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floor mats eva eva eva in the car interior chevrolet lanos logo

I put it in Lanos - they refreshed the appearance and, as a plus for me personally, they do not have a high relief: when driving, the heel does not rest against anything, and the rug itself does not go astray under the pedals. Definitely recommend, with the reservations indicated in the shortcomings ^^See full review

kelp tab., 150 mcg, 200 pcs. logo

The courier arrived on time. The packaging is not broken. Vitamins were prescribed by an endocrinologist. For some reason, it was not in pharmacies.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

My rating is a solid 5. I was looking for a TV in the country to play the console (PS4) on New Year's holidays. Therefore, I set the criteria for 32 inches, FullHD and low cost. I ordered this TV when there were no reviews yet. I did not find the picture quality of the norms, glare in the corners or uneven backlighting. Not the fastest smart TV, but it's there, so it's a plus. I was pleased with Alice's call on the button (TV will not replace your smart speaker), this allows you not to drive in See full review

chair game zombie one black from podgolov. crosses. metal zombie one carbon logo

I bought it for work in an office for beginners, where they train. The chairs are of good quality, even the height adjustment knob did not break in 3 months. The armrests are of normal height, the mesh back is not firm.See full review

grill tefal optigrill gc740b30, black/silver logo

Dear toaster. It's only good for this. Otherwise, you put any meat, and it is cooked. And all because of thin plates, they lack heat capacity and heating power during frying. First, they heat up to 270, and when you start frying meat, they instantly cool down to 150 and do not rise. Just sluggish, boiled shnyaga with no signs of a brown crust. I definitely wouldn’t wash the plates themselves in the dishwasher - they won’t live long from harsh chemistry, it’s better to wash them with your hands.See full review

car tool kit in a suitcase, 150 items logo

I will draw conclusions a little later, I hope that the quality will correspond to the declared homvanadium, why there are doubts about the dent on the head at 19See full review

network adapter asus pce-ax1800 (90ig07a0-mo0b00) logo

My authentic product journey.Pros below: Good adapter, but with the B450 network drops periodically. Some cons: It can be said that it does not work with the B450 chipsetSee full review

wheel disk k&k angara 6.5x15/5x139.7 d108.1 et15, 7.5 kg, black diamond logo

It's time to switch to summer tires. I bought these wheels for a Chevrolet Niva, they fit perfectly. Look harmonious. The price is very democratic, the value for money is the best.See full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

The stove came in a whole condition, after turning it on it gives an error E0, on dishes special for induction cookers, I read it, they write a faulty sensor. The stove did not work even for minutes, the expectations were high, judging by the good reviews. I do not advise.See full review

figurine captain america 17cm . flexes in 13 places logo

Ordered as a gift, at your own risk. Often such toys in reality are far from advertising photos. But this cap exceeded all expectations. Cool! Especially for such a reasonable price. But most importantly, the child is delighted! Thank you very much to the seller for such a cool toy!See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Good grill for cooking! Perfectly fulfills all its functions. Quickly, and most importantly, deliciously fries meat, fish, vegetables, and corny sandwiches! Washing is not difficult. Also, what I liked was the presence of cups for draining fat, very convenient when frying!See full review

wheel disk skad geneva 7х18/5х114.3 d67.1 et40, selena logo

Good price, a good manufacturer that has not stained itself with scandals like KiK, they got up perfectly on the Kodiak, the bolts need a "cone"See full review

jbl tune flex wireless headphones, black ghost logo

Pros: Removable nozzles. Just connect and set up. They sit well in the ear. Great sound. Cons: Noise canceling is marketing, it's really weak and it makes almost no sense to turn it on. Expensive, you can take it cheaper without noise reduction.See full review


In general, everything is normal. There was a nuance in the work of the massager, most likely there was something with the contacts in the wires, but the issue was quickly resolved through the service department.See full review


I was pleasantly surprised, I coped with the weekly stubble easily and naturally, slipped like clockwork, shaved after a bath, slightly steamed the skin 3D technology pleased, you should direct it where you repeat the contours. Shaved quite actively, but did not get any cuts, another plus. hairs, rather than sawing and pulling out, as a result, perfectly smooth skin, which was not the case with other new blades.See full review


The second knife of this company and the quality is generally 0 claims. The mechanism itself is reliable and simple, there is no backlash even after years! The steel is good, hard, keeps sharpening normally. The plastic handle of the knife is durable and does not break off after falls, it holds the blow. In general, more than a decent knife for its money.See full review

thermometer tim y-63a-50-120 silver logo

It works! It shows the temperature and what else is needed? In the box there is a diagram with the diameter of the sleeve, which simplifies installation on the smokehouse. Installation took 1 minute (drill and secure with a clamp)See full review


I took it for entertainment. I fell in love with the tablet, everything in it suits me. I would especially like to note that you can download many applications through eppgelleri that are not available in the Google market and the epp store, that is, there are liters, skyang and the like. This is so cool. Movies and series are also nice to watch, just a portable TV, the picture is very high quality. And the tablet is durable, it survived the fall from the table to the floor, and there are not evSee full review


We bought according to reviews that it is silent, it makes more noise than the old Scarlet. The stand is huge but not very stable.See full review


Got pros: Of all the grills on the market, probably one of the best. Has some cons: Mobile application "for show". In fact, its practical application is zero.See full review

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