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satellite set-top box-client general satellite gs-c592 (set-top box-client) logo

Has some pros: I connected gs 626L and gs 592 in a pair, it shows in the kitchen via WiFi! The picture does not crumble, everything is fine! I thought I was already pulling the wire, drilling the ceiling, but I didn’t have to! ! Cons below: The sound is sometimes not in control with the video! HD channels are well synchronized, but sd is not very, but not always, I don’t know what this is connected with, maybe they will finish their jamb with firmware ! !See full review

wheel rim skad valencia 7x18/5x114.3 d67.1 et35, selena logo

The wheels are super, they look very good on the car, and I liked the workmanship. At the same time, for the 18 radius, a very adequate price for them.See full review

sewing machine janome juno 513, white/flowers logo

I bought in 2022 the machine plows like a Kalashnikov assault rifle without refusal! Simple, comfortable, reliable. Regarding the seams; they turn out to be smooth and unjammed even if you sit down for it, so to speak, it forgives! Not every jeans will take on the scars, there is not enough ground clearance between the foot and the platform, I would also like the power of the motor, it starts to bite and starts to buzz, they say, idiot thickly where are you shove ! ? Knitted seams are really elaSee full review

oil compressor patriot ptr 50-450a, 50 l, 2.2 kw logo

I chose a compressor for a long time, the purpose of the choice was to work with a hopper bucket for plastering, and finally the choice fell on this compressor, it copes with the task of plastering. Further about the compressor itself, the three-piece assembly screw of the protective cover was unscrewed at the first start and had to be twisted and tightened. , if it is not transported correctly, oil is poured out of the crankcase, my entire packaging box was in oil, after the purchase I had to bSee full review

roof box thule pacific 200 m (410 l), anthracite aeroskin, double opening logo

There was a luxury box 600, it was inexpensive and seemed to perform its functions. But at the slightest loading of the front part on the go, a gap appeared between the two halves in front. In winter, locks without heating with a lighter cannot be opened at all. Weight 19 kg! For comparison, Tulle - 13 kg. What's the point of having a load capacity of 75kg if you can't realize it, on most cars the roof load is a maximum of 75kg! It adds the weight of the box and the trunk and voila, we get more See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

A very good tonometer, if we proceed from considerations of value for money. Got this for my parents as a gift. They were delighted, they actively use it and so far no complaints have been received.See full review

goodyear vector 4seasons gen-3 205/60 r15 95v logo

I skated for 2.5 years on their previous model GOODYEAR VECTOR 4SEASONS GEN-2, there were no global complaints, so I boldly bought a new model, I didn’t regret it at all . the last spring jokes of our weather endure perfectly. I recommend (if, of course, the price returns to normal). With its pros: They hold the road perfectly, I especially feel great on wet pavement in the rain, there is no aquaplaning if the water track is not deep (up to 10 cm). They tolerate light snow and very conditional iSee full review

forward cosmo 16 2.0 kids bike (2021) black/red 16" (requires final assembly) logo

At first, everyone was just delighted with this bike. Firstly, it [at the time of purchase was] the cheapest of the aluminum-framed bikes with a manual rear brake. I was looking for a fundamentally hand brake, because. it was difficult to deal with a foot child [3 years old]. Secondly, it is one of the lightest and the child can easily carry it himself. Thirdly, the bike is bright, beautiful and unusual, the child really likes it. But during the operation, shortcomings were revealed, knowing whiSee full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

scooter is great! For walks or trips around the city the most it! ! holds weight up to 150 kg. sometimes it can accelerate to 45 km. but so the speed of 30 km declared. electric scooter recommend! and still drive more carefully along the curbs if the wheels jump down a step lower - the camera may burst. so this scooter is only for the city and a smooth ride! ! Pros below: great scooter. the weather has improved. I tried to ride from the south of Hong Kong to the center. only 20 km. The battery iSee full review

led strip 3528rgb color, smd tape 5 meters + remote control, power supply, 12w, 60 leds logo

I bought an LED strip for the children in the nursery. In general, you can stick it in any room, even in the kitchen. Since the degree of dust and moisture protection is IP45. Tape on/off remote control, very convenient. Length 5 m, enough for a child's room. Included, of course, is a 12w power supply. The ribbon is colorful and the kids love it. The purchase is satisfied.See full review

sanitary pliers matrix 15708 250 mm black logo

I have been working like this for more than 10 years, they withstood any load, the optimal grips (thin, but strong) will crawl into difficult places.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Sharing my unbiased user review.In principle, if the spikes had not fallen out, I would have continued to ride it, but without the spikes it is useless.See full review


My husband really liked the camera, ordered 5 more pieces, we will install it throughout the territory. Picture quality is good both day and night. The car numbers are clearly visible. I recommend to buy!See full review


I am satisfied with everything except for the last delivery, the filter from the top was wet, as if it had been filled with water, and the instructions were also wet, I am attaching a photo! This is very surprising because everything inside is dry, short, and it was well packed in a film, water could not get in! I called with the delivery, if it does not work, they said you can return it.See full review


Before that, I put 185 \ 65 \ R14 on the VAZ 11183 Kalina 85l. s Traveled two winters. The maximum speed that I developed on this rubber and on the winter track was 167 km / h, Kalina no longer rides . . Now bought already on the Chevrolet Cruze. The first snow and ice drove as if on clean asphalt. There is a slight slip when starting off sharply, but it is understandable . . On the machine, all the same. Got pros: Excellent grip qualities. Short stopping distance. Good course stability. ConsSee full review


My husband and I made a New Year present for ourselves and bought a grill that we liked for a long time, and did not lose. This grill is simple and easy to use, you can cook a full lunch or dinner in 15-20 minutes, along with the preparation of the necessary products, and as a result, enjoy the wonderful taste of fish, meat, vegetables, shrimp and much more, without harm to health and figure ( everything can be done without oil, or with a small amount of it when preparing the marinade). When cooSee full review


HUGE PRICE. Such a can now costs 76 euros in Finland and bottling in Kazakhstan at the same price. and in our country its price should be 4-6tr even for the most greedy.See full review


I chose between this and d5100, 600d. I read on the Internet about the d5100 and 600d. Considering that the d90 is already an outdated model, I decided not to dwell on it. Came to the store. I held 5100 in my hands, it was extremely inconvenient to hold, apparently my hands are large. I thought it was a technique for girls. I didn’t even approach the 600d, the dimensions are approximately the same. And then the d90 carcass came into my hands. Sits like a glove. I ordered, after 2-3 days my See full review

executive computer chair everprof drift m, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black logo

Simply an excellent chair for all my criteria. I recommend it to everyone for the strength of the case and the upholstery made of good quality leatherette.See full review


For a very long time I was looking for this particular food with such a taste and 2.5 kg. Zaka came the next day, which made me very happy! Terms are normal, the shortbread eats and smacks its lips)See full review

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