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haylou solar ls05 global smart watch, black logo

For a long time I dreamed of buying a smart watch, but I didn’t want to buy an expensive one, I couldn’t, these are cheap and cheerful.See full review

modular contactor abb esb40-40n-06 40a logo

Has some pros It was possible to buy anywhere without leaving home. Found what suits my needs. Cons below: Can't check before payment. You can run into the wrong product.See full review

smartphone xiaomi redmi 8 4/64 gb ru, ruby ​​red logo

You should never enable developer mode on your phone in order to install applications from the internet. After I did this (installed youtube vanced), my phone started acting erratically, changing the background from white to black, using my geodata, and other strange things. The benefits of it include: + price + everything you need for a smartphone on a budget + strong battery, the charge lasts for two days even after a year of active usage, and it charges rapidly + Its cons: -camera. Quality ofSee full review

ultrasonic toothbrush realme n1 sonic electric toothbrush, blue logo

Considering that I got it for 1, it's fire at all. Good brush. Not inferior to oral bi. But with nozzles is white. They can not be found, only at the dealer's office.See full review

wireless earphones jbl tune 205bt, silver logo

(+) The headphones are comfortable, they sit perfectly on my ears, nothing flies out or slips. They don't weigh very much. On/off quickly. They connect instantly and do not lose connections through 2 concrete walls at a distance of 7 meters. They connect automatically to the last device, which can be both a plus and a minus. I tried to connect to a TV, smartphone, mp3 player, laptop - no problem. Really good autonomy for this form factor and price range. (-) The sound is just terrible. They bassSee full review

portable acoustics defender g24, 10 w, black logo

Its pros: Not a bad sound, easily connects via Bluetooth, picks up the radio, there are aux, usb Has some cons No charger included, not very convenient functionality for switching the radio channelSee full review

edifier x5 wireless headphones, white logo

It’s good for audiobooks, listening to music is such a thing (not hi-fi), the microphones are normal - the interlocutors didn’t ask again, my ears are specific - I had to change my own ear pads for my own, third-party ones climb into the case, but not all . Yes, I’m spoiled for good sound , so I can’t say that the sound here is good, in any case, it’s not necessary to look for a sound for 2200, they remind the sound of Huawei for 7tyr. I will sell, TWS, as it turned out, is not yet pulled in quaSee full review

70mai dash cam pro plus rear cam set a500s-1, 2 cameras, glonass, black logo

One of the best regions, both cameras shoot in good quality, you can see everything on the back even at night, it's on time, a rich setSee full review

🖥️ satechi aluminum vertical laptop stand - universal and seo-optimized logo

They write here that you have to turn the laptop over so that the air ducts do not close. I did that too. Just in case. Moreover, the laptop itself has been pushed behind the monitor out of sight. But, even on my 13 inch plug, the air ducts are only partially closed. I don't think there is a problem with 16 inches. So don't sweat it. Don't make food a cult, so to speakSee full review

smartphone huawei p20 lite 4/64 gb, black logo

I would suggest. I really hope that they aren't going to get robot-blocked this time. Has some pros When considering the cost, the camera is satisfactory. does not act illogical when selecting effects such as "nature, portrait, sky," and so on; you have the option to turn it off (with the P20 and the Nova3, you can turn on the portrait at any time and focus on the complete frame if the face is far away; this is simply not feasible with other cameras). The recollection is more appropriate than. nSee full review

electric toothbrush oral-b kids mickey mouse, blue-yellow logo

The main thing is that the child was not afraid of the buzzing sound, began to brush his teeth with great pleasure and longer and more thoroughly, no need to force and remind anymore. It is easy to use, comfortable to hold in your hand. The timer tells you when to move from the upper teeth to the lower ones. Different pros: Musical timer, good cleaning, gentle brushing mode for children's teeth, beautiful design Cons below: It’s not clear when it was charged, the charging light always blinks, weSee full review

bluetooth adapter baseus wireless receiver black 1 pc logo

Pros: Practical and easy to operate, the sound does not sag sound quality will depend on the novelty of the bluetooth of your smartphone Cons: The adapter plug itself, a little less than the declared value, did not fit snugly into the AUX jack, as a result, I had to put an adapter so I solved the problem.See full review

xiaomi poco m4 pro 4g 6/128gb ru smartphone, cold blue logo

Some pros: I have a question for , who are you holding us, customers for? Its cons: I just sat in the clinic today, this phone cost 16500, now at a discount it is not 40.000 but 18.500 On alik if that this phone is generally 13.500See full review

apple airpods pro ru wireless headphones, white logo

Has some pros It has been a little less than a month since I've been using it. The sound is incredible, and the noise reduction effect is a wonderful thing to have. The headphones are also lovely and ergonomic. Has some cons slip out of the ear when the ear is wet) For instance, I went for a run and strained that they would try to slip out. They were successful. They are, without a doubt, well worth the investment.See full review

smartphone samsung galaxy s20 fe 6/128 gb ru, mint logo

Excellent machine in terms of price / quality. In fact, the flagship for half the price. I recommend. With a charge, everything is ok, constant use without satellites, a day.See full review

logitech g g29 driving force, black logo

This wheel compared to its predecessor (Logitech G27) is just outright trash. In particular, because of the software through which it works. G-HUB spoils the whole impression of the steering wheel. Either the steering wheel simply does not respond to anything, or it may simply cut off during the game. Of course, reconnecting and re-entering the game helps, but this is not correct and should not be so. The same Logitech MOMO Racing, for all its "woodiness" and cheapness, worked flawlessly. And thSee full review

av receiver 5.1 yamaha htr-4065 logo

Absolutely excellent detail. In fact, this is my first receiver (before that there was a Chinese amp of an old 4.1 system), I am very pleased with the purchase. Watching movies with him is a real pleasure - you will feel the effect of presence in full, I guarantee it. Contrary to the technical specifications, I use the old Soviet 4 Ohm speakers (electronics 90AC - fronts, 15AC-109 - rears, 15AC-404 - center). The sound is such that there are no words, not like modern Chinese "squeakers" (the samSee full review

laser phaser set x, 88016 logo

Has some pros Scaling. Played in the format from 2 to 8 devices. in addition to the classic 2-team mode, there is a "every man for himself" mode. Has some cons one sensor. I would like at least 2. You won't hit anyone in the back.See full review

kerasys moisturizing shampoo, 400 ml logo

In general, a cool shampoo, I use it not quite for its intended purpose, I have thick and voluminous hair, but it does its job. I was expecting a stronger scentSee full review

🎧 jbl jr310 blue headphones logo

Bought as a gift for a child. Of course, they fit on an adult head with difficulty, just right for a child. Unusual, colorful design. In the kit there are stickers with which you can additionally decorate the headphones (although the letters are English). It is convenient for a child to wear them, nothing presses, does not press. The headphones have a foldable design, and accordingly they can be broken if they are twisted hard or somehow carelessly handled. There, however, for children it is a gSee full review

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