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dry food for puppies primordial grain-free, chicken, fish 1 pack. x 1 pc. x 2 kg logo

Quality is top notch, happy with everything.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The food has a specific smell, but the main thing is that the dogs like it (the Frenchman and the sneeze), the composition is good, I’m already taking the third bagSee full review

holy land lotion for dissolving closed comedones super lotion, 125 ml logo

the bottle came with an incised seal, it was incomplete, the liquid was odorless, it seems that water was poured into it and this bottle is not being returned for the first time, very disappointedSee full review

💪 honor band 6 smart wristband- full screen 1.47-inch amoled color touchscreen, spo2, swim, heart rate, sleep, nap, stress, all-in-one activity tracker- 5atm waterproof standard version logo

Choose the right skin, and you will be happy. Has some pros: For what he took, everything is there. Works norms. Connecting to the phone with a bang. Has some cons: Haven't revealed yet. I've been going for a month now. See full review

nokian tires nordman 7 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

The tire is excellent in most respects, but it does have some subtleties that must be taken into mind. According to the snow and ice crust, this is an excellent option for those who live in Siberia and frequently travel outside of the city. The handle is excellent, swept yards are not horrible, and the spikes seat securely. Heaven and earth have nothing on a weary Cordiant in those circumstances. In contrast, I don't understand the sense in listening to the helicopter rumbling of spikes on asphaSee full review

old spice deodorant stick lagoon, 50 ml logo

Why terrible? Because, God forbid, it lasts for an hour, then the whole armpit flows and the smell becomes even more unpleasant, and so vile that you yourself want to puke somewhere. People who write that they use it twice a day and are satisfied, are you serious? The real deal is Rexona Men Clinical Protection, which lasts about three days, smells good, and doesn't cost as much as Old Spice's horse price tag. Simply the worst deodorant ever.See full review

floor fan xiaomi mijia dc inverter fan 1x cn, white logo

I suffered with it for 4 hours, I didn’t want to connect to the network, I tried everything, and reset the settings on the router, I have ASUS, I even ated the firmware for it. which he did not do for two years. and still connected. for the fan, you need to select a separate channel in the wireless network settings. I had a car there, switched to 1,2,3,4. and lo and behold, he saw the net!See full review

compact dishwasher weissgauff tdw 4006, white logo

I will support those excellent impressions of other users that it is neat, appropriate, roomy enough, silent and saves a lot of time))) I am satisfied)))See full review

haircut set philips mg3740 series 3000 logo

this is not a razor, "under zero" will not work in any way, but it is not stated here. I haven’t tried the head, everything else cuts well, but you have to be careful without attachments.See full review

computer chair aerocool knight gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: iron black logo

In general, the chair is not bad, but it did not suit me. the pillow is harsh under the neck, and under the lower back is too small and soft. Got pros: Convenient. With a height of 190 and a weight of 120, it is comfortable in it. There is no creaking, the armrests are comfortable. But it may not suit everyone. Cons below: The concave back turned out to be the biggest problem, but you don’t immediately notice this problem. I have broad shoulders and at first it was a little unusual in this chairSee full review

marshall major iv wireless headphones, brown logo

Has pros: The sound is great! The battery is kept magically, for a week of use only 20% is gone Some cons: At first it seemed that they seemed to be too thin and unreliable. But the quality of the materials is still good, they will withstandSee full review

rear seat hamax kiss, grey/green logo

I've scoured the internet trying to figure out if the Hamax will fit on my GT Avalanche 3.0 M. It has feathers wide apart where the seat attaches (see photo). So it got up perfectly, the height is right, the angle of inclination is as per the instructions, no problems. For those who have the same problem with feathers - the distance between the mounting bars is 70 mm.See full review

xiaomi mijia bluetooth hygrothermograph 2, white logo

The benefits of it include: Temperature and humidity readings, as well as historical data, may be accessed and read via bluetooth on this handy, tiny sensor. Cons: You can only view the indications if you are physically close to the device; doing so remotely is impossible, even if there is a gateway.See full review

sneakers puma resolve wn's women 19479901 5.5 logo

These running shoes are great for the money; I wear them with an orthopedic insole, and they provide ample heel comfort and shock absorption. I run in them on running socks in winter, it's not cold up to -15, but from -3 and above it's even hot, so it's better to use it in winter and early spring / late autumn, they practically don't get wet, unless of course you don't run through puddles, snow, a little slush, they are not afraid of puddles, etc., my previous Puma sneakers were worse in this reSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

I'm overjoyed. My husband and I get along thanks to the app. The house isn't necessary for a run. A weekly cleaning schedule is something you can arrange. Checks out every inch of the apartment and leaves nothing out. In the "cleaning along the edges of furniture" option, it ultimately does a full circuit of the room. A variety of cleaning options and settings are available. I don't think I've ever been happier with a purchase.See full review

circle joy electric wine accessories set circle joy electric wine accessories gift set (cj-tz08) rostest (eac), black logo

You've got me beat, I was shopping for one electric corkscrew, and here you are selling the full set at a discount. Good luck to you. It will deliver happiness and truth over the next six months, nearly on a daily basis;) There are no concerns raised regarding the caliber of the work.See full review

humidifier kitfort kt-2810, white logo

I have a huge experience, this is my 10th humidifier - I went through everything, including air washers. I stopped on it because of the vertical gulf of water with a wide neck, which will be convenient to wash. Most of the previous models were thrown away within a year or two due to the fact that it was unrealistic to wash them from bacterial plaque (even with filtered water, because any apartment is not sterile) it was unrealistic, and using powerful detergents in a humidifier, which then this See full review

wallet forte, dark gray logo

Many compartments for documents, all sorts of STS and SNILS fit well, there is even a passport. There is a compartment for coins, not relevant, makes it thickSee full review

smartphone apple iphone 7 32 gb, 1 sim, black logo

Perfection) One of the best iPhone models. Review specifically about the Product RED 128 Gb model. Works just as flawlessly as after the first launch.See full review

pond "s loose powder blurring filler translucent powder 1 pc. transparent logo

With its pros: I don't really like to use sunscreens in the city. And powder with spf is my salvation. Comfortable texture, well distributed over the face with a brush. With its cons: Inconvenient packaging. You have to pour it into your hand, and then onto your brush, and at the same time, you often get more than what you need.See full review

vacuum cleaner deerma dx700s eu, black logo

Its pros: Great unit for your money. Easy sucks well) Simple Comfortable Price No pity Has cons: Fasteners for cable flies (permanently) Length of cable The dust collector is annoyingSee full review

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