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grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

I ordered an electric grill from Kitfort late in the evening for a promotion, and today the courier brought it and immediately used it for dinner. I was very pleased with the delivery and the product. Modern in design, easy to use. Compact and doesn't take up much space in the kitchen. The panels heat up and cool down quickly and are easy to clean. They also put a nice magnet as a gift, thanks to Kitfort and amazon|aliexpress!See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

For 3500 a gift and not tires. They row on snow on icy ice, they feel comfortable in snowdrifts, given the machine without CSP and other bells and whistles. Generally satisfied. On the pavement, it’s not a rumble, but a noise, but small, a little less than from friction, given that there is no sound insulation. In general, I am satisfied with these tires, I did not regret nirazu. Drove 1500km on the first day after purchase.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

For a long time I wanted to purchase a multifunctional automatic blood pressure monitor and at the same time that it be relatively inexpensive. Among the many options, I chose this tonometer - AND UA-777. I won’t describe in detail all its advantages, there are too many of them))) Let me just say that in addition to all its advantages, this tonometer makes the most accurate measurements of blood pressure and calculates the average value of the measurements! In my opinion, this is the best blood See full review

wall mount ultramounts um 876, black logo

Excellent wall mount, well made, no backlash, no dangling, easy to adjust! Fasteners included several types for any TV! I liked it very much, I will take the second one.See full review

engine air filter hyundai solaris 2011-2017, kia rio 2012-2017, hyundai veloster 2011-2017, kia soul -18 / art. amdfa91 / amd / oem 281131r100 logo

I buy this filter not for the first time, the quality is good. They sit tight, in size and quality no worse than the original ones. I advise you to buy this productSee full review

wheel disc k&k ks878 6.5x16/5x112 d57.1 et50, 8.3 kg, silver logo

Everything corresponds to the requirements of the client, they got into their regular places as if they were native, without any problems!See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

Some pros: Weight is fully customizable It fits my big hand perfectly :) chic design Cool mouse, a lot of buttons and settings through a special application. Has cons: Micro-USB - are you serious? Already even headphones with Type-C are coming, and a top-end mouse with an outdated connector :(See full review

car magnetic phone holder hoco ca79 ligue, black logo

Set: Holder - 1pc Metal plate - 2 pieces The cheapest and most convenient holder I have ever tried (and there were many). Compact, does not take up much space on the dashboard. The holder is attached to the adhesive tape, to the smartphone (preferably to the case), a metal plate is also attached to the adhesive tape, then I think the principle of operation is clear :)See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

as an option for the kitchen, for parents or for the dacha, a very personal option. picture of norms and even baud at a large angle. the sound is also for an amateur, but it will suit me. Some pros: well, of course, smart tv cannot be compared with samsung, but in general, a normal TV for your money. Its cons: for me personally, but maybe it's my nit-picking . . a little long thinking on smart between actions.See full review

plumbing pliers kraftool 22065 250 mm silver/green logo

The second time I get a big key, because after 2 years of use I lost it and decided to buy two keys at once, (large and small). I recommend buying. Knipehs nervously smokes with its prices!See full review

cordiant comfort 2 185/60 r15 84h summer logo

Genuine insights on this purchase.As for the noise from other commentators, I will say this, no noisier than the previously standing kumho ecstaSee full review

gear oil zf lifeguard fluid 8, 1 l, 1 pc. logo

Has pros: Oil from ZF for the ZF box. Cheaper than oil in VW cans. I hope the machine will be happy Has some cons: It is difficult to find packaging in large canisters. You have to take 5-6 pieces in literSee full review

patch cord gcr rj45 - rj45 (gcr-ftp701), 5 m, 1 pc., black logo

Got pros: The patch cord is good. Supports advertised bandwidth (CAT7). 26AWG Some cons: The latches broke on one side and on the other - they could not stand the frequent connection.See full review

backpack men''s urban sports black satchel laptop bag travel backpack bag with usb logo

An excellent backpack for everyday use, a laptop fits, there are many pockets, things can be securely fastened with a clasp. Thank you all recommend!See full review

wheel disc mak wolf 6.5x16/5x114.3 d66.1 et50, silver logo

The original VAG pressure sensors fit inside the disc without any problems. There are problems with other disks - there is not enough space for the original VAG sensors. Got pros: In all dimensions and parameters, it completely coincides with VAG disks, which are 30% more expensive. Got cons: The description of the product says that the country of production is Germany, the box with the disc says Made in Italy. Not critical.See full review


Lots of useful and convenient options. I liked the floating apps mode. It is very convenient when, in addition to the working chat, you need to open something else. Enough RAM, no brakes. If you connect the keyboard, you get a full-fledged laptop. In the Notepad application, you can even create sketches. So for creative people, as I’ve gone) I’m also happy with the opportunity to donate through the app gallery to play))) A universal tablet at a quite adequate cost.See full review

chopper gear cover mq30 (500 ml) or mq40 (1200 ml), diameter: 13.5 cm, motor type: 4130, 4165, 4191, 4192 (7050135) for braun blender logo

The plastic from which the gearbox is made differs from the original, but everything is fine, it fits one to one, it is made with high quality, we'll see how it shows itself during operation.See full review


Normal mouse, the rest is "garbage". One ear stopped working exactly after 2 weeks. Once again I was convinced that it is better to take separately.See full review


Different pros: This is food that has been used for several years, there are no complaints about the food itself . . The cat eats, he likes everything great. Cons: The price has become such that ! !cheaper! ! feed the cat with steamed lamb and veal, which, in fact, at the end of the current bag, and I’ll move on - raw veal.See full review


I have been using this wire for more than two weeks, the flight is normal, pleasant to the touch, standard inlet diameter, which will fit any case. Recommend to buySee full review

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