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The thing is very cool. But she needs a place in the kitchen and not a little. You also need space for replacement grilles. There should also be a socket and an extractor nearby. Otherwise, when you fry the meat, the whole apartment will be in a smoke screen. Pros below: Heats up quickly. You can make all sorts of sandwiches, waffles, scrambled eggs, vegetables, meat. Everything is very fast. The racks can be washed in the dishwasher. Different cons: The main downside to this grill is the splashSee full review


Took for moisturizing after lightening hair. The mask works, but a cumulative effect is needed. In my case, you need an even stronger remedy, but in general, I recommend it. Easier combing. I got a good effect when used together with thermal protection.See full review


I ordered, they called, they said that they made a mistake with the price, they offered for 16,100, for I go to the site the price is 13,600 with a penny, before that it was around 4600. They are deceiving insolently! Buyers are considered fools!See full review


Olfactory picture: Night. Dark room with furniture silhouettes. The curtains are waltzing, and through the open window snow is silvering with small beads, somehow illuminated by a street lamp. The room is cool, and from this the furniture outlines seem sharper and more dangerous. A gust of draft blows some forms off the table . and suddenly a door slams behind him, impudently closed by the wind. On the armrest of an ivory leather sofa lies a fur boa and black lace mittens, they are almost inviSee full review


Delivery was scheduled for a specific date. On this particular day, I put aside all the cases and waited for the delivery. But during the day I watched the status of the order, found that it does not change . The message from the delivery service does not come. I decided to call to clarify, to which I was told that my order would not be delivered today. It turns out that if I had not called myself, no one would have told me about it. And I sat waiting specially at home for an order. I was told tSee full review

flexi style tape 3m white logo

Honest appraisal of this product.Pros: Good tape measure, used for several months, still like new. Different cons: For a small hand, only a few fingers fit into the ring.See full review

stay on top of baby care with motorola mbp161timer digital audio baby monitor with timer functionality logo

I read negative comments and cried, all of a sudden I'm not lucky and the device will have to be returned due to flaws. I am satisfied with the purchase, the next stage in a year is the choice of a baby monitor. Pros below: The device works out of the box. The battery charges for 16 hours and holds capacity, the handset immediately works from the mains. A nice function is temperature measurement, because. There is no thermometer in the room. You can chat while in different rooms. Has cons: If yoSee full review

dolce gusto nescafe coffee pods cappuccino - 16 capsules, pack of 3: indulge in rich café-style treats logo

Sharing my honest user feedback.Do you want coffee something between instant and from a coffee machine? Then this is what you need))See full review

illy classico roast coffee beans - 8.8 oz (250g) logo

I recommend it to everyone already. From the beginning I was embarrassed by the price, but after brewing I was convinced that it was not a pity for this) The coffee is very fragrant. For me, it is important that there is no acid taste. Adds energy in the morning.See full review

clear 8 oz philips avent natural glass baby bottle logo

The bottle is very convenient and practical, there is nothing wrong, I also want to note that this bottle is very strong, despite the material from which it is made, it does not break, which means that it is very strong, this is good, because if drop it, it will not break, and this is the most important thing in such bottles! )See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 2, black logo

For a year of use, there were no problems, it only counts the steps not quite right and the pulse does not always measure correctly.See full review

vacuum cleaner xiaomi mi handheld vacuum cleaner g10 global, white logo

All liked it Has some pros: Vacuums well. It crawls everywhere. Easy. Chargers last a long time Cons below: Poor water supply to the rag. You have to remove the cloth several times and moistenSee full review

chakra knife tojiro western knife, blade 16.5 cm logo

Chopping cut vegetables is a very good option, it is not large in severity, so you can work for a long time. My wife really liked it, I was specifically looking for such a not heavy option and with a sharp blade. Not disappointed.See full review

luxvisage pin up ultra matt lipstick 524 bella logo

Resistant for the money, shade 504 if applied with light imprinting movements or with a brush - cold , but if you apply directly from the stick boldly, then it’s straight dead.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner roborock s6 maxv ru, black logo

Would be cheaper. Different pros: Vacuum cleaner is the king of vacuum cleaners) Both talkative and diligent. He always comes with prey, even if he thought that the house was clean. Has some cons: He himself is gathering dust from above with zeal and this bullet is clearly visible.See full review

de "longhi ecam 23.460 coffee machine, black logo

I ordered. I was contacted by a salesperson from the company. Discussed with him when the delivery. I liked the seller very much.See full review

xiaomi mijia automatic foam soap dispenser mjxsj01xw/mjxsj03xw, white logo

The batteries in the kit sat down, changed to new ones, but it stopped working altogether. It buzzes, but does not give soap. As a result, the goods for the month. They didn't even use soap.See full review

vacuum cleaner gorenje vc 1903 gacbucy, blue logo

Quiet and powerful enough, the turbo brush is sometimes difficult to move on the carpet. Wool from three shaggy cats, sawdust from a rat, the filler thrown onto the floor was removed instantlySee full review

🪒 optimal shaving experience: gillette fusion proglide men's razor replacement cassettes - 4 pieces with 5 blades and precision trimmer for hard-to-reach areas logo

Excellent nozzles, ideally suited to the machine that my husband has. And the stock price made me even more excited. The husband was pleased. Close and easy shave, no irritationSee full review

dreame bot d9 max global robot vacuum cleaner, black logo

Six months later, it broke down, a laser sensor error, the seller sends it to the service, the service sends it to the seller, they can’t repair it for 3 weeks, don’t take it, horrorSee full review

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