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wi-fi adapter asus pce-ac68, red logo

The adapter is great. If it is installed in the upper slot, and the process heatsink is large (like mine), then it gets into grinding. With software, something incomprehensible . Pros: From the router to the system unit 8-10 meters through two concrete walls. The sistemnik stands on the floor, closed by a table and a bedside table. Speed ​​450 Mbps. Cons below: I have Win7 64 (license). All software for the adapter is downloaded from the Asus website. BUT! On Win7, only the driver got up. The utSee full review

soundbar sony ht-ct390 logo

Great for watching TV. With mobile devices (android) it works very badly. You can start the sound from the phone only if the file is uploaded to the phone. If you turn on music from FB via wi-fi, for example, no sound is output. Loses connection if you press pause and leave the phone for five minutes. Turning off and on the phone helps.See full review

dvr xiaomi ddpai mini5 dash cam, black logo

The wifi mobile application connect to watch download is more convenient than others, but still not convenient and not fast. I flashed it to the 2022 version and . recording files became inaccessible via wifi . formatting is also not possible . Such a sadness . If it were a USB recorder . find a USB recorder 2K or 4K for a reasonable price is not perhaps, but to buy a "pig in a poke" for tens of unreal.See full review

apple tv remote mqge2zm/a for apple tv 4k / apple tv (4th generation) logo

The remote control with a touchpad seems strange at first, but you get used to it quickly and you start jumping around the menu very cheerfully with it. It is not very convenient to type text, except perhaps with a smartphone, although this is expected for all such devices. Buying a cover for the remote control is a must, as the remote control is very thin and every now and then strives to slip out. It is better to order on the well-known Chinese site.See full review

💪 revolutionize your fitness with the smart fitbit flex bracelet logo

I have the opportunity to compare with Jawbone UP24. There, the set of functions is, of course, much richer, but UP has one fatal flaw: a breakdown of the "strap" is a breakdown of the entire device, and this happens ~ in a year - a year and a half. Got pros: Replaceable bracelet, counts steps accurately enough, does not count steps when you drive a car. Measures sleep well. Got cons: Poor feature set: 1) Does not have a smart alarm clock that would wake up depending on the phase of sleep with See full review

nintendo switch pro controller gamepad, black logo

Got pros: Pleasant plastic, comfortable sticks and buttons, it is much more convenient to play on it than on joycons Its cons: The triggers only work on a click, in racing you will not be able to adjust the gas level.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

Excellent bracelet for the money, simple, comfortable, beautiful, nothing more, works as it should. Sleep tracks, steps are clearly counted, I calmly go to the shower with him.See full review

samsung galaxy buds2 wireless headphones, olive logo

Very comfortable and good quality headphones. + inexpensive, but you should think about other ear pads, since they are not suitable for playing sports, or just with active walking they can slowly fall out, but everything is individual.See full review

google pixel smartphone 6a 6/128 gb jp, grey-green logo

Aesthetically, a very pleasant phone, I don’t want to glue a protective glass on it and pack it in a case, and then the problem of the dark plasticity pops up; on white or green prints will be less visible) Google camera is love! I have no complaints about the main functionality. eSIM Amazon didn’t load right away: the instruction says “scan the code”, but you need to scan not just with an application for reading qr, but from the add eSIM section (in general, it is written on the Amazon website See full review

wireless headphones urbanears hellas, black belt logo

As for survivability, they happened to fall more than once and several times to be in a backpack mixed with tools (screwdrivers, pliers and other pieces of iron). They work well, even look quite presentable. For me, it's definitely top. Pros: Great headphones. The sound is loud enough to drown out any background noise. Quality enough to enjoy music of different genres, while the tops are not twisted all the way, which, for me, is a plus. Convenience - they sit comfortably on the head, both in anSee full review

smartphone google pixel 7 8/128 gb usa, lemongrass logo

With its pros. - Pure Android - Appearance, beautiful glass body - 90Hz refresh rate - You can find many accessories in the market Its cons: - Weak battery, enough for a day of active use - The buttons play a little, but you don’t feel it in the case - The fingerprint scanner does not always recognize the fingerSee full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (with watch), black onyx logo

We bought a speaker, beautiful design, good sound for such a small speaker. Alice met me, but when my mother began to get acquainted with her (I would not say that we have the same voices), Alice says "that we already know each other." It seems to be a trifle, but unpleasant . because. we have different preferences in music and would like Alice to turn on the music that the person who asks to turn on the music likesSee full review

samsung galaxy a33 smartphone 5g 6/128gb, black logo

With its pros. Quality product in original packaging. The phone is good. For those who do not bother with games and work under load. Different cons: Unusual control when switching from Mi Note. I'm not used to many of the features.See full review

17.3" notebook asus rog strix g17 g713im-hx005 1920x1080, amd ryzen 7 4800h 2.9 ghz, ram 16 gb, ssd 512 gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3060, without os, 9005d2-eng, ssd 390gb, ssr 39d002-eng logo

Expensive. But it will last for a long time. Don't get caught up in games. And everything else on it will work fine for many more years. Pros below: Good performance for a laptop. Great screen. Nice keyboard. Everything lights up, everything flashes. I won't say anything about the battery. Such laptops are not taken for battery operation. The sound is also good. Understands simply. Installed a second ssd. I didn't take it in 2022. It cost me 25% less than here. And in my 32 GB of memory. The camSee full review

headphones philips tah2005, black logo

Those who wrote a positive review probably never listened to normal headphones, or someone who was paid wrote. The red price of these headphones is 100. The sound is quiet, even at maximum settings. No sound quality. Headphones bought in the "Galamart" store for 200 will give these headphones a huge head start. If you don't want to waste your money, don't buy these headphones. I ordered headphones on "Alik" for 250, they turned out to be just a bomb.See full review

🐱 hoco w27 cat ear wireless headphones in grey: immerse in wireless musical bliss logo

I expected a lower quality sound, but after connecting to the phone I was pleasantly surprised . of course, the high frequencies did not play very well out of the box, but after 6-8 hours they opened up a little, the bass is moderate, not too high, you can hear the norms, of course they cannot be compared with my sony mdr-1a, not the same detail, and the scene. But there was no desire to throw them away))))See full review

📷 black canon eos 6d kit with ef 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 is stm lens logo

The picture is very amateurish and does not give a professional picture, moreover, because of this, even at low ISO values ​​​​there is a feeling of soft digital noise, Even at a value of 100 ! With an increase in the values, there is no such increase in noise as on the 5D mark II, but clarity is also not achieved no matter what you do! Simply, the device itself kills the clarity and beauty of expensive lenses.See full review

smartphone apple iphone 13 pro max 128 gb, graphite logo

Let's see what happens in a year) Sometimes the truth is that the phone heats up when using the camera, but I read it - many have this situation, it's not critical. Got pros: The packaging and the phone itself are CHIC! pierced by imei! Everything is fine! The store is really well done, delivery on time, everything is clear. Has cons: If we consider a disadvantage - an American and in the phone itself - it is indicated that the warranty is limited to a yearSee full review

14" notebook honor magicbook x 14 1920x1080, intel core i5 10210u 1.6ghz, ram 8gb, ssd 512gb, intel uhd graphics, windows 10 home, 5301abdq, mystic silver logo

Minor irritants are present, of course, the camera in the keyboard, the keyboard itself after x1 carbone, some drivers, the course of the lid hinges, but everything is subjective even after using the best nlut in the world - lenovo x1 carbone 7genSee full review

apple airpods pro wireless headphones, white logo

Special thanks to the delivery man - he called and warned about the time several times. This is unexpected, but super-transparency of processes rules! See full review

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