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grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

The grill heats up quickly, about 10 seconds. The chicken was ready in 5-7 minutes, quick and tasty. Cooked without oil, nothing burned. Washes off easily with no effort. It unfolds 180 degrees, thereby forming 2 work surfaces. Very good grill, 100% can recommend.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

It should be understood that expectations from the device must correspond to its price. You should not expect from him the quality and level of work as from a TV for 200 k. Worth your money!See full review

wheel disk asterro tc1607с 5.5х16/6х170 d130 et106, 14.2 kg, silver logo

Bought 2 years ago. 1000 kg. Perfectly balanced in the composition with tires Tigar. For two years, they completely preserved the presentation, i. e. the color is intact, unlike the GAZ discs, which rust after a few months. Heavier than original discs by 2 kg. Uniform stamping thickness. The penetration of the joints of the parts is continuous, and not with breaks, as in the original. The photo was taken today, 02/21/2022.See full review

smartphone inoi a52 lite 1/32 gb, 2 micro sim, blue logo

Impressions mainly from the use of android 11 have really changed a lot, it has become more modern. You can do more with your voice. The face scanner works fine on mine. In general, for our realities, normal. Pros: The size and comfort of the pressures, this is just mine. Very comfortable. Some cons: 1GB of RAM, although Android 11 takes out. But obviously not enough.See full review

car compressor swat swt-106 60 l/min 5.5 atm silver logo

bought 07/21/2022 tested on tires 175/70 R13. with a battery voltage of 12.5V, the starting current is 16A. working current 10A. from 0 to 2 atm. pumps 2 min. 15 s. , from 1 to 2 atm. shakes 1min.30s. in both cases the pump is warm. the current does not change during the process. The voltage on the battery first sat down to 12.3V, then recovered. with such a current consumption, in principle, you can stick it into the cigarette lighter, but I won’t risk it. The length of the cable, apparently, iSee full review

computer chair brabix premium rapid gm-102 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: black logo

Probably, unlike other buyers, I was not lucky: in December 2022 I bought a chair as a gift. The chair began to be assembled only yesterday, and it turned out that I got a defective part: holes for fasteners were drilled incorrectly in the seat itself. Consider the risk of poor-quality equipment and marriage. You will have to sweat with the return of the goods: it must be sent by delivery to Hong Kong . . I am writing a review in upset feelings because of the marriage in the configuration . . ThSee full review

bluetooth adapter receiver (audio receiver) jack-3.5, rca, usb flash. bluetooth 5.2. bls-b21 logo

In everyday life, it turned out to be less useful than a car transmitter and a usb air humidifier. They made a lot of money on me. It would be better to order a toy.See full review

casio aeq-110w-1b quartz watch, alarm clock, notebook, chronograph, stopwatch, countdown timer, waterproof, hand illumination, display illumination, black logo

Overall a decent watch with a great design. Has some pros: Great watch, looks great. Arrows glow in the dark. Easy to set up with YouTube. With its cons: 1) Instructions and warranty card in English. 2) Plastic protective glass, which is easy to scratch.See full review

side cutters knipex 70 02 160 160 mm blue/red logo

Pros below: The handles are tactilely pleasant, but the whole knipex handles are 2k bomb. Got cons: Handles: Compared with 1k handles of the same wire cutters, these are much larger. Which in some situations is not convenient for me personally.See full review

adapter hoco hb14 easy use usb-c to usb3.0 + hdmi + pd, 0.15 m, 1 pc., silver logo

A high-quality functional adapter from Type-C to both HDMI and USB. Very convenient, compact. Performs its functions 100%. Works on Mac M1. I connect a regular keyboard, repeat the screen to the projector. Very satisfied with the purchase.See full review


Metabo warranty service in St. Petersburg "Astmal service" on Gorokhovaya is disgusting. The repair was not completed, the receiver was rude, extorted money. The credibility of the Metabo brand has been completely undermined. With its pros: Very dissatisfied with this equipment. The station failed after four months of operation: the on / off relay flew. Got cons: I bought out of trust in the brand, as a result, there is no more trust.See full review


As a result, with discounts and points, it turned out to be 6500 per tire, which is 30 percent lower than the market . . just some kind of miracle.See full review


You order a product, you wait for it for 3 days, and 1 day before delivery, the seller sends you the fact that there is no product that was ordered and offers to re-order it but twice as expensive!See full review


Has pros: The chair is good quality and durable. The back and neck are very comfortable. Lots of customization options. Looks very cool Cons: The headrest is different in color from the main seat. It's strange to see this at a chair for 24k. I'm taking off a star for this. offered to send the chair back to the supplier at his own expense, which is about 3k. I decided to keep it for myself, but the sediment remained.See full review


From the pros: Easy instructions, everything came together quickly and clearly, the whole assembly took about 10 minutes. It is convenient that the washers are already screwed onto the bolts, which makes assembly even easier. The chair is comfortable, does not creak, the smell is not so strong, I think it will disappear in 1-2 days. Of the minuses: “it was possible to check the goods”, since the packaging was badly damaged and, in fact, opened, the tapes that wrapped the box cut it through a loSee full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

In general, I liked the tiles. I bought it as a temporary option while it is being repaired, but I think I will continue to use it) Has pros: Excellent tile. Large surface. Practically for any diameter of ware. Has cons: The only thing is that it does not remember the last program. It immediately turns on at 1800. As it turned out, it was not very convenient.See full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

In general, everyone is satisfied. The air cools, but not as fast as we would like. There is a measurement result on the screen. 0.4 degrees in 10 min. But you need to understand that the dependence is not linear and he will not make 5 degrees in 2 hours. The first three screens: the temperature in another room, the exit from the air conditioner at a set temperature of 16 degrees (really icy air is blowing), the temperature in the room with the air conditioner running. Dries the air well. EveSee full review


I've been using the trainer for almost half a year now. It worked out perfectly, there is everything for a good workout. Personally, I will give five stars and recommend to everyone. Pros: Assembly, quality, appearance, convenience of training, the presence of two programs, pulse measurement. I can list the pros for a long time. Different cons: I didn't even find any minor cons during the entire period of use.See full review


Basically awesome headphones, I never regretted the purchase. It is strange that now they cost 10k, it used to be cheaper. But they are worth it, seriously. I recommend to everyone, the sound is magical for budget headphones. Some pros: Sound, noise reduction, comfortable sound and the perfect balance between bass and music. Has some cons: Began to notice software errors after 5 years of use (for example, one ear may not work for a while)See full review

transmission oil ford 75w fe (1l) n synth. ford wss-m2c200-d2 ford 1547953 1pc logo

For more than 10 years already, as I understand it, there is nothing better than the original oil . and automakers use it to the fullest, winding up the price tag.See full review

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