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car compressor swat swt-106 60 l/min 5.5 atm silver logo

Given the price of a little more than 1000, we can say that there are no shortcomings. Compact, works, comes with a case, nozzles. In real life it does not look as neat as in the photo, it is rather rough, but it copes with its function. Wheel 19 from 2.1 atmospheres to 2.4 shakes 2 minutesSee full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

It is very convenient for me to use this device. And due to the fact that there is only one button, it is also convenient to fill and wash it. I took it for myself, but purely theoretically, I think it is possible for the older generation to acquire it. There seem to be no restrictions on procedures, and the controls are simple, even people of age can handle it if you show what to do and how to refuel.See full review

27" tv samsung t27h395six 2021 led, black logo

I'm not sure that this is due to the TV itself, and not to the service, but there were problems with the KION service - it randomly hung up when trying to show some channel. Maybe it's unstable wifi Different pros: Works, shows. Image quality is acceptable. There is wifi and internet services Got cons: Mediocre sound: significantly worse than the old CRT TV that this one was purchased to replace in the kitchen. Inconvenient and non-obvious menu for setting and sorting channels.See full review

laser projector new year''s indoor outdoor spotlight/light light music light disco night light light show logo

The seller is misleading and sends the wrong product. In the description there is a microphone and pictures, in fact there is neither one nor the other. A model without them can be found 300 cheaper.See full review

open glasses rush+ platinum | transparent | yellow temples | bolle logo

Reviewing my hands-on experience.Its pros: Perfectly sit on the face. Very good quality polycarbonate. Cons: They fog up when working in a mask / balaclava in winter.See full review

nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

great set-top box, good screen. I took the Zelda version, I really like the quality of the design. You can safely buy games through the internal store, just create an account with a foreign region. The battery lasts well, I take it with me if I go somewhere for the whole day.See full review


These windshield wipers were installed on previous Mazda cars straight from the factory. Then he took it as a replacement for the factory ones on Nissan (they served 3.5 years with them safely sold). Now I took it to Chevrolet.See full review


In the kit I got one, which at high speed starts to hit hard, most likely I got a marriage. Very hard dampers with a relatively soft and thin plastic case - a strange decision. The rest is satisfied, the fan is easy to adjust and runs quietly even at high speeds.See full review


The goods were delivered quickly, thank you! All two connectors work great. We put on charging now 2 devices at once and everything is charging perfectly. 👍🏼See full review


Shading is normal. The light filter works immediately when an arc occurs. The weight is small. Neither the eyes nor the neck get tired. In general, the quality, in contrast to the price, is high. The plastic is not flimsy. I'm not sure if it will suit a pro, but based on my six months of episodic experience with a mask, I can say that it is definitely a good option for an amateur welder.See full review

mountain bike (mtb) welt ridge 2.0 hd 27 (2023) matt black 16" (requires final assembly) logo

Has pros: Lightweight, comfortable, high quality, assembled perfectly, everything is adjusted! Different cons: The seat is not comfortable, like all mountain bikes, and minus the fact that there is no footrest! It may not come with the kit (but I really wanted to)See full review


We wanted to buy a grill for a long time, we chose for a long time and finally chose an electric grill from Kitfort. The grill is just space! Looks very cool. We tried to cook chicken on it, very fast cooking, the meat is juicy and soft. It's just a delight! Of course, it takes up enough space, but it's worth it. You can cook whatever you want, it is very important for us to spend as little time as possible on cooking and at the same time not lose the quality and taste of the products. Not the fSee full review


Our choice fell on a German washing machine, a good, newest of the latest Bosch Washing Machines. We bought a typewriter 1.5 years ago, as there were problems with supplies because of the pandemic, well, we started using it 10 months ago. A few days ago the machine stopped working. The display says that the sunroof is not locked. I called the master from the Bosch service center, took 800for the trip. He said that the lock was broken, which should close the door ……. What? ?? 10 months have passeSee full review


I take the second such tires without hesitation. On the first skated 2 seasons, the spikes were all in place. Then they stole it. . Pros: Price quality. Tires are great for the price. Good handling, even on slippery roads. Different cons: There is a rumble on the pavement, like in an airplane, but this is normal, since there are spikes. Over time, the spikes wear out and get better.See full review


The first 10 sessions were not bad, it works quietly, there were no problems with spraying. Used Astrazeneca Pulmicort (specially for inhalation in a nebulizer). For 11 times, after inhalation, he pulled out the blue part (chipper) in pieces, the plastic shackle broke off. I went to the service center, they looked at the malfunction and said that the warranty does not cover consumables and they cannot replace the chipper for me, they can only sell the entire camera for 800, which is a third of tSee full review


Offering my insights on this item.Got pros: I was very surprised) by wifi, it works relatively fast) Cons below: well, it is ated very often)) well, this is not a drawback))See full review


Delivered quickly. Turned out to be harder than I thought. The dowels are small, so at the bottom I made one more mount than shown in the instructions.See full review


TOP device, and its price is normal. Just in the reviews they write that the price is too high, I do not agree. You saw the dollar exchange rate, but problems with electronic components? the price is normal. and so on the product: a 7-inch display, a 4-core processor, 2 gigabytes of opera, I think the average stuffing for 2022. even below average, but the device copes with video recording and remains powerful for applications. The radar (eStrelka) is enough for me, it writes detailed video evenSee full review


A very cool thing. Easy to take with you, fits in any bag. Internet speed is good, movies load quickly. I use it in the garden and on the road. I recommend!See full review


I recommend somehow insulating three large cans, because the condensate is not sickly formed. Few options: 1. You can wrap each jar with a thick layer of construction film (which stretches like food). 2. Substitute some container under these banks.See full review

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