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camera nikon d3200 kit af-s dx nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6g vr ii, black logo

I have been usingcommpacts since 2022. But I decided to switch to a SLR camera. I do not regret at all that I chose this model, for me it turned out to be just right. I am very satisfied with the quality. With the right settings, the result cannot but rejoice! Good build quality. The camera is nice to hold. I have a kit lens 18-105. Great bokeh effect. The lack of a swivel screen is not a problem. But the lack of a grid in the viewfinder is really upsetting. It’s also inconvenient to charge wiSee full review

children''s watch sunrise smart watch gsm sim / selfie camera / sos button / ability to make calls directly from the watch / violet pink logo

Bought for my daughter, she really liked it. The color is bright, beautiful, the functionality is fully consistent with the declared. I also want to note the fast delivery!See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

The tires are ideal for the field, I have been driving for the fifth year without taking off. Operating mode: forest, snow, dirt roads, there is another car for trips on normal asphalt roads.See full review

sewer installation vortex kn-300 (300 w) logo

The short cycles (2 - 3 sec. ) of turning on the pump during normal operation are not entirely clear. This is probably due to the small size of the housing or the location and short stroke of the inclusion float. In terms of reliability - let's see in operation. Has pros: Execution is excellent. The set is complete. There are various cuffs, adapters, clamps. The quality of the plastic case is excellent. Thickness is about 2.5 - 3 mm. Remembering the Sololift of the first versions, (now it can beSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

I handed it back and decided to order a little more expensive, the first time I encountered such a marriage, but everything turned out to be easier than I thought, I issued a refund and took it to the point of issue, after a couple of days they returned the money, THANKS for that.See full review

dining table tetchair nelson concrete, black logo

The color and structure of the tabletop do not match the photo (the photo shows a uniform dark gray pattern, in fact a light gray pattern with pronounced streaks)See full review

minelab vanquish 540 metal detector logo

do not take expensive lineup options, it makes no sense, it is not worth it at all for the price. A very large overpayment. If at all you will need this device. unless for a pit or a beginner, then it will goSee full review

nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

I am satisfied with the purchase. The prefix is ​​definitely worth its money. Of course, we must be aware that portability requires sacrifice, so you should not expect performance from it like PS or Xbox. This does not make the Switch worse, it's just different and designed for something else. Switch is not about ultra-chic graphics and incredible power, it's about having fun playing with friends and being able to play where and when you want.See full review


trusting the tests of most auto publications, which put this rubber consistently among the winners, I bought it for myself, when the time comes to change, I will choose further, I did not feel the declared comfort and softness of the rubber. With its pros: 1. Wet roads and puddles are no longer a problem, even quite deep ones are passed without a characteristic car drift 2. braking on 5+, abs is silent and the car stands up with a stake during heavy braking Cons below: 1. tough on broken roads,See full review

norveg soft+ women''s thermoset blue ash, size xxl logo

Usability considerations.In general, everything is fine, warm. I used it for a hike in Nepal and in winter weather in Hong Kong, it saved everywhereSee full review


The photoconductor and all the necessary shafts are inside the cartridge, which is a good plus. in which case it will be possible to disassemble and clean the problematic shafts. With its pros: Price, inserted into the printer without problems (inserted and started printing), nothing needs to be unlocked Cons: After 2022 impressions, minor artifacts began to appear. After 3,000 impressions, a grainy gray background began to print on the sides. So far, only 3000 prints have been printed (on the pSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I bought for Lada Kalina 2. On the 10-ke Sno-Max, on the Polar field. After the polar, I was surprised by snomax, now I am surprised by snocross! ABS works only when SHARP! braking on ice. Course stability only when entering a turn at speed and increasing traction. Anti-skidding worked only on a rolled icy hill, with a sharp pressure on the gas. Especially at the first ice, I checked everything. Checked tires and car. In terms of quality, after receiving it, I checked everything both visually aSee full review


in general, the installation is very simple. previously measured the pressure in the cold water system with a manometerSee full review


If you choose between nikon d60, d80, d5000, canon d450, d500, 1000d, then it’s better not to be stingy right away and take the d90 (it already has everything you need for life) . . you won’t regret it. Well, if it’s okay with money . . then D300 and higher . . anyway, the crop is already 1 . . although the set of functions is the same . . Good luck . . and more money to you . . money . Has pros: Delighted with the camera. The choice between Canon and Nikon was great . . As they say, you took iSee full review


A convenient handle, if you need to drag it to another room, it is not difficult. 3 modes. Works accurately and most importantly does not crack.See full review

adapter cable displayport (m) -> hdmi (m) 1.8m displayport male - hdmi male logo

The cable was taken for a test, since similar adapters did not cope with their task, or did not work correctly with the devices. This cable adapter copes well with its task in harsh working conditions (bends of plugs, pulling the wire either accidentally or in order to pull it out of the connector, also frequent connection to different devices), it connects quickly and without interrupting the signal. I am very pleased with the cable.See full review


Before that, a demrad gas water heater from a Turkish manufacturer of assembly hung, it worked for 16 years! It required a little repair, but I decided to buy Baxi. . but I will definitely repair Demrad and keep it for myself just in case. . it's a pity, of course, that demrad is not for sale now, the quality of materials is much better there. in Baxi, the whistle at the wick is heard only in silence, there are no problems when connecting, but when I put the handles it turned out that they were See full review


The highest quality screwdrivers, we have such a set at work, we twist everything in a row and even pick it out of business, I don’t remember when the set appeared, some disappeared over time . from the rating)) during the years of their use there were a lot of screwdrivers in the place with them, everyone died , in short, they come and go, these live as if nothing had happened, only worn handles! In short, I realized, after many years, it is necessary to take as the witness of this miracle!See full review


I do not recommend the supplier. Complete dishonesty. There is no desire to order something else on at the moment. ate dated 11/23/2022. aliexpress launched the arbitration process, the defective goods were taken away, the money was returned to the card. Thank you very much for resolving the issueSee full review


Excellent video recorder. The price is not high, but the quality of shooting is on top. Installed very easily. Excellent product.See full review

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