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The best purchase in the kit to the Swedish wall home. Opens access to an infinite number of exercises. My wife and I have been using it three times a week for half a year now and there are no scuffs.See full review

dbx driverack pa2 wireless speaker processor logo

Unfortunately, due to the current situation in the world, there are difficulties in registering the product on the official website and authenticating!See full review

stabilizer steadicam gimbal stabilizer l08 2 axial logo

For two and a half pieces, it is surprisingly well made, but the bluetooth button on iOS 15.6.1 does not work predictably, you press it and it works or it doesn’t work, that is, the connection to the phone constantly breaks, then appears. In general, you can use a stick but without a button. I don't know how it works on android and other versions of iOS.See full review

automatic blood pressure monitor on the wrist digital blood pressure monitor logo

This tonometer was recommended to me as a high-precision meter. I bought it to control pressure after training, as a preventive measure. I carry it with me, the device fits easily in the side compartment of a sports bag. I use it twice a week, I measure immediately after class and an hour after. Now I am sure that there are no problems with pressure and pulse. Advantages: compactness, accuracy, convenience.See full review

battery for ryobi +one 18v 5ah / rb18l50 / 5133002433 / rb18l40 / rb18l25 / p108 / rb18l15 / rb18l13 logo

Battery for 5.0 Ah, everything is fine, the goods are well packed, without damage. Checked it works. The battery indicator is working. Was half loaded. Evaluation to the seller for the quality and promptness of sending 5+See full review

a set of bits, drills and a twister attachment for a deko ds20 screwdriver logo

I ordered this set of bits and drilled mainly due to the presence of a twister nozzle in the kit. But, in general, a set of bits and drills also pleased. The quality is quite consistent with the price and is quite suitable for infrequent and unprofessional work. The twister is made a little clumsily, and this immediately catches the eye, but on the other hand, it is needed for work, and not to admire it. And with his functions, he does an excellent job. I also liked the compact and convenient stSee full review

welder mask chameleon esab sentinel a50 logo

Pros: The mask is very comfortable, sits well on the head, you almost do not feel Cons below: The upper part can be made a little higher, sometimes sparks flySee full review

coil cobra cb 640a logo

Pros: Spool brake adjustment nut with a large crack. It looks like this is an incurable disease of these coils. Some cons: Very poor workmanship. Read reviews before ordering. I strongly DO NOT RECOMMEND! !See full review


Pros below: At first I listened to this album digitally and decided to buy vinyl. Recording on vinyl seemed a little deaf to me, but not critical. Basically not bad. Different cons: There is a difference he digital recording of this album, not in favor of vinyl.See full review


Not very powerful, but there is enough to remove crumbs under the table and visual dust in the corners. It can be called "Dust Collector" For such a price (5500 ) justifies itself.See full review


Do not take. The rumble is so loud that you have to wear earplugs in the long distance. In the second year, she went to grimacing beatsSee full review


Terrible and poor quality product. I don't recommend anyone to buy it. After purchase, it was impossible to connect to the application. Whatever I did, what videos and instructions I didn’t read, all to no avail. After a week, I stopped doing wet cleaning. Attention: wet cleaning was performed only 2 times! ! employees sent to the official representatives of Xiaomi. Those, in turn, said that this product is not intended for sale in 2022, which is why it does not connect to the application. You See full review


Liked it very much! Qualitatively made, neat, convenient to take with you, you can boast of such a product) For a gift, that's it! Such a beautiful thing will be inherited, that's for sureSee full review


Bought as an additional refrigerator for the kitchen in a private house. Very well designed interior space. It's good that it stands far from the residential bedrooms. There are thousands of ordinary refrigerators. Its pros: Very roomy refrigerator, beautiful (external not very suitable for a built-in refrigerator) interior view Has some cons: Noise so, that simply horror. Inside something gurgles, grunts, hiccups. My dishwasher is quieter. .See full review


The motherboard of the SSI CEB format (ASUS P9X79-E WS) fit into this case. A two-section dropsy also fit in, but I had to farm it - a dropsy of a non-standard size (Corsair H110i), placed it on top of the case. The fans in front are coolly illuminated, when I get bored, I turn off the backlight. The front cover prevents ventilation, in normal work this is not critical, but in the case of heavy games, I would recommend temporarily removing it for better cooling. In short, in general I am satisfiSee full review


Experiencing the product firsthand.Noise as stated in the technical data. When choosing, consider the receiver 2l. The main thing is compactness.See full review


Some pros: This is the new iPhone 14 Pro Max. Even if you don't need it, you still want it Its cons: Cameras stick out even more, lye instead of bangs . well, you knowSee full review


Excellent tires, made in Korea, good price tag and excellent balance of noise and softness (like summer tires rustle), a good choice.See full review

32" monitor asus rog swift pg329q, 2560x1440, 175hz, ips, black logo

I will be brief. 1. To whom over 40 with a probability of 90% the resolution of this monitor will suit completely, I personally don’t see the point in chasing 4k on such a diagonal. 2. I switched to it from a 27-inch SA850 gnat (also 2k, only 60Hz), I confirm that the difference in frequency is really noticeable on dynamic scenes. 3. And yes, whoever hangs monitors on the weight of the stand, comes with "pods" to compensate for the curvature of the case.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

This device has been in our house for more than 10 years, at first my mother used it, now my wife and I. Flawless and perfect. I was surprised to see one review on the Market - the tonometer is not some kind of novelty, many people use it.See full review

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