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smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 2, black logo

A cheap toy, unfortunately, is useless, because you want to use it, and not check whether the device is working or “froze” again. It would have cost 3000, I would have carried it in for repairs. For 1500 shares, it’s easier to give a child as a watch. With its pros. Price, simplicity, convenience - if everything voiced in the description worked, it would be ideal as the FIRST bracelet. I like the application, the connection is perfect, the power consumption is a dream. The first two weeks are fuSee full review

🔋 mi9 50000mah portable battery bank - black logo

Was with him in the autonomy of 3 weeks. It was enough for this time to charge the smartphone (every other day) and Glo (every day). I've already charged several times. A day is charged with a two-ampere charger. Haven't tried more power. Many write here that its size is a minus, but I want to say that a battery of such a volume and a smaller size is simply not found now and the size is quite adequate. Here you can choose - a large amount of energy or a small size of the device.See full review

computer headset logitech stereo headset h390 logo

I took the Logitech PC Headset 960 as a replacement. The surprisingly rigid arc sits more comfortably, the microphone folds comfortably. Sound quality is top notch. Great for skype. Of the inconveniences - a digital volume control, it works uninformatively. The Mute button resets its state after the computer wakes up from sleep.See full review

55" samsung tv ue55tu8500u 2020 led, hdr, black logo

Different pros: Cool TV, picture quality is fire, easy to operate. Meets expectations! Got cons: Troit the ball on the football channel, maybe it's not a TV, but the Internet. And the problem is with the aux wire, the usual one does not fit, you need to buy separatelySee full review

oneplus 9rt 12/256gb cn smartphone sky blue logo

After the purchase, I immediately upgraded to Android 12 on Oxygen OS. Autonomy is sufficient. With 4.5 hours of screen time is enough for 1.5 days without recharging. The smartphone has a powerful processor based on Snapdragon 888. It copes with games, it didn’t load much. The screen, although with PWM, does not flicker during prolonged use. The main thing is not to lower the brightness level to the very minimum. You can set the screen refresh rate to 120Hz, but then the battery life will be reSee full review

kentiger hy803 hi-fi stereo amplifier, black logo

Some pros: Cheap, multifunctional. I listened from a flash drive. The sound quality is normal. With its cons. a month later one channel died, the radio catches with difficultySee full review

apple airpods pro magsafe ru wireless headphones, white logo

Has some pros Headphones are definitely not bad. But there are better ones for the same money. Great job in the Apple ecosystem. Switch between iPhone and iPad Some cons: Management is not convenient. And scarce. Leg compression . Well, so-so innovation. It would be better to do volume control with headphones.See full review

samsung galaxy a33 smartphone 5g 6/128gb, black logo

Good value for money, for 23t. at a discount just a wonderful phone. Its pros: Beautiful and pleasant to the touch with a matte finish. Light and small, now for some reason all new models are huge, I was looking for something that would be comfortable to hold a relatively small phone in my hand. Some cons: I switched from honor and it was wildly unusual and uncomfortable at first! Now I'm used to it. The camera on auto photo enhancement sometimes takes overly bright unnatural photos. After the gSee full review

xiaomi wireless car charger 20w black wireless charger holder logo

In the process of use, shortcomings were revealed: 1. when shaking on roads with poor coverage, it still falls off the air duct due to its own large mass and the gravity of the phone in a glass case 2. Systematic erroneous triggering of sensors for spreading phone holders (erroneous triggering on the glass case of the phone case) In connection with the above, the assessment of the product is reduced.See full review

omega-3 caps, 1000 mg, 200 pcs. logo

I constantly take Omega-3 and vitamins, so I'm looking for the most favorable dosages per capsule. These are normal, but next time I will take others with more DHA and EPA. Since I drink them on an ongoing basis, I don’t feel any new effect, so I can’t say in terms of effectiveness. But IMHO, taking vitamins and polyunsaturated fatty acids is necessary, so now is a very good choice.See full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

I had xiaomi (different), Vernee, samsungs - the latest S7. Now LG G6. Without exaggeration, this is the best device ever. No glitches (like S7 after a month of use), the shell is convenient, you can switch to the classic look, you can have all applications on the tables, everything is customizable. The settings are adequate, understandable, you don’t have to look for anything, there is a convenient search for the settings. The camera is excellent, and photos and videos are at the level of SamsuSee full review

🐱 hoco w27 cat ear wireless headphones in grey: immerse in wireless musical bliss logo

I really liked the headphones, but the situation is unpleasant. The first three days everything worked well, then there were problemsSee full review

canon eos 5d mark ii body camera logo

How I shot them at 50D before - I’ll never know :) The full-size matrix changes the feeling of the photo by 100%. The picture is more plastic and deep. Yesterday I filmed a wedding - and I'm still trudging. Of course, the 16-bit tiff from it is incredibly huge. Still, you have to take the first five for easier work. I don’t want to return to the crop :). In 2022, after all, it is expensive compared to the United States.See full review

tv adapter xiaomi mi tv stick ru logo

With its pros. Got exactly what I bought - a compact solution for an already seemingly useless old TV. All applications work fine, there is enough RAM to quickly launch any of the applications (Evie, Oko, Premier, KinoPoisk, MatchTV, .). Excellent thing. With its cons. Sometimes applications hang (and even less often, but Wi-Fi is lost) if the adapter works all day. I think the next software ates will take into account these problems and fix them.See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

I have long wanted an electronic watch and then I heard about a fitness bracelet. I thought why not give it a try. I liked it very much, not bulky and compact. The phone search function is generally invented for me 😅. I am satisfied with the purchase and I advise everyone) I took two copies for myself and my girlfriend, but they are a little different with us, why? Don't know. The color of the display is different, mine is cold and hers is warm. Iiii on my bracelet ates come much later. Maybe tSee full review

white garmin fenix 6s nfc smart watch logo

in general, the impression is good, especially the first 3 months. I took it for a triathlon, the tasks of a triathlete are closed in general by 100%. after the next swim, the watch sat down and switched to energy saving mode, after which the 3d speed function fell off, and the watch began to auto-pause itself, thinking that I was standing still, although in fact I was moving. cured by disabling 3d speed, 2022 support sent my tracks to garmin, while 2 weeks have passed, there is still no answer.See full review

honor magicwatch 2 smartwatch 42mm, agate black logo

The quality of the watch is class, what I wanted, I am very satisfied with the purchase, it helps a lot when playing sports. I advise you to buy. See full review

smart watch huawei watch fit 2, active edition isle blue logo

Good watch, you can get used to the cons. On the version with NFC (which is 3000 more expensive), they promise to pay for MIR, but all this is still rumors. So the older version is only interesting in design and I really wanted it until I saw it live, after that I boldly bought the Active version on my own site complete with smart scales for 1. I hope my review will help someone, I tried to describe everything that I did not find in Youtube reviews and reviews before purchase. See full review

wireless headphones huawei freelace pro, smoky-white logo

On 08/12/2022 the best value for money, only I bought for 5k, and now the price is from 6 Has some pros Support 2 devices Ergonomics Sound quality While running, they sit normally Noise reduction adjustable Cons below: Microphone for 4 Severe subjectively The magnets in the a61 were better See full review

tamron 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 di iii-a vc vxd fujifilm x lens logo

In general, I was satisfied with the purchase, a universal version of the lens. Good for both landscapes and wildlife. I was pleased with the presence of stabilization and protection against dust and moisture. See full review

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