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digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

I was looking for an instrument for myself. I am a student of a music college and live in a hostel, I needed a convenient, mobile and high-quality instrument. Yes, and a budget one. The choice was between Casio and Yamaha. Casio was cheaper, but the keyboard, and even more so the sound, is noticeably inferior to the Yamaha. So I bought a P-45! Didn't guess! Cool and responsive keyboard, the sound is quite decent, and of course, the fact that the instrument is portable! The dream came true! Now ISee full review

derby ecco citytray avant m, black, size 44 logo

Trying on shoes, do not take without trying. For quite a long time I use ecco shoes and constantly different sizes, sometimes 44, sometimes 42. Orienter for a long foot, and not for the size of the manufacturer. As for the derby model, I liked it, comfortable, unlike previous ecco loafers. Recommend to buySee full review

royal black royal mile 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

Its pros: even. hold the road well. they don't make much noise. soft enough. well balanced. Cons: you can put them on disks only through the folk method - gas explosions!See full review

chandelier led ritter kolar 52371 0, 124 w, number of lamps: 1 pc., color: white logo

Pros below: Already the third: first to my uncle in the kitchen, then to my room and to the living room in the country - I really like the brightness control and warm / cold light. Easy to install. Some cons: The price has grown very much: I took the first one for 1000s, and these are 5 times more expensive ((See full review

executive computer chair everprof ergo, upholstery: textile, color: turquoise logo

Comfortable chair, looks quite reliable. The metal cross inspires confidence. The fit is comfortable, there is support for the back, nice material. I liked everything, I do not get tired for the whole day.See full review

tool set avsteel av-011147, 147 pcs., black/orange logo

The set is large and functional. But because of its size, there is one minus is the weight. Very heavy. But if he rides in the trunk or stands stationary, it's not scary. For this set, it remains to buy only a key for 15 if you need it like me.See full review

eheim adapter for eheim 2071, 2073, 2075, 2076, 2078 gray logo

Other impressions just the sea! But, I will not detain inquisitive readers with my nonsense. Has pros: Adapter for Eheim 2071, 2073, 2075, 2076, 2078 gray also fits mine - EHEIM 2171 TERMO. Apparently it fits the entire "professionel 3" series. Cons below: Lube required! The old one broke due to lack of lubrication. He pulled harder - the handle flew off.See full review

notebook hp dw1495nia 6j5c0ea logo

On the outer cover there is a small speck that is not clear, the layout is opposite to 2022, that is, the English alphabet is larger than 2022. There is no Windows, i. E. I need to install it separately, this is not very convenient, it is indicated in the kit that there are headphones, but in fact they are not.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

In general, a good TV for the money. Smart TV is not the fastest, but works adequately. The image quality is good, the sound is not the best, but you can set it up for normal sound (I set the sound profile to auto and everything played much better). For 11000 I think a good option with smart TV. Firmware ates come constantly, something is finished. I recommend to buySee full review

camera nikon d3200 kit af-s dx nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g vr ii, black logo

Bought as a gift for an amateur photographer. Pictures of good quality, image formats and shooting modes are full. For the money did not disappointSee full review

hydraulic fluid febi 06162 1 l logo

On the VW Passat b5 + 2022, the power steering high-pressure hose leaked, the pump hummed very strongly, it was necessary to add liquid, after reading the forums, after analyzing the information on the Internet, it became clear that you need to pour mineral water, and Pentisin is better in a green metal can, it is expensive But until the hose was replaced, it was necessary to add something for a while, not expensive. I ordered this mineral water on the Febi 06162 market, after topping up the humSee full review


For the price and performance, this is just amazing! All new and sealed. The volume is enough for an average room and to sit in a small company on vacation, on the beach) thank youSee full review


One pump came dismantled, there were no fittings. A filter must be placed in front of the pumps because the petal of the water flow sensor is clogged and the pump does not turn offSee full review

organizer stanley 1-93-980, 36.5x15.5x22.5 cm, 14.4"" , black logo

Has some pros: Great for storing small Lego pieces. It is possible to attach to the wall and dock with the same organizer or other Stanley organizers. Cons below: This is insignificant, but still: although each of the 30 containers is numbered on the bottom, in my organizer there were a bunch of containers with duplicate numbers.See full review


I use them for the third year. During the work, I did not cause any complaints, it works properly, it copes with its task of a barrel pump perfectly. There is also an inflatable pool that we fill for a child, and so we change the water in it about once a week, and so that it does not disappear, we either fill it with this pump into empty barrels or pour it directly from it.See full review

speaker eltronic 20-17 fire box 100 logo

The column is great! I bought it for the new year, I was very pleased, for a house, an apartment above the roof, I think there will be fire in nature!See full review


In general, the purchase is satisfied. TVs with SmartTVs will now be a thing of the past. If, based on the wishes of users, the software is finalized, then the price will not be for this prefix. In order for the remote control to make friends with the TV, the latter must have HDMI-CEC support. Pros: Ergonomic and fast interface, image quality, voice control, tandem with a speaker. All in one Plus subscription. With its cons: Lacks applications and installation options (browser, zona). RaspberrySee full review


In general - a good cover, there are sides to protect the screen - it is fixed in one position, for a table it is convenient, but if you look at the bed, for example, you have to hold it, it gets a little dirty)See full review


Great router at a discount, cheaper than others in the city. The setup is not difficult, there is a 2022 interface. I put it instead of the asus, in which the 5GHz module died (after 2 years of use). Unlike its predecessor, it breaks through 3 non-permanent walls at 5 GHz and gives streaming video to a smartphone without brakes at the maximum distance from it in the apartment. Someone complained about the strong heating of the case - I would not say that mine is very hot. I recommend.See full review


I bought two similar antennas, up to the tower 3 km, with oriented 100% correctly, reception 10%, for a similar antenna 70%. Threw it in the trash.See full review

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