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blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

Everything is as in the description, even 4 pieces of batteries are included. I bought it as a gift, because I myself have been using a tonometer of exactly the same manufacturer for several years, no complaints.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I wanted to write a review after two months of use. The rubber is very good. Serves faithfully. In winter weather confidently holds the road, very good grip on the road. I'm honestly pleasantly surprised by all the qualities of this product. When I took it, I doubted for a long time, the price was too low, but I took it at my own peril and risk. I don't regret it at all. Who is going to buy I recommend 100 percent Soft not noisy all that is needed for winter stuffed tires.See full review

hub (set) front marshall m8133569 for audi a1, seat ibiza, skoda fabia, skoda rapid, volkswagen polo // cross-number skf vkba3569 logo

Adequate price, seemingly decent quality, I used to buy phage, skf or snr bearings, but the price for them is much higher, according to reviews, this company is not inferior to more eminent onesSee full review

steering wheel artplays v-1200 vibro. logo

A great option for games like ATS and ETS2. Of course, you can also drive it in arcades. In fact, this is not a "steering wheel" as such, but a joystick (this is how most games perceive it) Some pros: Easy to connect. For people starting their way with such devices, this is the one. Price quality. Cons below: Clamps are just awful. Velcro does not adhere to any surface. Duplication with petals of pedals. Do not really configure anything (only if the specific game allows)See full review

computer headset a4tech hs-28, black logo

Pros: Low price, great sound, good bass. Microphone with excellent noise reduction! With its cons: It is impossible to sit in them for a long time, the ears begin to hurtSee full review

neck pillow travel kit 4in1 logo

Cool pillow. Took for a long bus ride. I'll ate my review after the trip. There is no desire to add a photo, but the pillow is as in the photo.See full review

27" tv samsung t27h395six 2021 led, black logo

Great TV, but went out after a month of use. I knew about this problem, but I thought that it was fixed, since it has been written about for a long time. It didn’t work . . (At first the picture became a little darker, and a day later it disappeared completely. But Samsung’s support turned out to be on top (that’s why, in general, I gave the TV such a high rating) - they quickly accepted the application, the specialist came to the house and in 20 minutes fixed everything. Otherwise - a very goodSee full review


With its pros: I love this toner. Not suitable for oily skin, you will shine like a pancake.  Some cons: Despite the fact that the foundation has a satin finish, it strongly emphasizes peeling.See full review


There are no complaints about amazon|aliexpress, delivery is on time, safe and sound. The courier was on call. The machine works and performs its function so far perfectly. Perhaps there are cooler machines with many programs, but at the moment there are enough programs that are in this machine. The impression of the work of the PMM data seller of the WEISSGAUFF store was somewhat blurred. The kit did not include one adjustable leg for leveling the machine, that is, only two were available (at fSee full review


We collected it together with my husband, it turned out quite quickly, the children also took part, they really wanted to start jumping as soon as possible, then we also couldn’t resist, we jumped from the heart. We planned to buy at the beginning of summer, but we had to postpone it, but now we bought it at a good discount, the trampoline is of high quality, it will last for more than one year, so it’s doubly pleasantSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Got pros: Pretty budget TV. I bought it for the kitchen. I took it with the support of Alice since I use the stations. Its cons: of the shortcomings is a weak WiFi module. it is better to connect by wire.See full review


A few years ago, I was given this perfume, I liked it, but when I now remembered about it and decided to order it, let's say, very few people appreciated it. I got it that random people clarified that grandmothers smell like thatSee full review


Somehow, one lens in the package turned out to be inside out, a few minutes of torment, until the reason became clear. But this is the only case in several years of use. Pros: Value for money is acceptable, although they seem expensive. Quite comfortable to use, but not of the highest class. Some cons: Days of wearing obviously do not stand. Well, lenses are not needed during sleep, dreams are already visible well :-)See full review


Nice pool for the money. Let's see how long it lasts. For a family with a child, the most it is, both in width and height. The support mounts are very small and without holes, it is necessary to make linings for each rack. Outputs for the filter (which is not included) are standard. We put in an old filter from a former pool.See full review


The tongue is soft, transparent, without translucent stripes. The rolling of the bottom and roof is smooth, even along the entire perimeter. The laser seam of the sidewall is smooth, even, about 1.5 mm wide, dark in color. Center. Metal grinding is located along the length of the can, and on the handle too. At the bottom there are traces from the rollers of the conveyor. The lid is rolled the same way around the entire circumference.See full review


The camera met all my desires, corresponds to its characteristics, quickly connected, works without lags, the microphone works cleanly, I adviseSee full review


I bought it for the dacha, the main conditions for choosing were a large volume and quiet operation. The fridge is cute, I like the lack of handles. It freezes well, does not freeze, there is no ice crust. There are special racks for bottles, very convenient. A large number of shelves that can be rearranged if necessary. Works quietly. I bought at a discount for 17 thousand, for this money a great option.See full review


Unpacking gadgets from is some kind of fetish! Whoever came up with this has to be commended. All materials are gorgeous, the boxes are velvet. When connected, the firmware was ated several times. The only significant drawback is the ability to accurately dose the volume, only quieter or louder, otherwise everything is fine.1See full review


Honest evaluation of this purchase.Its pros: I was afraid it was a fake, but it turned out to be the original. Cons below: Fear that I will not receive what is in the product cardSee full review


It may not be suitable for felling forests and felling log cabins, but for a house or something one-time sawing off at work or indoors is a great option - less noise and no smoke!See full review

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