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compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

Acquired in November last year and do not regret it. The quality is top notch, easy to use. There is no discomfort during use, the children really like it and my wife and I often use it, they also like it.See full review

computer chair bloody gc-350 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

The assembly is not difficult if the assembly is not according to the instructions, but by intuition. In general, only the bolts for the handles are idiotic, the rest was assembled simply.See full review

box stanley fatmax 1-95-615, 49.7x29.3x29.5 cm, 20"" , grey-black logo

The box was bought to store the necessary things in the car, it performs its function! At the same time, there is nothing heavy-duty in it, everything is made of thin plastic, except for metal loops. At a construction site, this will be done quickly! I don’t advise you to stand on the lid either, the second time you can’t stand it! For domestic purposes, it will do, but the price is somehow for professional ones.See full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

Goods (air conditioning) 27390. Was paid online. Sent on the fifth day. The sixth day the parcel is on the way, and on the seventh day the money is returned, since the goods are not available. Weird store. I do not advise. And the money was returned as a purchase through the market. Many thanks to the market store. Elmall do not contact.See full review

flash drive 128 gb smartbuy iron usb 3.0, white/red, sb128gbir-w3 logo

I bought such a flash drive in a wildberry store for 800r I tested the speed of the flash drive that came to me, it turned out to be 7-9 bm write speed, which is catastrophically long.See full review

set of plastic boxes for storing shoes aqra - 10 pcs, a set of transparent folding containers - organizers, boxes logo

The wife suffers from a fetishism for shoeboxes. There are a lot of different-sized boxes from under various shoes in the house. I decided to organize this pile)) I liked the quality of the box, but you need to understand right away that high shoes will not fit there. Look closely at the sizes. When assembling, do not be afraid, feel free to throw away the cut-out elements. The sides that need to be bent, feel free to bend. If there is no laziness, I will record a video on the assembly))See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

the scooter was enough for 2k kilometers after which it all fell apart. Right out of the box, the sealing gum of the wheel motor wire was dropped into the inside of the deck, because of which, after the first trip on wet asphalt, it choked with water. It was impossible to get it without parsing the deck. Then a month later the gas trigger died. Then the wheel motor wire began to move away, then the deck cracked. As a result, the wheel fell off altogether. The scooter traveled around the city witSee full review

set for removing (straightening) car dents (pops-a-dent) logo

It was not possible to pull out a single dent, the glue does not stick to the paintwork. The instructions are in English and not very clear.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

We got these tires in November 2022. All winter departure on it. I liked the rubber in terms of cross-country ability - it rows well on slippery slopes or when there is snow with ice. The seller assured. that Finnish spikes are put into rubber using Finnish technology and they last a very long time. Plus, the pattern like the 7 Hakki allegedly allows her to behave just as well on the road. Don't believe! It's all lies! Rubber is very noisy, spikes after 3 months of operation, about 15% of the sSee full review

fork oil liqui moly motorbike fork oil medium/light 7.5w 1 l 0.94 kg logo

Synthetic front fork oil. I take it for the second time, the quality pleases. The fork works as it should on it. And in winter it does not thicken much (I use it all year round). Select the viscosity in accordance with the manuals for the motorcycle and you will be happy.See full review

automotive tool set stels 14122, 109 pcs, green/silver logo

The heads bend and burst, the ratchet wedges at the slightest load, the screwdriver bits bend. With this set, unscrew only plastic parts. Strongly do not recommend to buy, very sorry.See full review


I have a snow blower from this company. I use the 4th year. It removes snow very well, but then you have to finish it off with a whisk to "beauty". And it is necessary to go through almost the entire area. I saw the presentation of the sweeper at the Cayman and caught fire with the "dream of an idiot. " It is clear that I wanted to take a decent device, but at an "earthly" price. It seems like a dream come true. Sweeps down to tiles quickly and easily. I really like the button winding. It seems See full review

xenon lamps mtf light d2s night assistant +100% 4800k (2 lamps) logo

Of course, there is no 100% increase in the beam, and it cannot be, physics is physics, you can’t deceive it) But they shine very well, definitely no worse than osram and definitely better than any non-name. Let's see how long it takesSee full review

cycling gloves stg al-03-325 p. l (orange-black) x74365-l logo

Very comfortable cycling gloves. Bright, they can be seen from afar because safety is first of all important. Warm in windy weather. Easily foldable and can be stored in a pocket or bike bag.See full review


They will go for a warm autumn. Beautiful color, geox quality, stylish design. Maybe a little narrow, geox is almost always like that.See full review


Some pros: Such a cool piece for the workplace! I didn't expect her to make me so happy. Under the white setups the most juice) Here, the touch-sensitive backlight with a bunch of removable modes is shorter, on magnets, through which it is charged and can work at all, regardless of the station and without power. The alarm clock is loud, fast charging of the watch, ears and phone. (note that you need to buy wireless charging for the watch separately, it can be easily built in here with its handleSee full review


With its pros: Massive - it weighs heavier than an LG 43" TV - reinsurance against the fact that the telly will outweigh and collapse in case of accidental sharp contact. A set of hardware for any mount. Cons: Too long perforated racks - if you want to make the TV lower so that the leg is not long - the racks will peek out from behind the screen like horns.See full review


bought these guides to ate the classic kitchen, made a full extension drawer instead of shelves, now everything is visible and accessible, and in easy accessSee full review


Great iron replacement I hate ironing, I use the ironing board as a shelf, so all my life I have used the iron exclusively in the "steam boost" mode. So, if you are from the same category of users, then the steamer will change your life. Its charm also lies in the fact that if the thing cannot be smoothed out on weight, then due to the heating surface it can be used as an iron, but you don’t have to worry about burning something. Therefore, I smooth out dense things or strong folds right on the See full review


These are my first expensive wiper blades, now I understand why they cost so much money 😄 From the old brushes there were stains, after replacing with these, my heart stopped for a second from the purity that I saw! Opel Corsa D 2022 fit perfectly Thank you very much, I recommend to everyoneSee full review

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