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urban armor gear (uag) monarch series iphone 14 pro max case - blue (mallard) (114035115555) logo

For those whose hands do not grow there, this case is a real salvation! No need for any glass on the screen, this case protects the phone by 200%. The cover is expensive, but it's worth it!See full review

charcoal grill weber go anywhere, 43x31x41 cm logo

I never regretted the purchase, I improved it a little, I immediately installed a thermometer and purchased an anodized aluminum grill GrillGrate, not my own, though, I already customized it in size. I always cover the ash pan with foil before ignition.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

For my money and for my purposes a very good TV. I hardly watch TV channels, mostly I am content with what already has in the plus. The volume is good, mostly louder than 20 points and do not. Of course, there are also glitches: it can turn off by itself, it happens that single presses on the remote control are perceived by the TV as multiple (then it is almost impossible to set the volume normally). There were problems that had to be solved through support, but nothing fatal. So 4 stars are weSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I bought it because of the low price, as I installed it, I immediately noticed a very strong rumble, the tires did not roll for long somewhere around 500-700 km, then I started driving as usual, the rumble of the rubber dropped significantly after about 3000 thousand km. Then it became noisy like all tires, quite comfortable. Since I put it in the fall and there was mud and then snow, I’ll immediately write deep mud and virgin snow is not her element, but in the city you can always leave the snoSee full review

tv grundig 65 oled gg 970b logo

I did not expect such quality for such a price, a very cool display of films and cartoons. The sound does not lag behind, good quality. It reads different formats from different media, in general there are no problems with connecting devices. The picture is without pallor, beautiful and juicy. I have my PS4 connected to it all the time, no problems. More precisely, only one - the wife cannot drag him away)See full review

speedlink bolt racing wheel for pc kit (sl-650300), black logo

I ordered this steering wheel from Hong Kong, in anticipation of something super-cool, and my hopes were partially justified. He is not worth his money, the red price is 2,000. Look for better models. Not recommended (IMHO). Some pros: Multifunctionality, rotation angle, number and location of buttons, ease of use and connection. Cons: Very loud buttons, especially the petals. The Cruise control mode works in DirectInput, which is very inconvenient. Dead zones in Xinput cannot be configured at aSee full review

chair game zombie one black from podgolov. crosses. metal zombie one carbon logo

The chair was a gift for my son. His height is 180. He liked it. I hope it will last a long time. They took it in exchange for the old chair, which had already refused all the functions and there was a replacement seat. In my opinion, the price and quality match. 6500is a grassroots segment and I read the reviews, trying to choose a quality product. This chair has had mostly positive reviews. There are models that are more expensive and more comfortable, but there were many complaints about the See full review

wifi elm327 1.5 autoscanner wifi elm 327 obd2 chip pic18f25k80 logo

Works properly. I rejoice like a child, because before that, inexpensive OBD diagnostics had not seen the Sagem S2022 ECM, I was already worried that the matter was in the car. But no, it connects with this device the first timeSee full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

Has some pros: Color. Sufficient storage space. For one or two people a great option. With its cons: It is necessary to set the refrigerator on the level, otherwise it starts to work loudly.See full review


And it looks cool, and there are many benefits from it. It draws in air, and with it drops of fat and everything else that pollutes the kitchen and brings an unpleasant smell. I will also say a few words about the installation, everything was installed according to the instructions, there were no problems in this. When I don’t turn on the hood, but in general it rarely happens, for example, when there is no light, sometimes drops of fat fall on the hood panel, so I wipe it with a sponge or microSee full review


Worked great during a water outage. I only had to look for an adapter for a watering can, run around five stores. It would be great to complete the heater immediately with adapters, for the convenience of customers.See full review


I highly recommend to anyone who wants to save money: DO NOT SPEND MONEY FOR A QUALITY THING! The heaters of this company are really high quality. This is the second one. if you read my previous review on a gas heater for half the price of this one, you will understand that the price of Kovea is justified! turned on immediately, does not smell of gas, there are no pops, like gas pop when turned on, it works like a Swiss watch! There is a balloon heater. Very happy with the purchase! I'm sitting See full review


In 2022 I bought the unit, installed it, connected it, it works fine, no questions. The pump itself broke the following year. Bought parts, changed, again works fine. A month later, the pump broke again. Bought a brand new one and it works great again. The next year, the pipe from the tank dripped - replaced from the previous one. Began to poison the nipple - replaced from the previous one. Now the pressure switch does not work - I will replace it. But I will not buy the next set of such unreliaSee full review

chandelier led ritter kolar 52371 0, 124 w, number of lamps: 1 pc., color: white logo

An excellent chandelier, not big, it shines super, room 19.5 is well lit, I think it will be great to illuminate for a much larger space, I have been using it for almost a month, there are no problems. I recommend it for purchase!See full review


A little about the service center: before this filter, I had a DWM-101, with which I turned to the SC due to the fact that water was flowing from under the recently purchased membrane. The SC operates as conveniently as possible: from 9:00 to 18:00, and on weekends they rest. Despite the fact that the membrane was tested in the next room from the reception point, the employees of the SC managed to disrupt their own deadlines and after three weeks gave the conclusion "nothing is leaking." By someSee full review


Have tried many foods. On the advice of the veterinarian, we first bought a small package. Go to Hurray! Now we buy only this food. Some pros: Nice smell. Average granule size. The dog (French Bulldog) eats with great pleasure! Excellent food composition. The dog does not itch. Cons below: There is no lock on the package. You have to close it with clips so that the smell does not disappear.See full review


There are vague doubts about the authenticity of the product. I have been using only this engine oil for the 14th season. It's good if I'm wrong and this is just a factory defect of the canister. Different pros: Prompt delivery, quality packaging. Attractive price. Made, ostensibly in Europe. Got cons: The entire lid on the canister was unscrewed too easily and completely (despite the protection with latches), and I didn’t even have time to get the drain nipple out of it.See full review

smart watch smart watch x7 logo

Smart bracelet, they sit comfortably, the Apple Watch straps fit, the native strap is , it reads messages, I haven’t quite figured it out yet, for this price it’sSee full review


I have an E211, I was going to sell it, but there were reasons to postpone the replacement of the car for the spring. 2 winters before that I went to Mishika, I took the kama as a budget one, so that there was something to sell on, the Michelin is of course softer and catches better, but I didn’t feel a huge difference, the gelding is rear-wheel drive, automatic, so braking by the box is excluded, on the kama it rushes and rows and in turns with a bang! Frankly, I drive quite sharply and quicklySee full review


I have been using this grill for more than a year, no complaints and comments. A real lifesaver in the kitchen when you need to cook something very quickly, and most importantly, healthy and tasty. Our family favorites are spiced parchment chicken or turkey, vegetables, fish and, of course, steaks. Also from what we tried, homemade shawarma, toast bread for sandwiches, sausages for hot dogs. Already in the process of using it, I realized that it is better NOT to wash the panels in the dishwasheSee full review

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