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xiaomi smart antibacterial humidifier (znjsq01dem / skv4140gl), white logo

Has some pros: Large tank, convenient operation, easy to set up Thought it would be much noisier. Noise does not change depending on the modes With its cons: The power cable is short, but for someone this is hardly a disadvantage)See full review

gamepad microsoft xbox one controller, white logo

I bought a gamepad for a promotion for 1300r. Because of this, I turn a blind eye to the impossibility of connecting the gamepad without wires. on a cable on the 8th Windows works excellently. However, if we take into account the normal price of about 3000r. then this shortcoming is very significant. In short, this is a controller from a poor console, which in fact is one of its few advantages. Recommend for PC if you are willing to play with a wire.See full review

wireless marshall mid bluetooth headphones, black logo

Has pros: Quite a good product for 5500. The sound is excellent, the JBL bluetooth plugs the spouses bought the other day for the same money did not lie nearby. Different cons: Indeed, with prolonged wear, they are slightly tight, but I think this shortcoming is temporary.See full review

55" tv samsung ue55tu8570u 2020 led, hdr, gray titanium logo

In general, I recommend. With its pros. Image at a decent level. Remote control, yes, super! Normally compatible with apple phones. There were problems with earlier models, but this TV copes with streaming video via air play. Perfectly compatible with media receiver including control via HDMI CEC. Compatible with Smart Thinks App. From pleasant . you can turn it on from anywhere in the world and upload a picture to it. Got cons: Inconvenient access to USB HDMI connectors. Pretty thick body. and See full review

honor magicwatch 2 smartwatch 42mm, agate black logo

All in all, a decent gadget. Lots of beautiful watch faces and detailed info about daily activity. Measures steps adequately, measured. There are no questions about the pulse either, occasionally he gave dubious data, but rather due to the fact that they need to be worn correctly and the strap tightened tightly. Moisture protection in full has not yet been tested, only in the shower. Withstood.See full review

💪 gsmin g20 smart bracelet - 2020 edition (black) logo

The product is greatly overestimated - the device copes frankly badly with many of the declared functions. In general, the company needs to refine this device for a long time and hard. Has pros: 1) Comfortably sits on the hand. 2) Measures pressure quite well, although it systematically underestimates the value. 3) Measures (or attempts) a lot of reasonably useful parameters. Cons below: 1) The heart rate monitor works well only without loads. When running, it very often overestimates the value See full review

wireless earphones jbl tune 205bt, silver logo

Got pros: These are inserts. I was very happy when I found them, because my other headphones fall out. Sound. I've worn a lot of headphones and these are second only to the 2022 sony. They are quite bassy, ​​I almost never turned it to the full, only in very noisy places; the sound is crisp and clear, I really liked it. I read other comments where they wrote that there were some wheezing, rustling, but I didn’t have this. I was afraid that after the cold they would crack like many of my past heSee full review

smartphone samsung galaxy j3 (2016) sm-j320f/ds, black logo

In this phone, they relied on the screen, and the filling was rather simple, but still making a balance - yes, a weak video card, but there are 1.5 RAM and 4 cores with a frequency of 1500 - you can play games. Camera - I wouldn’t say it’s a minus, but it’s definitely not a plus of this phone. Yes, I wouldn’t brag about it. My opinion is that it’s just normal. legible. she arranged for me personally. But I liked the front camera, it’s quite suitable for a slefi or skype and perescoping. There See full review

smart watches realme watch 2 pro ru, grey logo

Everything I wanted from this watch met my expectations. I use them in my daily life and I am completely satisfied with them. We didn’t use the sports mode for me, since this is not present in my life, I can’t say anything about it. And it’s so convenient to control the headphones, a good flashlight on the clock, the charge lasts about 4 days, they helped out more than once when I couldn’t find the phone in the apartment.See full review

wireless headphones jbl tune 225 tws, black logo

I bought it to replace the Chinese ones from Alishka and was terribly disappointed. I charge the box completely, in a couple of days and box and ears to zero, without using! I do not recommendSee full review

