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polar vantage m smart watch, black logo

Has some pros High-quality case, light, thoughtful design of the strap removes moisture, the hand does not sweat, the charge is enough for almost 2 weeks. A good application, it is convenient to watch and analyze various indicators after a workout. Some cons: The screen cover is plastic and you can get stuck pretty quickly if you are not careful, the buttons are hard to make. The GPS distance is not always calculated accurately (there is a 12 km discrepancy between the GPS of the phone and the See full review

smart xiaomi mi band 7 cn bracelet, black logo

Has some pros: High-quality, elegant, enlarged screen, design, excellent assistant Its cons: 1/ Music doesn't switch while running, sometimes 2/ the weather is not atedSee full review

smart watch xiaomi redmi watch 2 lite global, ivory logo

Has pros: Nice bracelet. Large and bright screen. I bought it as a gift, now I want one for myself. Got cons: You have to charge every 2 days, and with the inclusion of all functions every day. Maybe for such watches this is the norm, but for me with my MI band 4 it's not usual.See full review

apple airpods pro magsafe ru wireless headphones, white logo

Some pros: Noise canceling is amazing Perfect connection with Apple devices (as well as with PC) With medium nozzles in the ears are not felt Different cons: The sound after the synheizers is worse, but the rest of the pluses interruptSee full review

canon eos 5d mark ii body camera logo

I shot with a Canon 400D for three years, because I shoot weddings, I decided to switch to full format . I switched . to say that I could say "Wow!" - I will not say. Yes, the camera is good, it allows you to do a lot of things, a lot of additional features have appeared. Detailing has become higher. But I did not feel a huge difference between him and the four hundred. The amount of noise has become much less, but not as much as I thought. The real shooting limit is ISO 3200 (and then you need See full review

🗺️ imap-5200 navigator by prology logo

I work as a trucker in 2022 and the navigator is a great helper for me. The old one failed, so I decided to buy a new one. Chose this one as it is small and has clear maps. It has been 4 months since the purchase of this gadget, and I can say that during this time it has never slowed down. The road indicates correctly and is not lost, it really indicates the shortest path. I was very pleased with this device.See full review

wifi signal amplifier (repeater) tp-link tl-wa854re, white logo

Pros: Simple and easy to set up. logical instruction. Performs its functions. Now we catch wi-fi in the whole apartment. Has cons: The new network had to be named differently (not like the main network) and the main router was rebooted. Otherwise, even the main network did not catchSee full review

panasonic hc-v770 video camera black logo

Bought for filming on vacation. Everything about the camera is good: there is wind protection, so the wind is almost inaudible in the recordings. Not bad optics - during the day with optical zoom everything is very clearly visible, at night, of course, the sensitivity decreases significantly, but it's tolerable anyway. The sound is good, you can hear everything. Soft - it is possible to record in a "raw" format for splitting the sound into 5-1. Photos are also good, given that this is not a SLR.See full review

⚡️ 2-in-1 wireless charger for iphone and apple watch: fast charging docking station with magsafe magnetic charging logo

A large number of wires bothered me and I decided to buy this station for charging. The order has become an order of magnitude more :) I really like how this device charges Iphone. It doesn't get hot is the most important thing. I usually charge at night. Therefore, the issue of charging time is not critical. Additionally, I use an Apple unit for 20 watts. The watch charges only up to 80% and I observe their strong overheating. Even the battery capacity has decreased. Nevertheless, in general, tSee full review

seagate skyhawk 8tb hard drive st8000vx004 logo

With its pros: Good speeds compared to other drives of the same size. Of those that happened to freeze. Cons below: Noisy, both in terms of vibrations, transmits a lot of rumble to the body, and clicks at startup. A head with such a noticeable sound parks.See full review

