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xiaomi suitcase, polycarbonate, 36 l logo

With its pros: Very optimally arranged. Everything is in its place. Quality build. Its cons: Weight. With current carry-on baggage allowances, weight is often an important consideration. The weight of the suitcase is 3 kg. For example, my other L size suitcase weighs the sameSee full review


Excellent food. Before that, they bought with salmon and lamb - the dog ate at first, and then began to turn up his nose - apparently, it was not worth taking a large package. As soon as I poured this one into a bowl, I swept it all away and asked for more. Good CompositionSee full review


More was expected Has pros: Convenient to use (put meat and do other dishes). More or less acceptable food quality. Sandwiches are good Got cons: In a pan, meat is cooked better (especially about steaks). Broke after 2 days (less than 10 uses). Sent in for warranty repairSee full review

computer chair metta samurai s-3.04 for executive, upholstery: textile, color: black logo

The wheels are functional, however they tend to accumulate dirt and other particles. can be removed with little effort. The store met its delivery deadline in less time than expected. The price is reasonable, especially taking into account the discount. At that price point (22,000), I'm not interested in purchasing it. Various advantages: Armchair that is really comfortable. The assembly process is simple. Well . 10-15 minutes. The set provides for your every requirement. Some cons: After a few See full review

car seat group 1 (9-18 kg) maxi-cosi tobi, authentic black logo

We have been making use of it for the past few months, and the baby seems to enjoy it. He or she can sit up high, look out the window, and, if required, fall asleep while still in a sitting position. I didn't take it off to wash it, and I didn’t take it with me when I went on vacation, but everything seems to be going well so far.See full review

royal canin gastrointestinal dry diet food for adult cats with digestive disorders, 2 kg logo

Best I have ever used, great product for anyone!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Sphynx cat, reacts badly to any food other than this (loose stools with blood) Therefore, we have been sitting on this stern for the fourth year already. The chair is formed, there is no allergy. It takes about 20-22 kg of feed per year. Expensive pleasure. )See full review

bridgestone turanza t001 205/60 r16 92v summer logo

Great product, a pleasure to use.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The rubber came with the car, so I did not choose it, but the factory installed it) In general, I am very pleased with the rubber. Perhaps there are better ones, but the price is obviously different there.See full review

ikea 5-piece saucepan set with glass lid - induction compatible stainless steel logo

I've had this set for 15 years and it looks like new. I use it on a gas stove. I clean with Azelit, my usual dishwashing detergent. There is no IKEA mark on the bottom. So take it with confidence, the set is good.See full review

💪 maxler 100% сollagen hydrolysate: strengthen ligaments & joints with this premium preparation, 300 gr. logo

Providing an unbiased user view.Has pros: Good collagen, joints stop crunching after the course Different cons: The taste is not very pleasant, but this is not critical)See full review

trimmer petrol huter ggt-1500s, 2.01 hp, 46 cm logo

Has some pros: Top for your money! Starts with ease, no problems. You feel a little flimsy design, but it's all being finalized by skillful hands, the engine works fine, in general, top for your money With its cons: It is not necessary to pick a lot, tighten the bolts, put some spacers in the attachment points so that the metal does not wrinkle. A belt on the torso is nothing at all.See full review

cordless drill driver makita df333dwye 12 v logo

Authentic product insights shared.Got pros: Small, light, like a toy, very convenient to work with Cons: A bit weak, but depending on the purposes of courseSee full review

portable electric heater with remote control handy heater (400 w) logo

Good heater, can be hung on the wall, it is also very easy to use, has a temperature control mode, good appearance and functionalitySee full review

bosch verocup coffee machine 100 tis30129rw, black logo

In general, I am satisfied with the coffee machine, even despite the minor disadvantages. And taking into account its price at the time of purchase in 19 so in general everything can be forgiven with such delicious coffee. Pros below: Great coffee Automatic cappuccino and latte Low noise level compared to predecessors Low water level indicator. Has some cons: For me, it drains so much water when washing, I put a cup in total, I got tired of draining the pan. A small tray for water and for "tableSee full review

night projector star master starry sky 012-1361, 2.6 w, armature color: purple, plafon color: colorless logo

Ordered 2 pink night lights for gifts. In one, only the yellow backlight works, in the other, the colors switch randomly. Both are falling apart.See full review

toplash wing stamp eyeliner - black shade: enhance your eyes with instant winged effect logo

The eyeliner came with a small marriage. I wrote to Toplash and they calmly returned the money. I am very glad that there are manufacturers who are ready to be responsible for the quality of their goods. (refund amount: eyeliner and delivery by 2022 post)See full review

tricycle babycare tricycle, blue logo

My daughter rides it all the time. Bought to indulge at home. A good option to practice before more serious transport. And to have fun in bad weather at home. Pros below: Not expensive. Beautiful. Durable: looks flimsy, but for half a year not a single breakdown. Its cons: The wheels in the apartment are scrolling. Husband pasted electrical tape, but did not help much. My daughter rides like a balance bike.See full review

coffee capsules tassimo jacobs americano classico, 16 caps. in pack., 5 pack. logo

I have been enjoying Tassimo Americano guard coffee from Jacobs for a long time. I always add sugar and cream. The taste is amazing. Everyone who comes to visit and taste coffee also appreciated the aroma and taste. I was on vacation, everything else is not coffee! I really missed my capsule americano)See full review

mike store car gps tracker tams /a-gps, gps, lbs/magnetic/waterproof/shock sensor/speed ​​alarm/90 days operation logo

I bought it in the car, for my courier, otherwise it began to disappear often. Now I'm following him, the coordinates are quite accurate. Let's see how it will work in the winter, and there is nothing to complain about.See full review

vacuum cleaner miele sbad3 classic, lotus white logo

Overheats during repairs - long work and dust load Take out the air filter, it will be better in difficult conditions where it is still dusty Pros below: Pulls better than ~7 year old Miele higher class Very light Plastic is better than the same older Miele Has some cons: Nozzles do not fold inside the vacuum cleaner, but are attached to the handle, from which they can fly to the floorSee full review

💜 revlon professional direct action color filters 3 in 1 cream, 200 violet, 100ml: transform your hair with vibrant color! logo

Evaluating the product objectively.With its pros: I took it because blue does not get stuck in the hair tightly Cons: Not very pigmented Uncomfortable consistencySee full review

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