro (esim + nano) has arrived. I was afraid that esim would not work, but tinkoff was activated, and everything works fine. There is no camera bug, everything flies. There is no camera sound on silent mode. Immediately ated iOS, nothing lagged.See full review

dry food for dogs pro plan with sensitive digestion, lamb 3 kg (for medium breeds) logo

I took it for a promotion, the dog (Shiba Inu) has been eating for almost a month, everything is fine, there are no allergies.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner dreame f9 ru, white logo

If you are the owner of the iPhone, I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news to you. It appears to be some kind of sickness, from what I can tell. This vacuum cleaner, in particular the one I have, does not construct a map, cannot park, and finishes cleaning without my permission. An curious mind and laziness (my) explored various forums, and eventually, a solution was found: "calibration"! However, the fact that this is the property of Android's owners should immediately annoy you. Now we'll talSee full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11, gray logo

3 stars is the level of "normal / ordinary goods". According to its characteristics, well, it does not produce a wow effect, it does not impress with technical solutions, power, quality, etc. Considering the increased price, not the price / quality is also not ideal. Confident middle man. Bought for a robotic vacuum cleaner. We use every day for a 15-minute cleaning of 65 sq. M (to collect dust, hair, etc. ). Coating - laminate. Haven't tested it on carpets. It copes with its function, there isSee full review

💆 davines energizing shampoo 8.45 fl.oz. - boost your hair's energy logo

The smell is mint, a little harsh, not for everyone. Personally, I like the smell of freshness 🍃 Pleasant color. I can’t say anything about the effect, because I bought the shampoo for a test for a change, a purchase for “Thank you” bonuses. But Davines products are always satisfied . Gorchilo only that this shampoo is not for daily use, overlooked this information, read on the label only after purchase.See full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

Tires were discussed when buying a car, and since I did so in the winter and traded in my previous vehicle, the contrast was played on: I went to Viatti (in no way is this advertising or against advertising; it is simply my personal experience of ownership), but I left on a Nordman, and I can tell you that she is beyond praise; now that I have changed my shoes for the second winter season, I will continue to ride. Very satisfied with the lack of ear-piercing noise and the good handling during thSee full review

shiseido eau de parfum zen (2007), 100 ml logo

At first I thought it was fake. I decided to check, went to several prof. high-end perfume stores, put Shiseido Zen on myself, a few puffs at a time, and made sure that the fragrance had an average staying power and was very light, very thin. I prefer more intense ones. Personally for myself, for such a price, I will not take this perfume again. But in general, the smell is pleasant, gentle, I was reminded of the lower notes of Versace Bright Crystal. Initially, when I took it according to the rSee full review

dry food for sterilized cats gina chicken, with rice 3 kg logo

Has some pros: Expensive for a food of this quality, the cat eats without appetite sometimes refuses at all. Its cons: Pungent odor and greasy to the touch. The cups have to be washed every time by the cat.See full review

contact lenses alcon dailies total1, 30 pcs., r 8.5, d -9.5 logo

I have been wearing lenses for several years now. At the first visit to Optics, they advised me and sold one-day lenses of another popular brand, and what a disappointment it was to understand that already 3 hours after putting on the lenses I suffered terribly from dry eyes. Constant instillation in the eyes brought only short-term relief. As a result, I began to study the characteristics of all lenses in our market and came to these lenses. I tried them and finally a miracle happened - I can eSee full review

scoot ride highwaykick one size logo

We got it for him a year ago, and at first he only flipped it over and spun the wheels. After a while, though, they didn't even notice when he started driving it, and he's just done it in the apartment complex so far. The strength of the scooter is demonstrated by the fact that the oldest son, who weighs 48 kg, can also ride it in the scooter mode.See full review

marshall minor iii wireless headphones, black logo

Can only be used in non-noisy operation mode for background music playback for inexperienced listeners. Pros below: They hold a charge for a very long time. The problem of charge is simply removed completely. When I learned to wear them, they are absolutely not noticeable in the ear. As a headset it's great. They look stylish, the case attracts attention. And the case itself is convenient - compact, keeps the headphones magnetized. Its cons: No noise cancellation. Everything outside sounds greatSee full review

board game gaga games unmatched: robin hood vs bigfoot logo

Good seller. You know what? The chocolate was in the order with gratitude. It's rare these days to have such attention to detail. Different pros: Store responsiveness is great! They made a mistake with the price, ordered for one - in fact, the CDEK turned out to be different. Wrote in the chat - immediately corrected. It doesn’t seem to be essential, but it’s always good with a plus when a mistake is quickly corrected. Has some cons: I did not like the packaging of the game (which I ordered). ItSee full review

soundbar jbl bar 9.1 black logo

Assembled and connected without problems, everything was conveniently determined, ated and configured. Got pros: Cool soundbar, sound fire. Surround sound is very pleasing. Cool solution with detachable speakers on magnets. Very pleased with AirPlay and Google Chromecast. Any connection options. Added to Apple Home. Got cons: Bottom left side gets very hot. For now, I don't know what to do with it. The volume control through the TV (HDMI ARC) periodically stops working. Several times the sound fSee full review

air humidifier with fragrance function xiaomi smart humidifier 2 (mjjsq05dy) eu, white logo

The humidifier does its function effectively. The cough and nasal congestion that had been present in the morning vanished, and breathing became considerably easier. Strongly suggestSee full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s23 8/128 gb, dual: nano sim esim, phantom black logo

My downfall is in petty intelligence. Ode, who had been using shovels for much too long, waited patiently for c23, and he was not let down. In fact, I find that rather surprising. The freedom to do what I wanted was fantastic. Screen time for 7 hours? No problem (I don't play video games). Pixel 7's battery life was only 3.5–4 hours. Screen, cameras, and the overall production value are the show stoppers. Since I haven't experienced any overheating with my own gadget, I have no complaints.See full review

aerator xiaomi diiib dual function faucet bubbler dxsz001-1 logo

A cool nozzle is convenient, but it is generally useless on a semicircular sink in the bathroom . in shower mode, a bunch of spray flies around, bouncing off the walls of the sink itself. I put it in the kitchen, but there, too, in this mode, if it is directed to the bottom (flat bottom, square sink), then around everywhere, on the floor, on the neighboring bedside table, on the wall . there are a lot of small drops everywhere, even with a short hit on the empty bottom .(((See full review

smart watch samsung galaxy watch4 44 mm wi-fi nfc ru, silver logo

different benefits decent cost when compared to DNS, etc. (Networkers have parallel import clocks as well.) Cons: They arrived with a marriage, frequently dropped calls, and offered refunds. The 2022 language is present although there is no 2022 territory.See full review

orthopedic pillow 40x60cm, askona temp control, size s, height 9 cm logo

I purchased two pillows, and they were both married. Everything has holes, dirt on the foam, "nipples" that stick out, and yellow stains. I placed my purchase for a nice cushion, but it wasn't what I expected.See full review

revolution reloaded palette iconic division logo

Depending on the product's velvety quality, shadows are not pricey and are not felt for generations. It is sufficient to maintain half a day without a base with a base for the entire day.See full review

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