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induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

bought as an alternative source, the microwave may burn out, and turn off the gas. it will go to warm up the food, it is very convenient and compact, even a child will master the controls, but it’s better not to let children into it. and she came out to us cheaper in the store.See full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

I bought it in the summer of 2022, now it's summer 2022. I'll warn you right away, this is a compromise, because of my stupidity I needed it "here and now", so I just went to the store and picked it up. For living space, if there is the possibility of installing a stationary device and the feasibility based on the length of stay - definitely a split system. It is not so heavy (about 30 kg for an average man is not God knows how heavy), but due to the size and grip points, its transfer is oh so iSee full review

gaming chair chairman game 15, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

In general he is good I am a fragile girl and was able to assemble it myself, but it was very difficult to connect the back to the seat without help.See full review

liqui moly hydro-stossel-additiv, 0.3 l logo

honestly, it seems like the knock has become less not so banging as before, but the knock is small there is oil avista 5w30 mileage 55 thousand car rapid15 yearSee full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

Got pros: The feeling of a real phono, the sound, the keys, I like everything. Got cons: The included sustain pedal is actually just a button. There is a pedal FC3A, with the function of a semi-pedal, after its purchase, claims to the pedal disappeared.See full review


Good chair for your money. And yes, as it was written earlier, the assembly should be carried out from attaching the handles to the back; ) Its pros: Bought a similar one before. It's been in good condition for over 2 years now. Decided to buy another one. The upholstery material is not bad, moderately hard. The back, by the way, is about 80 cm, on the sites the info about this is mostly incorrect. Its cons: Probably just a couple of loose threads. The lighter perfectly eliminates this shortcomiSee full review


The best headphones I have ever used. They connect quickly, the sound is very bright and loud, the microphone works great. I do not regret this purchase, I recommend it.See full review


Informed opinion on this purchase.Some pros: Great compressor. Nimble and powerful. Long power cord. Different cons: Not quite an accurate gauge, but already adapted.See full review


I took it for communication on discord and in some games. Friends appreciated the new microphone, the sound quality is at a good level. You can also edit the sound at your discretion, if you download a special program from the office. site. The backlight can be changed or turned off if it catches your eye.See full review


It shines perfectly, the Internet connection is very convenient and clear, connecting to Alice through a speaker, everything works without problemsSee full review


Unbiased perspective on this.Great device for the home. Choose from many options. This device won, first of all, in terms of price / quality ratio.See full review


Now at the time of purchase, very pleasant impressions, I was looking forward to this mouse. Rumor has it that in the white version they fixed the marriage with the creaking of the keys, well, now nothing creaks anyway. It glows well, brightly and saturated, very pleasing to the eye, the docking station works fine, it has a silicone gasket at the bottom, so it holds firmly on the table and does not fidget. The surface of the mouse is rough like in the black version, which is convenient, which caSee full review


My sincere product opinion.Got pros: Excellent mug in the car, keeps warm for a long time Cons below: Volume, I thought it would be enough, but it is better to take 0.5See full review

32" monitor asus rog swift pg329q, 2560x1440, 175hz, ips, black logo

So, before that, for 10 years I didn’t use a monitor, but a 32-inch Full HD Sony TV connected with an HDMI cable. It also comes with 3 connection cables. For maximum efficiency and support for all functions, connect with a DisplayPort 1.4 wire (I have an RTX3070 video card) I play at arm's length. While the monitor is not buggy - it's great! Fully pays off the investment. But. There are some drawbacks as mentioned above. Yes, and advice: In order for the monitor to allow you to change the brightSee full review

bit and socket set makita b-36170, 47 pcs. logo

Different pros: Great tool for your money. Workmanship, tool and nozzle material, convenient compact case Cons: One of the bits has a small chip on the hex shank (does not affect operation) Some bits are hard to get out of the caseSee full review


This unit has been in use for about a year, has no complaints in operation. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Respect to Samsung, for quality and stuffing, it would always be like that! Got pros: 1. Advantage Amoled, colorful, bright screen, diagonal 2. Good stuffing, pulls heavy games and applications, smart 3. Design, beautiful, thin, light 4. Attachments for a branded case, very pleased. The cover itself is thin, high-quality, expensive, but comfortable 5. Battery 6. Camera, photo qSee full review


My dimension is 175/65 R14, front-wheel drive (Hyundai Getz) Pros below: Gorgeous behavior on dry and wet pavement, decent - on dense rolled snow, wet porridge and ice (of course, on porridge and ice - carefully, on tiptoe, these are not tank gooses). Acceleration, braking, rebuilding - no complaints. On good discs, they balance to zero with a minimum of weights Has cons: Protracted braking on loose, slightly compacted snow 5 centimeters thick. Like when a lot of snow falls in the city, they donSee full review

led headlight/led h7 logo

The lamps were chosen based on good reviews and characteristics. We decided to order these, and we are glad that we did not make a mistake with the choice. They work and shine great. 👍🏼See full review

casio collection ae-1000w-1a quartz watch, alarm clock, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, display backlight, black logo

I bought them for (1250r), I’ll say it again, it was summer, a month before I bought them, but I just looked closely, they cost even cheaper, about 1150r, their prices jump very much. I do not advise you to take them now for an incredible cost of almost 2022s, to be honest, they are not worth it, their maximum price is 900s. Some pros: -Battery - Control with buttons - Backlight - Alarm - Waterproof Basically, I was repelled by these few advantages in choosing a watch. Cons: There is only oSee full review

charcoal grill weber go anywhere, 43x31x41 cm logo

Pros below: The workmanship is just excellent, a pack of coal and a closed food container fit in. Cons below: Expensive, for this price I would like to at least put a thermometer on the lidSee full review

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