sony wh-1000xm5 wireless headphones, silver logo

In general, I can say that I have mixed feelings about the purchase. A few years ago I listened to a friend's WH1000XM3 - and so then I experienced a concrete delight, with the same . I don't know. The previous headphones of the series were something conditionally uncompromising - they are compact, they sound interesting, and the noise reduction is not bad. Obviously, in these headphones, a strong emphasis was placed on the filling (8 microphones, Carl!) And this paid off in the form of good noiSee full review

roadgid citygo dvr 3 wi-fi, 2 cameras, black logo

I bought the DVR back in the summer, I have been using it for almost half a year, while everything suits me. It shoots well not only during the day, but also at night, for winter it is especially important. The numbers of cars are clearly visible, the video does not blur in the corners. It is convenient that there are two cameras, the second helps to navigate when parking. The dimensions of the device are quite compact, but despite this, the display diagonal is 3", covering the entire surface. ISee full review

vertex impress luck smartphone 1/8 gb, gold logo

I wanted to return the goods, because. I bought it for work, but because of the capabilities of the camera it turned out to be useless. I took it to the service and they took it for examination. Then the answer came that the return was refused, due to the non-sales appearance of the packaging, tk. she was opened! And now an interesting question? But how was I supposed to check the phone and understand that it does not fit or something does not work in it without opening the package? Of course, ISee full review

wi-fi router netis wf2780, black logo

At a frequency of 5 GHz, it was not possible to obtain a download speed of more than 150 Mbps. I installed various versions of the factory firmware, but it only got worse. As a result, I returned to the firmware out of the box.See full review

electric toothbrush oral-b professional care 500, white-blue logo

I really liked the brush. Compared with the usual one, Oral-B Professional Care 500 cleans plaque much better and more noticeable. Gums with a regular brush, no, no, but they bleed periodically, there are no such problems with Oral-B. time, but it certainly takes a long time to charge, although I don’t see a problem in this. In general, this brush made me happy!See full review

smart xiaomi mi smart band bracelet 4 nfc ru, black logo

Pros below: Very long hold charge, comfortable, meets all the characteristics Its cons: When driving a car, he also counts steps, after driving about 15 km around the city, he walked 800 stepsSee full review

external sound card behringer u-control uca222 logo

No special improvements in sound are observed . although the sound has become more detailed on the monitors . CONCLUSION: when working with monitors, it's normal! When working with headphones, wheezing, distortion on the bottoms Has some pros: Ease of connection, connected to a laptop without problems . easily connected with audio editors (audaciti, ocean audio) . with DAW (podium free 3.2.1. , fl studio , ableton 8) Cons below: Wheezing at high volume in the headphones. Was not included in the See full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

The LG G6 is an excellent mobile device. After my LG G3 broke down two years ago (the screen cracked, and I used it as a second phone primarily for gaming), I used a very inexpensive ALCATEL ONE TOUCH POP for a while (but at the same time it had 4G, which was very cool for such a budget phone), and then I used an ASUS Zen Phone Max with a 5000 amp battery for an entire year. I wish I had more of its battery))) On the other hand, this ASUS model is, of course, less expensive and more straightforwSee full review

43" tv xiaomi mi tv p1 43 2021 led, hdr ru, black logo

Has some pros There is no point in describing a worthy TV. Read the specifications. Cons below: When checking, I found one black pixel, but this is not a marriage. Yes, and almost do not notice it.See full review

🪒 braun series 9 electric shaver, silver - 9330s logo

I have been using razors for the last 40 years, and when I decided to return to electric shavers, I chose the coolest one to start with. And in vain . In terms of the quality of shaving, it is not much different from the rotary Xiaomi, which is 15 times cheaper. Unless the mesh is more convenient to shave, but only if you do it often. I used to shave twice a week with the machine, And Brown barely manages with a three-day stubble. So I do not advise you to buy Brown series 9!See full review

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