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foldable laundry basket dark light color with three compartments, black-white-gray logo

I have not yet made repairs in the bathroom, I put it in the nursery so that the children clean the toys there. The basket is well made, the design is reliable, there are compartments inside. I liked it, in terms of size, of course, she needs to find a place in the bathroom, but I have no problems with this, the bath is spacious.See full review


Reminds me the most of Essential Yohji Yamamoto and Yves Rocher Comme une Evidence. I have a new bottle with white letters. A languid, deep, status scent. Excellent chypre.See full review


Sharing unbiased impressions.If in the course of operation the shortcomings are revealed, then I will definitely share it. And while everyone likes it.See full review


The product arrived in good condition. Everything was wrapped tightly in cling film. Couriers are always friendly and arrive on time. Took 2 packs. Gentlemen, the price is cheaper than in hypers, so I recommend taking it here.See full review


All liked it. I read reviews in which they write that the tripod is flimsy . This is not a stripper pole, if anything. The laser axis builder is holding up nicely. In other words, it does its job perfectly.See full review


One season, Lacetti mileage is about 30, there are no 40% spikes on the front wheels, the rear is normal. City run only. I drive calmly. In general, excellent tires, I think enough for three or four seasons. I recommendSee full review


At the very beginning of 2022, we bought it so that it would not be so dreary to die in quarantine in a household. As a result, the basic level of cleanliness at home has grown very much, you don’t need to do anything every day.See full review

ninetygo danube luggage 24, red logo

The bag gives the impression of being of high quality. There is a backlash in the retractable handle, as there is in all bags, but it may not be immediately visible. Not travel tested. There are no inscriptions or other indications that this product is manufactured by Xiaomi! Referring to the aforementioned brand is confusing to me for some reason. Ninetygo 90 is written as the name on the box. At the "90" marking on the handles.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 13 pro max 128 gb, nano sim esim, graphite logo

Excellent phone, all seals were intact, serial number checked, and a new one had not yet been activated. took for other nations and acquired the Japanese purchased from mobile-rooms. Ru Thank you to the vendor for a good goods.See full review

💡 yeelight crystal led ceiling light mini (ylxd09yl), 10w, 28 leds, white armature and shade logo

This is not Xiaomi's first attempt at making a lamp. I enjoy how it looks, how well it performs, and how it is constructed. In the previous apartment, there were three lamps, and for three years, no one complained about them. The only issue was that the battery in the remote control ran out of power too quickly. Various advantages: In my opinion, the ratio of design to craftsmanship to price is very near to being perfect. Having this drawback: Suitable for use in a compact space. For a corridor See full review

tent extreme double tramp peak 2 v2, green logo

Has some pros: The tent is light and easy to use. Lots of pockets inside. Easy assembly. Bright Cons: Ties. The tent is attached to the arcs from above with TIES! Just two strings. Hand face. The same story with covers for arcs and pegs. Not deadly, but some kind of stone ageSee full review

💄 erborian ginseng imperfection foundation cream for flawless makeup and face logo

The skin is oily and flaky plus vessels are closely located. For the first time I found a cream with which this is imperceptible. The light color blends directly with the skin, the skin color is light with red cheeks. All in all, he's perfect.See full review

merries baby diapers, size m, 6-11 kg, 64 count (imported from japan) logo

I ordered for one day, the courier did not come, moved the next day. On the day of delivery, a disgusting courier worked, rude, he clearly cannot work with peopleSee full review

tide pods 4 in 1 with febreze sport 🧺 odor defense, 73 count, high efficiency laundry detergent soap pods logo

I have been buying Tide capsules Alpine freshness for several months, very convenient, small compact package, washes clothes perfectly, colors remain bright. And the smell after washing is just class, things are clean, soft and fresh. Clean, comfortable and inexpensive! I recommend #pgbonusSee full review

weather station hygrometer for home indoor household thermometer with humidity measurement ulbi h1 logo

Very small, comfortable, shows clearly. I've been using it for a couple of months now with no complaints. Dropped a few times and didn't break.See full review

board game gaga games arnak island ruins logo

We quickly figured out the rules, the game became one of our favorites, perhaps the best game of 2022. Combines 2 mechanics, deck builder and worker movement. Very satisfied.See full review

jo candy shop cotton candy, 60 ml, cotton candy logo

Much better than other brands of lubricants. Have tried 5 flavors/smells already. Cotton candy, although sweet, is not cloying compared to Huzelnut espresso. The price is high, but it is justified: the lubricant lasts for a long time, the consumption is small, pleasant sensations, no stickiness. I recommendSee full review

🚗 chicco youniverse pearl car seat group 1/2/3 (9-36 kg) logo

I have been using it for about a year, the quality is excellent, I washed it once, everything is well understood and assembledSee full review

skin1004 madagascar centella ampoule, 55 ml logo

Bombshell, definitely worth taking. Everything stated by the manufacturer is true. My skin has never been so perfect. The pores are narrowed, the skin tone is even, redness is gone, the skin is nourished, etc. Great product, I will try other products.See full review

smart watch mibro watch x1, black logo

Gave it to a 12 year old. They look stylish on the arm, the guy tied it to the phone on his own, with almost no dancing with a tambourine. He walks happy.See full review

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