32" novex nvx-32h219msy 2020 led tv on yandex.tv platform, black logo

I'm surprised at the voice console in general. It will probably not be convenient to work under TV channels with it. And yes, those who want to buy for grandparents and in a simpler way, most likely this model should not be considered. Because it will simply be muddled to switch from to TV outlets, etc. The sound was surprisingly loud. Naturally, there is no bass for the kitchen, and not an average tweeter.See full review

apple airpods pro wireless headphones, white logo

I took it in the store 1 click. Brought new, in a box, punched by the serial number, everything is real. As a result, after opening, I find that the left earpiece does not work. I rebooted several times, charged for more than an hour - all to no avail. I hope for a prompt response from the seller, and that there will be no problems with the return. : I arrived two days later at the service center, they took it back without any problems, they offered to either replace it with new ones or issue aSee full review

power supply be quiet! system power 9 600w logo

I was pleased with the purchase and immediately and after almost a year the flight was normal. No noise yet, no other problems either. Installed on top of me in a poorly ventilated case, it draws heat out of it during games, copes)See full review

jbl tune 750btnc wireless headphones, black logo

The proverbial slider; there's no reason not to make advantage of it. Why not make the controls touch-sensitive? JBL presses are notorious for their consistently poor quality. Nonetheless, I can put up with it here. It is not entirely apparent that this will guard against water damage, but for $4,090 on Amazon, what else could you want? With all of its perks. The first thing that hits you is the scent of an opened box. The second factor to consider is the dimensions of the earpiece. The third fSee full review

sound bar jbl cinema sb160 black logo

The jbl company always makes high-quality and worthy equipment, but I decided to buy the JBL Cinema SB160 Soundbar, my expectation was not justified, the sound seems to be quite good, and the low frequencies work out very well, and there is density and transparency, but all these advantages fly into the trash For this reason, there is no balance between the subwoofer and the main speaker system. When listening at a low volume, the subwoofer knocks down really hard, and clogs everything, if you dSee full review

huawei freebuds 3i wireless headphones, ceramic white logo

After reading all of the unfavorable reviews on this page, I decided to make a purchase. I was also prepared for the fact that they would stutter on YouTube, and that the noise reduction would not work, etc. In the end, however, everything was fine, until I even really climbed into the equalizer, although the higher frequencies did prevail a little bit. I am quite happy with the purchase, and I had no idea that something so simple could provide me such a great deal of pleasure. after putting itSee full review

xiaomi redmi note 11 pro 5g 8/128gb global smartphone, grey graphite logo

Before this phone was POCO X3 NFC, which was safely broken. So, at least you don’t feel much difference in performance, since all modern phones of the middle price segment are quite productive, but the screen and sound can be immediately distinguished. The screen compared to IPS is just a fairy tale. The sound of Dolby Atmos is mesmerizing (although it is only played through the phone's tweeters). Due to the modern processor, which seems to be a junior solution, autonomy is excellent. Well, 5G, See full review

32" tv xiaomi mi tv 4a 32 t2 2019 led, black logo

Different pros: Android costs, cheap, sound is normal, just for the kitchen, Wi-Fi Different cons: No black image, little memory, full of paid subscriptions, too light,See full review

wireless compact mouse xiaomi mi dual mode wireless mouse silent edition, white logo

I have been using it for a couple of months, and when another battery ran out (lasts for a month on bluetooth), I decided to donate one usb connector and started using the radio interface, they say the batteries on the radio will last almost a year. Well, let's see. In general, the mouse is good, it feels more comfortable in the hand than my old Logi. You can take.See full review

smart column yandex new station mini - smart column with alice (with watch), black onyx logo

I ordered it as a gift for the new year, the order was taken away, I arrived a month later from a business trip, presented a gift, opened it, and Alice turned out to be not working. Doesn't connect and throws errors. Support did not help, they created a support request, they could not help, they only promised to roll out an ate sometime in the future and asked not even to contact the service center for the time being. The result, the person to whom the gift was given is upset, is also extremely See full review

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