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canon eos 5d mark ii body camera logo

It was not in my plan to get in touch with him at first since I am involved in a much larger story that is tied to the acquisition of this equipment. After using a 350D, 400D, 20D, 40D, and a 5D, I decided to upgrade to the dream 5D mark 2 camera. I purchase it from one retailer, take it home to test it, and discover that the focus strangely wanders with all of my lenses, yet with my older 5D model, operating under the same conditions, it functions flawlessly. After getting my money back when I See full review

32" tv lg 32lv2500 led logo

In general, I am satisfied with the TV, the analog TV signal is certainly disgusting, but the TV copes well with it, with a ratio of 16: 9 it stretches the picture, you can set the "normal" mode without distortion When viewed via HDMI from a computer, everything is just super ! Its pros: Excellent picture, contrast, good sound, 3 HDMI inputs, while I use only one from the computer, the picture is just a fairy tale! AVI files are read well from a flash drive without brakes. Convenient remote. See full review

perfeo sound ranger sv922 red radio logo

Its pros: catches well in the country, easy to manage, although not very convenient. you can put it in your pocket and walk in the forest or in the holiday village. Its cons: I would like not to search for the station every time, but simply click on the appropriate buttons. very loud sound when turned on.See full review

sandisk cruzer glide 16 gb black/red logo

Pros below: Good flash drives, I didn’t measure the speed, but for everyday needs it’s a great option. Movies, files, etc. at the usb 2.0 level Cons below: low speed Retractable mechanism - not sure how long it will last For the rest, time will tell.See full review

40" tv sony kdl-40re353 2017 led, black logo

Has some pros TV with perfect picture and great sound. Very loud but not flat. Sounds perfect on headphones. Cons: I have not noticed any shortcomings yet, maybe a little uncomfortable position of the buttons, but you quickly get used to the remote control.See full review

ring selfie lamp 45 cm led soft ring light rl-18 with remote control, carrying bag and tripod logo

I liked it very much. I use with pleasure. For this money excellent quality. Has pros: The tripod is strong but lightweight and folds well. The lamp is fixed securely. It shines brightly, for selfies and videos very well. A remote control for brightness control and a bluetooth remote control for remotely turning on the phone's camera are very convenient. Phone holders hold your phone firmly. The carrying bag for the lamp is great. The size of the lamp is ideal if you are going to shoot from any See full review

x7-300mp (73519) black mat by a4tech logo

Pros below: Size large The price is adequate The mouse glides cheerfully The mat itself does not slip on the table. Cleans well Cons: It gets dirty (and you don’t have to eat at the computer!) The rustling of a hand with a rodent on the carpet :)See full review

samsung galaxy note smartphone 20 ultra (sm-n985f) 8/256 gb ru, black logo

Please return the proximity sensor samsung developers where are you Delhi and why? Without it, the device is simply problematic. The display constantly turns on during a conversation and the ear controls the device. Leaving the headphone jack is generally something! Applications that need a microphone that are in headphones have stopped working. Cameras - the level is worse than galaxy s9! (And it is useless to convince that you need to get used to them. Using the samsung line with the galaxy s4See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5, black logo

I gave this thing to an elderly man who was sure that he was not sleeping enough. Now I know for sure that in general he has enough sleep and his pulse is also good during the day. That helped a lot psychologically. So I recommend to buy. 5020947045 Has some pros comfortable to wear, after a day you do not notice it. Accurately counts the pulse and quite accurately the amount of sleep, which is important. Steps, in my opinion, are overly optimistic. Well, I'm not sorry :) I did not fully like tSee full review

sharp lc-46le810 led tv - 46-inch logo

TV is just great. It is really eternal. The fact is that I myself have been repairing TVs for more than 35 years. I have seen several thousand brands and models of TVs in my lifetime. This device has been hanging on the wall for almost eight years. the wife of a designer-architect sits at a computer and uses it instead of a radio (sometimes watches). And at night we fall asleep under it. So it plows almost 24 hours a day, while it does not heat up at all. We connect various DVB-T2 set-top boxes See full review

motorola moto g9 plus 4/128 gb smartphone, golden logo

Great phone. 4 apparatus from the motor. I can no longer imagine a phone without gestures to turn on the camera or flashlight. There were doubts about the ips screen, before that there were amoledas, but it turned out to be quite to itself, and delving into the specifications, I realized that the screen was not quite ips either. Many criticize the camera. Well, not a pixel, but quite to itself. The dimensions are large, but my hands are not small either, so it's okay.See full review

📱 samsung galaxy tab a8 (2021) - 3gb/32gb, wi-fi, silver tablet: specs, review & offers logo

Has pros: A very good tablet for your money, convenient for watching videos and reading, you can buy a stylus and try to draw. Has cons: Standard rubbish of unnecessary non-removable software from Samsung. No case included.See full review

baofeng adapter for uv-5r logo

Feels like the speaker gets quieter. But, perhaps, it seems so because of extraneous noises on the way. Didn't make a special comparison.See full review

43" skyline tv 43lt5900 2019 led, black logo

In general, a very good TV, I recommend buying it, provided that you have an audio system, because the built-in speakers are just a nightmareSee full review

smart xiaomi mi smart band bracelet 4 nfc ru, black logo

Pros: Basic bracelet for sane money, with NFC for a number of 2022 banks (not for all!). Bought to pay for purchases Different cons: Counts steps if you drive slowly off-road; does not consider that you are sleeping if you ride the train at nightSee full review

headphones panasonic rp-ht010gu-h, grey logo

Has pros: Good frequency balance, even frequency response. There is even a hint of infrase. In the category "the best that survived from consumer audio equipment of the 90s")) With its cons: Compared to SONY 7510. 1. Ticking (but not sticking out) highs, with a plastic timbre. 2. Quite noticeably compress the dynamics. 3. Low sensitivity. Quiet on weak sources.See full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (with watch), black onyx logo

This is the first smart speaker in our family and it is a very interesting experience to use such devices. The process of communication and simplicity is addictive))) In general, everyone liked the column. I managed to connect it to 3.5 jack with harma Kardon, go and play. The sound is loud and quite enough for Bluetooth. Has pros: Excellent build Stylish compact Comfortable The gray color is awesome! Great sound for its size Alice is daring but smart))) There is an equalizer in the applicationSee full review

jabra elite 3 wireless headphones, lilac logo

I have been buying all kinds of headphones for many years and understand a little about the sound of the amateur audio sector. This is a good representative of the middle class. Not to say that the bass is wow, but enough. Medium: okay. High frequencies are not to say that they are beautiful, but they are also normal. In general, as you understand, the headphones are normal. But I want to say that this is just my opinion, it is probably quite harsh, because I wear Sennhizer Momuntum 2 on a dailySee full review

cordless earphones realme buds air 2, white logo

Amazing sound quality for the price of these headphones. Even taking into account the significant price disparity, it is possible to find similarities between this case and the apple pods pro that I own. The case is very well designed and executed. The sound is undistorted and free of heightened highs and lows. The charge is good for between four and five hours. You can not use non-responsive sensors, but control all functions from your smartphone.See full review

pantene pro-v miracles hair thickener biotin bamboo caffeine root awakening 100ml spray logo

I use this product after washing my hair on already dry hair, previously dried with a towel. I spray on the roots of the hair over the entire surface of the head. The product smells great and contains vitamin B and panthenol, which is very useful for the scalp, whose hair is constantly dyed. After a few months of use, I noticed that the hair began to grow better, the hair shaft became more alive and denser. Didn't cause dandruff.See full review

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