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transmission oil toyota cvt fluid tc new, 4 l, 1 pc. logo

Took for a partial replacement on the run 75t. km. I noticed changes on the second day, the variator works smoothly and evenly. When draining the old oil, the master looked, sniffed and said that it was possible not to change at such a run. I don’t feel sorry for the money spent, I will continue to do this procedure on a run of 100, 150, etc.See full review

adapter hoco ua6 usb to type-c black logo

You never know when it will come in handy, so I took it just in case. For example, it helps to connect type c headphones to a computer in which there is only usb.See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

Scooter for 50k is very worthy. Saves time, because no need to stand at traffic lights by car and look for where to park. You can bring it into the apartment and into the elevator, a small one diagonally comes exactly up to cm. Upgrade it, remove the restrictions and put shock absorbers and a front motor wheel, headlight standards and disc brakes, it will be ideal. It will be possible to drive under 50 km / h with cars. The main thing is to follow the rules of the road, otherwise because of foolSee full review

sport band series 8 smart watch / trendy smart watch / series 8 / digital watch / black logo

Ordered for a gift to my wife. Was very pleased with the gift. The watch looks very neat. The main plus is the battery capacity. The wife charges them very rarely.See full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

Bought for a rented office. The owner did not agree on the installation of classic split systems, so I had to resort to mobile options. The room is not large - the total area is 31 sq. m. , located on the sunny side of the building. At an outdoor temperature of 30-33 'C, the air conditioner needs 30-40 minutes to cool down to a comfortable temperature of 21-23 'C. After the temperature is increased, the air conditioner switches to automatic mode and simply maintains the set temperature. A child See full review

excellenceforexperts | koch chemie acid shampoo sio2 - deep cleansing shampoo for sand and metal particles. (1l) logo

Worth your money! Has some pros: I bought it for a car, but I tried it on a home tile, it's just a bomb ! Washed off the old deposits of calcium stone in touch! No one could cope with him . so I definitely advise. Got cons: Not a pleasant chemical smell. Work with a concentrate in gloves and a mask.See full review

caliper bandage fixator on the knee joint with reinforced silicone protection and stiffening ribs knee, size xl gray logo

I recommend Some pros: Excellent thing! Significantly reduces stress on the knee. When walking, there is a feeling that the leg itself returns to a level position)) With its cons: It will not work for a long time, there is discomfort in the lower back 🤷🏻‍♂️See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

The side grip is missing. But the drift is predictable. The grip is excellent. There is confidence on the road. And for those who are noisy make soundproofing and there will be joy.See full review

gaming chair cougar armor one royal, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

In this money chair buzz Its pros: The chair is beautiful, sitting is a pleasure. The head pillow is the perfect size for me. The handles are awesome too. With its cons: The pillow started tearing after a week and it's only unpleasantSee full review

universal electric ignition unit for 4 candles multi-spark (electric ignition) for gas stoves c00143410, c00039640, wac-4a, ign-7446, cok601un, wc012 logo

I changed it myself without calling the master for gas equipment, the universal piece came up to the gefest gas stove, changed it in 10 minutes. The spark has become more frequent! I am satisfied with the purchaseSee full review

computer case aerocool cs-101 400 w, black logo

Got to replace the processor, planned Core I5 ​​2500 (95W) + GT1030 did not pull the power supply began to whistle and turn off. Core I3 2130 (65W) + GT1030 works stably. Very loud fan noise. I had to open the power supply and change the fan to a low-noise one with a loss of warranty. Pros below: Compactness. Design. Possibility of horizontal and vertical placement. Different cons: The power supply destroyed all the positive emotions from a good case. I bought it because of the 400W power supplySee full review

shoei motorcycle helmet gt-air 2 ubiquity (black-white-gold, tc-9, s) logo

I have been using it for 2 months, the quality is at the highest level, everything suits me, very comfortable, light, I travel long distances in it, my head does not get tired at all, the sun visor is just a fairy tale, the sun does not blind in it, everything is visible as through the eyes of God), breathes easily, fogging no, the ventilation works perfectly, the visibility is chic, the appearance is a bomb, the helmet does not leave unattended))See full review

stripper knipex 12 62 180 black/red logo

Having bought a tool of this price category, I do not want to be left without a cleaning tool on site. And even less I want this expensive tool to be basically incapacitated after 3 months of operation.See full review

cape set car performance cus-2012, black/grey logo

Bought as a gift but didn't fit my car. But they fit very well in my car. The quality is very high, they have been tested in extreme cold, it is more comfortable to get into a frozen car with them, they do not bite in the cold, soft and durable covers.See full review


Providing a detailed assessment.Different pros: Inexpensive big drive High operating speed Compact Cons: easily soiled case no rubber feet like earlier modelsSee full review


I wanted to buy a set with an ADA Silver plus tripod, but ADA tripods have bad reviews, although it’s strange how you can make such convenient and high-quality things and at the same time make aluminum rods that break off the thread . . I bought an Elitech tripod, everything went well, it is a pleasure to use, the quality of plastic and assembly is at a height, it is most likely suitable for absolutely any level, the platform is quite long.See full review


I would rather call it a steamer with a vacuum cleaner nozzle for the floor) It is convenient to clean the floors, except for the sand that accumulates in winter. Purely technically, the device also removes this sand, but a rag (there are 3 of them for the floors in the kit) acquires its color, which could not be completely removed. Therefore, to clean it, you have to manually sweep it, wipe it, and then walk with this prodigy in the old fashioned way.See full review


Sharing an unbiased viewpoint.Once withstood a flight with cargo from Hong Kong to Mauritania and back. While it is worth waiting in the wings.See full review


With its pros: The water is delicious. We have been using it for six months, the taste has not changed. Some cons: Noisy (water murmurs) when filtering water. But we are used to it.See full review

automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

Pros: Quality steel, high level of processing. A large number of teeth in the ratchet allows you to tighten the nuts in cramped conditions. There is a required minimum of attachments. Has cons: Dry ratchets, I had to disassemble and add lubricant to the ratchet.See full review

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