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Not Worth Your Money

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i was extremely disappointed with this holster... As a loyal customer of electronics, I expected much better. As a result of my tests, I determined that it barely fit my phone and the clip was flimsy. The only pro I can give it is that it was cheap, but you get what you pay for. Overall, I would not recommend this product..See full review

rapdom tactical liners gloves x large logo

According to my experience, these gloves do not provide adequate protection and do not fit properly, causing discomfort during use. The material is poor quality and tears easily..See full review

rca hp57n ear buds silver logo

I recently purchased a pair of affordable earbuds from this brand and was pleasantly surprised at their sound quality. Based on my observations, these earbuds provide crisp and clear audio making them perfect for music and podcasts. The earbuds FIT comfortably in my ears and are lightweight, making them great for everyday use. The only downside is that they aren`t noise-cancelling, which may be an issue for some.Overall, I am happy with my purchase and would recommend these earbuds to anyone looSee full review

caftan womens swimsuit coverup bohemian sports & fitness in water sports logo

THE Caftan-style cover-up is perfect for sports and outdoors. It is airy and versatile. The colorful yet subtle bohemian print is stylish and comfortable. One downside is it`s only available in one size..See full review

premium actuator hyundai 2007 2010 passenger logo

Based on my experience, this actuator has functioned efficiently in my 2009 Hyundai .It has performed seamlessly without any hiccups. The fitting process was quick and easy, thanks to its compact size. This actuator has helped me to regain control of my car's passenger window, saving me from the inconvenience of making frequent trips to the mechanic..See full review

iphone x/xs wallet case phone lanyard neck strap toovren iphone xs / 10 protective case cover with stand leather pu card holder adjustable detachable iphone lanyard for anti-theft gray logo

Based on our own experience this phone lanyard seems like a cheaply made accessory. The lanyard itself feels flimsy and the case doesn't offer much protection for the phone. The only pro is the card holder, which is convenient, but not enough to make up for the rest of the shortcomings.The cons are the poor quality and minimal protection for the phone..See full review

denso 234 4265 oxygen sensor ratio logo

After trying this automotive sensor my car`s performance improved. It was easy to install and has been working flawlessly since. It's a great choice for those looking for A reliable aftermarket replacement part..See full review

running windproof outdoor cycling hikingcap outdoor recreation logo

When I tried this cap on a windy day it did not stay on my head... The material is not windproof as described.. The cap not windproof as advertised.See full review

pressed thickness diameter adhesive backed logo

This adhesive backed fabric is the perfect solution for any industrial and scientific project! As a result of my tests, I determined that the pressed thickness diameter was the perfect level of thickness for my needs. The adhesive backing held extremely well, making my project easy to manage and work with. However, the only downside was the limited color choices available .Overall, I highly recommend this superior fabric for any project that requires an easy-to-use adhesive backed option..See full review

inflatable gymnastics tumbling training cheerleading logo

After trying this product, I have never been more disappointed.It was difficult to inflate and even harder to USE because it didn't hold air properly. The cons far outweigh the single pro of being able to pack it up and put it away easily. Save yourself from the headache and frustration by avoiding this disaster of a product..See full review

1984 1996 corvette coupe classic silver logo

After testing these floor mats I determined that they are not at all durable. The color faded quickly, and they showed signs of wear and tear soon after I installed them. The only positive aspect was the fit, but that's not enough to make up for their poor quality. As a result, I would not recommend these mats to anyone in need of sturdy and reliable floor protection..See full review

pypes exhaust evt510b tip logo

As a loyal customer, i can confidently say that this replacement part falls short in delivering quality performance. As a result of my tests, I determined that the sound output was unsatisfactory and did not provide the expected improvement in vehicle performance. The only positive aspect was its easy installation..See full review

syuu motorcycle replacement 1987 2007 1993 1999 logo

This product is a lifesaver for any automobile enthusiasts who want high-quality motorcycle replacements that don't break the bank. The parts are expertly designed to provide top-level performance for a wide range of motorcycle brands.One of the cons is that it's slightly hard to install for people who don't have much experience dealing with automotive repairs, but once installed, it's smooth sailing from there. Overall, Id definitely recommend this product to anyone who's looking for reliable aSee full review

kenko k kfm 100 degree spotfinder kfm 1100 logo

According to my experience, this tool is a game changer for photographers dealing with lighting and studio. The spotfinder is precise and helps you take the perfect shots .THE cons are that it`s quite expensive and may not be suitable for beginners. However it’s totally worth the investment for professional photographers who require utmost precision in their shots..See full review

all sales 87394k rear mirror logo

Based on my experience, this car mirror is the perfect addition to any vehicles lacking in visibility. The easy-to-install mirror provides a wider view, reducing blind spots and increasing safety on the road .The only downside is that the mirror is not adjustable, but with the improved visibility, its a small price to pay..See full review

lights 2007 2013 2007 2014 classic autowiki logo

My analysis of this car lighting assembly showed that it's a great upgrade for those looking to enhance the brightness and clarity of their vehicle's lights. The assembly is easy to install and provides improved visibility on the road. The only downside is that the price may be a bit higher than some other options on the market. Overall, I highly recommend this upgrade for anyone looking to improve their car's lighting. .See full review

stoptech 309 11610 street performance brake logo

As a result of using this product, I found that my automotive braking system was lacklustre. i had high hopes for this brake system but it failed to live up to expectations..See full review

jacob alexander tartans wallace handkerchief men's accessories in handkerchiefs logo

This handkerchief adds a touch of class to any formal attire. The tartan pattern is a unique feature that stands out .Men's fashion is enhanced with the addition of this accessory. After I put it to the test the fabric is durable and does not fray. The only con I found was the slightly high price point compared to other handkerchiefs on the market. Overall, a great addition to any wardrobe..See full review

foldable headphones microphone adjustable isolation logo

The Foldable Headphones Microphone Adjustable Isolation are a must-have for any photographer on-the-go. With its foldable design, it's easy to pack in your camera bag without taking up much space. The adjustable isolation feature is perfect for blocking out any distracting background noise during shoots. It's also great for video recording as the microphone produces clear audio. After I put it to the test, the sound quality was impressive. The only downside is that the headphones can sometimes gSee full review

power stop s4804 performance caliper logo

I was excited to upgrade my automotive brake system with this product, but was ultimately disappointed with the results. The calipers did not provide the performance boost that was advertised, and I experienced more brake fade than with my stock system.See full review

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