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chair "lukas", velutto 07, white legs, set of 2 pcs. logo

The price/quality ratio is great, I will buy again.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The chairs are very soft and comfortable. On the back it is convenient to cloud up, do not fall through. Seats are attached to the legs with four bolts. The legs look amazing. The upholstery is very pleasant to the touch, I hope there will be no problems in cleaning.See full review

organizer keter organizer 22 (17203103), 56.5x37.1x16.1 cm, 22.2"" , black logo

I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Almost all furniture fasteners could fit in this organizer. But not without improvements. The fact is that in the center of the organizer there is a place for a different tool, but I don’t need this function, so I had to break this space into six equal parts, thereby adding six more cells, though not removable. Then he divided some cells into two parts, some into three, in general, as common sense required. Internal cell dimensions: length×width×height 224x70x90 (2 pcs.) 108x70x90 (8 pcs.) 87x1See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s22 ultra 12/256 gb, dual: nano sim esim, black phantom logo

This smartphone is my favorite, there were s9, s9+, s21 ultra, I am very satisfied. I glued protective glasses on the cameras and bought a case with Nilkin camera protection - perfect!See full review

apple watch se 40mm aluminum case ru, space grey/black logo

Pros: Great watch, has everything you need, for 23k - top for your money Some cons: The glass without a protective film is very scratched, scratches remain from any touch of clothingSee full review

merries xl japanese diaper 👶 pants - 38 pieces (12-22 kg) logo

One of the best my son has ever worn. The inner layer is very soft, gentle, rubber bands do not put pressure on the tummy, do not leave marks. During the use they have never failed, they can withstand the night with a bang. The only negative is the price, it is better to take on promotionsSee full review

autoclave fansel mini silver logo

This autoclave was my March 2007 acquisition. On both occasions that I attempted cooking canned goods, the results were delicious. It was impossible for one person to pull this elastic band every time before using the autoclave, so the whole family did it instead. The sealing ring miraculously stayed on the first two times, but the third time it was torn, and it's still unclear whether they'll replace it under warranty or not. The thermometer and pressure gauge are functional, however the pressuSee full review

computer chair zombie 8 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

Actually, as I wrote in the shortcomings, the gas lift drove off after 2-3 months of use. Now I am looking for a replacement from third-party manufacturers, because this manufacturer does not sell spare parts. Can't find it anywhere on the marketplaces. You need to look for the most similar in characteristics. And that's about it, no two are identical. Consider a disposable chair. I don’t know what’s wrong with eco-leather, but everything sweats terribly. Before that, there were other chairs madSee full review

walkie talkie baofeng uv-5r 8w (3 power modes) logo

With its pros: awesome radios. I didn’t try it at a distance, but in the house between the floors of the norms. excellent kit. Has cons: catch interference, well, like all radios very difficult setup. brain explodedSee full review

busyboard developing house evotoys smileys on the attraction 30x35 cm with light logo

Pros below: Very nice house, lots of developmental details. The child is delighted Cons: The house itself and all the details were very dusty, washed for a long timeSee full review

bed for a dog bed for a cat bed for dogs bed for cats 90x70x20 cm removable cover easy to wash quality furniture logo

There are benefits: The dog seemed pleased, as he flopped down in satisfaction. And she pushed her nose between the cracks. It's a good-looking thing Some drawbacks: There is a small hole in one seam that needs to be patched so that it doesn't get any bigger. It doesn't appear that the dog toreSee full review

sabosports weightlifting and powerlifting weights powerlift pro (size 41) logo

different benefits The ideal footwear for intense training for both weightlifters and powerlifters Pros below: You must select the proper size; for instance, I had a 42nd leg and purchased a 45th.See full review

table metfurniture str180l white logo

Official table. Helped us out for 15 years. Both on holidays and when traveling. So far everything is fine. Nothing broke off or sagged. Lightweight enough. Folds up nicely and doesn't take up much space when stored. There are nuances. Be careful when assembling it and inserting the rings. If they haven't reached the end, the table will collapse. The second is the weak middle. Do not lean on it or lie down. Otherwise, everything is great!See full review

sink filter prio new water start osmos ou380 white logo

Bought for 5400r. I bought an additional K879 mineralizer and an X872 installation kit. I read reviews and bought a Hiper w1 leak sensor - a cool thing (a siren + leak messages come to the phone) so as not to flood the neighbors, but all connections are reliable if assembled correctly (shove the hose all the way and pull it up and put the latch)! The actual capacity of the tank is 6 liters. You also need to get used to the taste of pure water, or rather, dishes cooked in pure water.See full review

10.9" tablet apple ipad air 2022, 64 gb, wi-fi, space gray logo

It is a very valuable thing, and I make daily use of it. It is a lot cooler to view movies at the university than to use notebooks or a computer, and they are much easier to carry around with you.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

The Chinese version was sent to me despite the fact that I had requested the international version. It is not feasible to activate the device using the MyFit application that may be downloaded from Google Play.See full review

gaming chair zone 51 gravity, upholstery: faux leather/textile, color: black/cyan logo

The structure is not made of plywood but rather belts, which is one of its advantages. This is an excellent chair for the price that you pay for it. Doesn't have the air of a child. Materials of a high standard. Numerous changes have been made. Durable. Simple to put together. I did not have the impression that I was paying excessively for a brand, like I do when purchasing cougar or dhrayser products. They cost thirty thousand dollars and have plywood underneath the skin. Satisfied. Various disSee full review

polaris easykeep-4d tableware set black logo

I have spent a considerable amount of time seeking for a complete set of frying pans. When I saw it, I immediately fell in love! The set is highly practical because the pans can be folded up, making it simple to put away when not in use. Because we use silicone spatulas, the food does not catch fire, and we have been employing this method for more than three months. In addition, there has been no damage caused by scratches. Completely content! withstand the test of time)See full review

liana for reptiles exo terra moss vine h230841pet large logo

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, but for myself I concluded that it’s not worth taking out, washing, bending once again, the coating is very crumblingSee full review

ballu ap-110 air purifier, white/black logo

Advantages: Judging by how dark the filter is, it cleans quite decently. In first gear, it is quiet and stays out of the way. Cons: Light! I often worry that the cats will fall when they rush.See full review

device for manicure and pedicure nail drill dm-202, 45000 rpm, 1 pc., pink logo

An fantastic option for usage in the home, which I purchased for $1500 Pros: Device that is not overly pricey and possesses sufficient power; everything functions properly, and there is both a manual mode and a foot mode. Its cons: It is best to spend the money on high-quality cutters straight immediately rather than throwing away a cutter set since it is useless for anything.See full review

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