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luggage scales / hand-held electronic scales (electronic steelyard) zdk s / luggage 50 (up to 50 kg) logo

Very compact and handy device, necessary in the household. The price is acceptable, when I ordered it, it got on the action, it was cheaper. Delivery on time, the numbers are displayed on the scoreboard, the batteries last for a long time. I ordered it home, my husband dragged it to work, I'll have to order another one.See full review


Pros below: The range is good with my weight of 70kg. and is gaining momentum quickly in general, a good scooter can be taken. Got cons: the folding mechanism loosened very quickly in about 15 days, a backlash appeared on the official website, they do not give a guarantee for this :(See full review


I have curly hair by nature, so I have to do styling very often, otherwise my head is a mess. In the store, I immediately singled out this brush among ordinary hair dryers, as it seemed that it would be very convenient to style my hair, and I was not mistaken! Sometimes there is very little time for laying, then this device is simply necessary! It replaces a hair dryer and a brush, because it is inconvenient to hold both at the same time, and here are two devices in one. Small brush included. AtSee full review

pillow body pillow for pregnant u hollofeyer, with cotton pillow case, grey/blue in stars logo

a class for this price, in theory, but the pillowcase has a huge seam, which isn't very nice, and the fact that it isn't a replaceable minus. The benefits of it include: I've been wanting for a very long time. really cozy and packed to the brim with stuffing. It is recommended that you take it with balls because this will make it lighter and will prevent lumps. The seams are cracking after washing and putting the pillowcases on, despite the fact that they were removed carefully. This is one of tSee full review

oral-b eb 20-3 electric brush accessory set, white, 3 pieces logo

Has some pros: Excellent nozzle that effectively removes plaque from between the teeth. I decided to get it because tartar can build, and while the brush can remove some of it, it does not remove all of it. This type of toothbrush should only be used on teeth that are robust and healthy. Below are some downsides: The gums may bleed initially, but this is typical and is explicitly included in the instructions. After a while, the bleeding should stop.See full review

cordiant winter drive 195/55 r15 85t logo

I predict that five seasons will pass with such wear. Although small stones occasionally get caught in the tread, the comfort of the vehicle's ride is unaffected. I suggest!See full review

maybelline lash sensational volumizing mascara, black pearl [303] - 0.32 oz logo

Evaluating the product objectively.Different pros: This is the best mascara I've been using for 4 years. Has cons: In extreme heat, it still imprints on the eyelids.See full review

gillette proglide shield power 🪒 men's razor handle with 1 blade refill logo

Razor is really cool. If you have delicate and problematic skin - this machine is a salvation. Less irritation, no cuts. And the blades did not get dull after the first/second use Got pros: Cool razor, I don’t know why, but the idea with a battery hooked me)) Cons below: In past versions, the razor stand was much better and more convenient.See full review

revamp your look with got2b unlimited semi-permanent hair color: unleash your creativity! logo

The paint is not bad enough, the color is ash-lilac, it ate all the yellowness and a red tint. But the color pink bronze did not come from the clarified base, only the blond ruined it. I don't recommend himSee full review

pampers diapers active baby-dry 3, 6-10 kg, 22 pcs. logo

Before that, we used Pampers premium, we liked them better. They do not have such a smell and had to be changed less often. They don't leak.See full review

smart speaker vk capsule mini, marine blue logo

Due to the fact that Marusya is dumber than Alice, I would not take it ! I have Alice, but the design is worse, but she is smarter! I took it as a gift. Has some pros: He speaks loudly. There are watches that automatically adjust to the lighting, during the day it is less bright in the evening. Beautiful design. Top lighting. You can listen to the radio without a subscription. Cons below: Marusya is much dumber than Alice! And this minus is the biggest one. If such a column for Alice, it would bSee full review

maybelline new york mascara the classic volum" express triple volume, black logo

I write about the cost first, but I know that there are budget products that work well! Unfortunately, this is not the case, and even more so at the cost that is indicated here. Pros below: They sold it to me at a discount in one large cosmetic chain for about 170-180. Different cons: Well, it works for 170 . although add another fifty dollars and you can buy normal mascara . In general, neither the texture nor the brush - nothing I don't like about it. Lying around at work in case "what if you See full review

gainer optimum nutrition serious mass, 2720 g, banana logo

The jar was without a protective membrane There are doubts about the reliability of the goods . I would like amazon to be at least somehow responsible for the quality of the goods .See full review

electric toothbrush oral-b smart 4 4900, black/pink logo

#pgbonus My husband and I recently switched to electric toothbrushes. Bought these and are completely satisfied. It took a long time to decide, but in the end we decided all the same and did not regretSee full review

watch casio edifice ef-527d-1a logo

Recommend product Its pros: The watch is stylish. Bought for my husband as a gift. Like it. Thank you! Has cons: Delivery not on time. The courier did not allow to check the goods. Handed over and quickly left. It's good that everything is safe and sound.See full review

l "oreal professionnel shampoo expert absolut repair gold quinoa protein, 1500 ml logo

There are also masks for each shampoo, also very good, although I haven’t used them for the last couple of months and everything is still fine. Has pros: By far the best shampoo ever! Not only this one, but the entire L'Oreal Professionnel line. My postcovid girlfriends with him at least stopped losing their hair. Has some cons: Well, the price is high, I try to buy in sales and generally at a discount.See full review

rozhkovy coffee maker kitfort kt-702, black logo

Sharing my experience with it.Has been in service for over three years. Works properly. Postotoe control, everyone can handle it.See full review

xiaomi mi zjmh02iqi colorful fidget cube, 33 children logo

At first, after I collected it, I thought that I wasted money in vain, because. I thought it would have a lot more options for turning parts. But today I caught myself thinking that for half a day, working, I twisted it in my hands. So everything is ok.See full review

selective professional artistic flair hair cream conditioning cream for all hair types, 500 ml logo

I use this cream instead of embalming, only on the ends, the economy is spent, the hair is gorgeous, what you should pay attention to, I cut my hair once a year, and then the ends, they just don’t split, it’s really trueSee full review

vacuum cleaner dyson dc35 multi floor logo

The wife is happy! =) Has pros: No need to carry wires and a carcass around the apartment. One charge is enough for the entire living area (52 m2). Easily cleaned of debris, can be rinsed with water. Cons: The model is a little outdated, and there are practically no stock in stores. The price is not small.See full review

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