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smartphone xiaomi mi 8 lite 6/128 gb, midnight black logo

- The battery does not hold a charge well. With not very active use, it does not hold a charge even for a day. (Perhaps this is when compared with my main smartphone). - Because there is no separate headphone jack, charging and listening to music or video at the same time will not work.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 13 pro max 256 gb, alpine green logo

I switched to 13 pro max after 12. The first thing that catches your eye is the dimensions. And if in direct comparison the difference is not so big, then tactilely it feels like the device is twice as wide, longer, thicker, heavier. Hence, all the standard features of a shovel - it won’t fit into every pocket, it’s uncomfortable to wear, it’s not always possible to use one hand (risk of dropping), etc. But here everyone, as they say, decides what is more important to him - compactness or autonoSee full review

electric toothbrush oral-b smart 4 4900, black/pink logo

For 4 thousand a great set of two brushes. Teeth really clean better without strong pressure. Replaceable nozzles from the manufacturer ~ 1000 / 2pcs, on aliexpress several times cheaper, analogues have not yet been tested Got pros: I took it with discounts for ~ 3700. Acc is enough for a week and a half with daily cleaning 2p a day for 2-3 minutes. With strong pressure, the red indicator lights up and somehow vibrates differently. I installed an application from the manufacturer - you can trackSee full review

honor watch es smartwatch, hes-b09/hes-b39 wi-fi, black meteorite logo

Different pros: Very pleased with the price for such functionality. Battery lasts a long time. No need to charge every 2 days. The exercise animation is a fun bonus. Cons: It’s a pity there is no NFC, but given the fact that the phone is always at hand, it’s okay.See full review

🔊 edifier t5 1 black subwoofer speaker logo

In general, the sub wins back its value. But due to the small size, the sound quality is much inferior to the larger models, the bass is much harder than the models of another price segment. There is a bounce in the phase inverter, but against the general background it is not very noticeable. I also want to draw attention to the fact that if the DAC or amplifier does not have a separate output to the subwoofer, and you have to remove the signal from the RCA divider, then there is a drawdown in sSee full review

📺 enhance your outdoor tv viewing with goldmaster gm-510 dvb-t2 antenna logo

I took it for the city, but I don’t have a signal around the high-rise buildings. This antenna picked up the signal! It is easy to assemble, all fasteners are included, it is twisted on the lambs (keys are not needed). Antenna material aluminum. I warn you in advance - there is no bracket in the kit, get a serious one, since the length and windage are decent.See full review

🔌 eusbrca3 espada logo

If you need to digitize old video media, take the cassettes to a specialized office. Or find somewhere an old computer with a port and buy a used PCI video capture card with a composite input. There are a dime a dozen of them on ad sites for a penny. Got pros: USB connection. Works on modern computers and operating systems. Its cons: In my copy, after 15 minutes of operation (apparently due to heating), the image floats in stripes and becomes black and white. Bought to digitize a home VHS archivSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 2, black logo

The pulse can be measured quite accurately if you take the readings three times in a row and average them. If it wasn’t for the trouble with the connection, everything would suit me, but now the bracelet is almost useless :( Different pros: It sits well on the hand, practically does not interfere. While there were no problems with connecting via bluetooth, it allowed me not to miss calls and SMS. It was the case, at the gas station, I left the phone in the car, went to this booth, where you needSee full review

quadcopter mjx bugs 12 eis with bag, black logo

Different pros: I have not tested it yet, but everything came as stated in the bag, and in the specified configuration, thanks to for a good discount Cons: I haven’t found out yet, if I’ll supplement the review after the fishing testSee full review

canon eos 6d kit with ef 24-105mm f/4 l is usm lens, in black logo

For 6 years of operation, never failed. I shoot photos in rav, edit movies in excellent quality. If handled with care, it will last a very long time. And yet, I bought for 80 thousand. The price has not fallen in 6 years, it says something!See full review

canon eos 600d kit ef-s 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 is ii, black logo

Mirrors fire. Amazing photo. Change the whale lens, the quality of the photo also depends on it. The battery lasts for several days, about 500 photos a day. Take it, you won't regret it.See full review

xiaomi pad 5 (2021) tablet, ru, 6gb/128gb, wi-fi, space gray logo

Its pros: The child likes it, it works smartly. For study and games it is the best Cons below: No headphone jack, had to buy wireless ones. The camera is weak, but they didn’t expect much from the tabletSee full review

quadcopter dji mini 2 fly more combo, gray logo

Pros below: excellent quality, even at night you can see from the phone that it's night and from it it's like twilight. excellent option, compact and well holds height and in a strong wind. Convenient charging for 3 batteries and compact. Has cons: there is not enough wire a little longer to connect with the bodies. when flying in the forest area and lowering the height near the trees, the signal is lost, you need to be careful to find the device later. there are not enough interference sensorsSee full review

dvr roadgid blick gps wifi, 2 cameras, black logo

Functions, performance everything in it at the level. At first it was not clear how the driving itself would go with him, but in fact it is even very convenient. I checked the shooting, both during the day and at night, I liked everything, everything is clear and understandable. Has pros: Well, of course, I will highlight the quality of shooting and convenience. Cons below: While stable and reliable, I hope it will continue to be the same.See full review

graphic tablet wacom one small (ctl-472-n) black/red logo

Has some pros: Small, handy, simple. There is nothing superfluous - only a tablet and a stylus. Connects to a computer via any micro usb cable. A good tablet setting is available in the official application Has cons: 1) Build quality. The whole tablet is made of plastic, the stylus is also made of plastic, its button tends to fall out when the stylus itself falls. 2) I'm not sure that the drivers I got up correctly, because not in all applications the sensitivity works for me 3) The price is a See full review

xiaomi mijia rotary electric shaver logo

Quality goods. I took it in China for 2444 more than a year ago. I shave right in the shower under water, it works great, it shaves too. Irritations as after the razor are not present. I ordered a spare replacement head at the same time, but it still lies new until it comes in handy. And more than a year has passed. And for a minute shaving 2 times a week of the entire head ! And not just a gun under the nose))) I read the reviews and understand that the minus ones are the order of the purest waSee full review

philips bre715 epilator series 8000, white logo

This product was given to me for my birthday and I considered it a great gift) in the box with the epilator there are a lot of convenient nozzles designed for shaving different parts of the body. Also, from the pluses, I can highlight the backlight and the convenient shape of the product. Shaving is almost painless, but on the legs, the epilator does not completely shave off the hair. For me it is not critical. In general, I can confidently recommend the device as a purchase for myself and also See full review

wireless hi-fi acoustics klipsch the three ii matte black logo

You can find cheaper discounts and promotions with cashbacks. Compared when buying in a store with Marshall Stanmore II Clips are better, but in any case, when buying any acoustics, it is better to come and listen live.See full review

sound bar jbl bar 2.1 deep bass black logo

Why this happens I don't understand. The music sounds great, no question. But games are a joke. Movies, more or less. Since I took this bar mainly for games, I am completely disappointed. If you take for music and movies, then this is a good item See full review

baseus bidirectional vga cable - vga (caksx-u0g), black logo

Normal VGA cable can be used. Unlike 80% of the garbage presented on the market, which is generally not able to transmit a signal without cloudiness, bands, etc. See full review

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