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goodyear ultra grip ice arctic 225/45 r18 95t winter logo

Analyzing my product experience.With its pros: Excellent traction, a little noisy when running Different cons: Very soft sidewalls, pierced two wheels in the springSee full review

tool set licota alk-8009f, 143 pcs, blue/black logo

Disappointed, the quality is at the level of ordinary China. The keys are allegedly made of Chrome-vanadium steel, which is not painted but polished! . But in fact, ordinary steel, possibly forged, covered with paint. Today I took it to the official dealer, we'll see if they return the money or not. By the way, the price of 28.290 is just sky-high. All friends and colleagues who work with Licota say that it has been 10 years since the quality of Taiwan has fallen. . Very, very sorry. I will writSee full review

access point tp-link eap610-outdoor logo

Works great in conjunction with the Omada system, was taken as a replacement for EAP225-Outdoor, Now the system is paired with 2 EAP225-Outdoor (Mesh) pointsSee full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

I used it for half a year, it forgives almost all mistakes, for someone it may be good, but most likely it will not work out to learn how to play well with this model. The dimensions also let us down, I came with her to a friend who has a cdp-130 and she is much smaller and lighter, which surprised me. Different pros: I bought it on the recommendation of the seller, I liked the look and the story about the functions. About the rest in the following paragraphs, and then I listened to the cdp-130 See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

I don’t understand the negative reviews, the tires are all-season and completely universal. For the whole winter, there are no problems anywhere, the feeling that in the winter, the road keeps excellent. I suspect that the negative reviews are formed after heavy wear when any tires lose their properties. In general, I ride the second season, I am very satisfied rubber, you don’t need to change shoes in tire fitting.See full review

hankook tire kinergy eco 2 k435 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

Personal impressions of the item.There was no information about Kitvy. Let's see how they show themselves. The quality seems to be normal.See full review

dobe xbox multifunction stand with indicators and cooling function, tyx-1622 logo

The stand is great! In terms of functionality, everything suits, the cooling for the console works well and I also liked charging for gamepads. It's nice that everything is together.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

For this money will go, Fits perfectly in the kitchen Advice to connect to the Internet via a patch cord (cable) because Wi-Fi often falls off smart home does not know this TV, the sound is not very high HF setting manually does not help when trying to connect a speaker via bluetooth sends nafig, But with all this, not a bad image voice search slows down but looking for voice input is also not bad!See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

The first 200-300 km was very noisy. Having rolled the spikes and replacing the broken stabilizer bar, it became quite comfortable in the car even on dry pavement. In comparison with the six-year-old Michelin X-Ice North, I began to feel much more confident on ice. For 15 years of auto experience, he was the owner of 14 cars, traveled on different (premium and budget) winter tires. I can say with all confidence - a very worthy option for your money. (3630s / piece for the stock for 215/65 R16 atSee full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

It's just some kind of animal. I bought tiles for the dacha, for ordinary household needs, to cook cabbage soup, boil a kettle, etc. . With these tasks, the tile copes perfectly. I don't know how long it will last, but for now I'm giving it a solid 5 stars. Some statistics. I set the power to 1.500, the temperature to 100, in a liter, enameled mug, the water boiled in just five minutes. I imagine what will happen if you set the maximum parameters.See full review

tefal ss-193192 bushing motor part for blender, white, 1 pc. logo

I change 3 times. The quality of this bushing is close to the original. Before that, I took it from service providers, it was enough for 20 usesSee full review


Bought tires recently. The city was covered with snow, it keeps the road confidently, it crawls out of the snowdrifts. So far so good.See full review


It also slightly podglyuchivaet application for settings. The side LEDs showing the DPI mode periodically turn off until I change the mode. Got pros: Comfortable in the hand, a suitable number of additional buttons Some cons: The lid does not close with weights, after a while a very pungent smell appeared, which is absorbed into the skin, which is not washed off with soap.See full review


The first bluetooth headphones are mine, they seem a little small on the ears, the audibility of the norms, the battery keeps for about 3 hours continuously, the mic clearly works (asked the interlocutor). When the size is increased (up, down), it seems that the plastic may burst.See full review


The scooter is really cool! The child is delighted. We chose for a long time. We settled on this model. Since we watched videos on the best scooters. The scooter does not rattle, does not play anywhere, the ride is smooth. Aluminum rims are a big deal. In general, I advise you to buy.See full review


They work very well, connect immediately without problems, hold up perfectly. The product is very satisfied. There were no problems with delivery either.See full review


The cultivator handles light sandy soil easily, you don’t even need to push it. But with heavy clay soil or virgin soil, you will have to fight in several passes. But here big wheels help out, which manage to pull the cultivator even out of dirty slurry. To do this, I usually include a lower gear. In many cases, I also use reverse gear, as here without it.See full review


Even after active scooter rides, they can be washed and they look cool again. Super sneakers. Took a long time to find, but these fit perfectly.See full review


I bought it for a garage, before that I didn’t hold a welding machine in my hands. I cooked with flux wire and electrodes, everything suits me.See full review


I chose the Biryusa chest freezer according to the dimensions and recommendations of the store seller. We bought it in the winter, immediately put food for freezing, but literally a month later it was already freed and the chest stood no longer turned on until next autumn, until the season of harvesting. They switched it on. Here a surprise was waiting - it works, it seems like it even cools, but how ! ! Just cold walls. For half a day of work, the temperature inside the chamber is +4 degrees. ISee full review

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