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hand pump 48cm, intex 68615 logo

Not a bad purchase, worth the money.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

For 850r worth the money. You can buy. Some pros: Pump for glowing balls, fitball, mattress and other inflatable products. Easy. Pumps up very quickly. Different cons: Looks squishy. Poor quality hose connection to the pump. The hose is of poor quality.See full review

gigabyte graphics windforce gv n166sgaming oc 6gd logo

If the budget is tight, then take it you will not regret it. If you have a couple of extra thousand, take the RTX 2060 or 2060 super, there will be a margin for 2k resolution. I myself use philips 245E-1S. With zalman i3 there is no noise at all, only if you put your ear against the front screws you can hear noise, and then as it turned out from the cooler. See full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

This is already the second DeLonghicomffee machine in use, I took the second one exactly the same, only the previous model. Of the minuses, it was immediately revealed that the automatic cappuccinatore does not prepare milk foam separately, this part is cut out in the instructions (apparently done in order to buy a more expensive model), although the previous onecomoked. Also, on about the 3rd day, unpleasant creaks appeared during operation (video: ), since I already know how the sound of thecoSee full review

synthetic engine oil mobil 1 esp 5w-30, 4 l, 1 pc logo

Bought in Avtomag near metro station Sokol. Online order No. 334785 dated 06/19/2022. Moreover, I chose Automag precisely because it is listed on the Mobile website. But now I look at this canister and more and more I think that it is a fake. Stickers are pasted with bubbles and can be easily removed from the canister. The canister itself has burrs, and the strip with the oil level is curved like . There was an oil smudge on the front of the canister. The seller said, well, it’s the loaders thatSee full review

90114, happy baby overalls for a boy and a girl with a zipper, under the diaper, cotton, beige, height 68 logo

Some pros: Of the advantages, only a print with geese, because of which, in principle, it was taken With its cons: It is sewn terribly from the top of the collar, threads stick out, the zipper is sewn on at an angle and scratches the neckSee full review

women's sports top, crop top, short top for running, fitness, yoga, dancing, walking, tourism, bra top, color black, size 4xl (58-60) logo

Its benefits convenient and useful. It keeps looking brand new with regular use and frequent washing. Pros below: save for little breasts. When you're exercising actively, it won't hold much. However, this is probably more of a recommendation than a disadvantage.See full review

watch casio g-shock awg-m100b-1a logo

I chose for a long time and finally found what I was looking for. In the Hong Kong region, they calibrate themselves at night lying by the window. The backlight of the arrows and not the entire dial is even a plus, a moment is enough to determine how much time, the insoles can be seen very well. on every day. Before them, there were also Casio for 8 years, they served faithfully, without replacing the battery and smashed it on pebbles in the sea. I bought fashionable expensive Swiss ones and didSee full review

mountain bike (mtb) stinger element std 24 (2021) black 14" (requires final assembly) logo

Different pros: Excellent bike, aluminum alloy, fashionable design, solid attachments Got cons: Do not even try to install the front fender. Just wasting 3 hours of your life. Put something else right away. The back is installed without problems.See full review

yokohama ice guard ig55 205/60 r16 96t winter logo

I bought the tire when there were no reviews yet. Drove about 5000 km. Prior to that, I went only on Velcro, on these tires I understood how a car can slow down on ice. Inspires confidence (sometimes self-confidence). Holds great during acceleration, excellent when braking, excellent lateral stability (to turn around on the packed snow on the handbrake is now a problem). The ABS worked only on asphalt (I had to brake urgently, one of the spikes turned out a little, I hope it will fall into placeSee full review

sink filter prio new water start osmos ou380 white logo

Got pros: The system itself is good, it filters, the taste of water is pleasant, it takes up little space, the pressure is stable at good pressure, but as it turned out, when replacing cartridges, I still have to buy something Different cons: I am correcting the review, since the problem was promptly resolved by the company, the fittings were brought free of charge, I am glad that the company is ready to correct the shortcomings. I bought it a year ago, I recently decided to replace the cartriSee full review

🔌 the ultimate mobility: easine g80 cordless lightweight filtration unveiled logo

In use for over a month. Suction power in normal mode is rather weak. I will not say that thanks to the backlight on the brush, debris is better visible. Rather, it has a decorative function. I regret choosing this model. Almost 8 thousand were spent in vain. Pros below: Easy. Compact storage. Easy to clean. Outwardly cute. Suction power in turbo mode. Cons below: The biggest drawback is the design itself: the reverse air flow is directed forward. There is no way to pick up the trash from the taSee full review

circle joy electric wine opener cn accessory set, black logo

With all of its perks. The well first removes the cork, then opens the bottle of wine. It was good, finally the white t-shirts can breathe easy. Various disadvantages: Did not make it public. Although this may seem like nitpicking, the maximum that the corkscrew requires is batteries, not a battery.See full review

rear derailleur shimano deore rd-m6100-sgs, 1x12sk logo

Switches clearly and easily, installation and configuration is clear and not complicated. I set it up myself, it's nice to ride when everything switches clearly.See full review

xiaomi motion-activated night light 2 led, 0.36 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: cn logo

Several advantages, including the fact that the appliance is "smart" and only activates itself when the room is dim. There is an adequate amount of light. despite its advantages. The description includes accurate information regarding the viewing angle and the distance to the passing one; however, this is not sufficient, therefore I placed 4.See full review

mesh inhaler (nebulizer) xiaomi andon vp-m3a, white logo

Some pros: 1. Compact 2. Very little noise 3. Works in an inclined state 4. Energy efficient Some cons: The mesh will probably need to be changed over time, a plaque will form on itSee full review

dry dog ​​food farmina vet life ultrahypo 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 12 kg logo

This is the only food that has given my dog ​​an allergy. I have a French bulldog with a congenital indigestion, we tried a huge amount of food for dogs with a problematic gastrointestinal tract, I was always glad that at least the dog had no allergies to anything! And then on the fourth day on this stern the ear turned red and covered with a crust and a week later the hair fell down on the back ! In the trash! The most expensive of the hypoallergenic and turned out to be the worst!See full review

external filter aquael ultra filter 1400 for aquarium 250 - 500 l (1400 l/h, 14.8 w, h = 170 cm) logo

I am very satisfied, I bought a filter for a 60 liter jar, it fit perfectly, as if it was created for a 60 liter jar, it was taken for biology, such a filter for 60l-150l maximum, if biology is meant. Then I’ll attach a pre-filter, in the section of the hoses, in order to rake less dirt out of the external, then the pump power is just enough for me so as not to lose performance, because in this configuration 1400 can be safely divided by 10.See full review

carob coffee maker polaris pcm 1527e adore crema, champagne logo

I was given this coffee maker for work. because I can't live without coffee. In principle, at first I did not quite understand the operation, but following the instructions everything worked out. The only thing, with the preparation of the first mug, I was slightly frightened by the sound during preparation, but it turned out that I was not the only one with such a problem. But I slowly got used to it and don’t pay attention, the main thing is delicious coffee, and I liked the foam stencils.See full review

vacuum cleaner samsung vcc885hh3p/xev, burgundy logo

Bought for 5, 2 years ago. Led to advertising. Wanted cyclone. This one was discounted. The cyclone, which worked for me for 8 years, already cost 8tr. I had to take this one, because I couldn’t fit the money. After 2 years, the motor flew, I had to do it myself, because replacing the motor would be in the price of buying a vacuum cleaner. Filters clog quickly and the vacuum cleaner overheats. There is no protection against motor dust at all, that is, it does not exist. The garbage collection flSee full review

absorbent filler catsan hygiene plus, 10l logo

I have cats in my house for almost 4 years. I tried a lot of cat litter and finally settled on this one. I have been using "Catsan Hygiene Plus" for three years already - and I am not going to change it, because I have not yet met the best one. I am attracted by the fact that its granules consist of environmentally friendly substances that do not poison the environment: sand and chalk. I select solid waste from the litter with a special scoop, hermetically pack it in zip bags that remain from tSee full review

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