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logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

So far, only 1 month of use, I'm not sure what will happen in a year or two, lately Logitech has not pleased me with quality and durabilitySee full review

royal black royal mile 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

Bought tires at Remax I liked the tires, and the price pleases and, in principle, according to the selection criteria, everything suits, with the advent of rain, I finally checked how it behaves on wet asphalt, the result lived up to expectations, the tires are goodSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

I took it to the room to use as a monitor. To get rid of the old monitor and the old TV as two different devices. I solved the problem with falling off Wi-Fi using a cable from the router to the TV. As a FHD 60Hz monitor, I have enough, I don’t need more. Pros below: TV 32 inches with FHD resolution. Picture quality. Built-in TV. The cost of the VTB promo code was 8990. Cons: I got a TV with one dead pixel almost in the center of the matrix (not fatal, but unpleasant). Wifi drops out regularly.See full review

32-piece screwdriver set in pencil case, screwdrivers for repairing smartphones, glasses, electronics, toys logo

I changed the wire, unscrewed the cover on the laptop. One time was enough to eat all the slots on the nozzle. I think the others are just as soft. If for such work, then add and take something weighty for a long time, if you indulge, then it will do. Although it looks nice, but the quality is so-so.See full review

armrest console renault 8201 441 380 black logo

I have been looking for this part for a long time. On Largus of the 20th year. And it was dirty, dusty collection. I got up like, or, dear.See full review

tablet case for lenovo tab p11 / p11 plus 11" (2021) tb-j606f/tb-j616f, embossed leather, vintage style (grey) logo

Excellent case, works as it should, pleasant to the touch. He would not have been prevented at the end by some magnets that fixed the cover-book in the closed state. Took on Alik.See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

For those who like to shout: When all 4 wheels are "all-weather" on ice - before skiing it slides forward, and the back continues to push confidently. I specially put spikes in the front of Kama Flame, behind - I left the "all-weather" Kama Flame and went to the ice track. Appeared handling before rakes as it should! Well, a breakdown in an uncontrolled skid occurs almost simultaneously.See full review

oil compressor patriot ptr 50-450a, 50 l, 2.2 kw logo

Good value for money, it works quite quietly, pumps up to 10 ATM, everything corresponds to the declared characteristics, I am satisfied.See full review

pirelli ice zero 225/60 r17 103t winter logo

A candid look at its performance.Normal tires, good grip. Brakes perfectly. I've been using it for less than a month, so far no ugly flaws have been identified.See full review

game console nintendo switch lite 32 gb, no games, turquoise logo

The prefix is ​​good, but you need to understand that its power leaves much to be desired and you can only play games of the previous generationSee full review

multi-channel splitter argb hub and reobas for coolers, 5v/3pin, up to 8 argb and fans, under sata glass logo

In general, I am satisfied with the purchase, and the fact that it looks more decent than many analogues. The motherboard turned out to have 4 pins for rgb instead of 3 for which the wiring is designed. You have to buy an adapter.See full review

universal electric ignition unit for 4 candles multi-spark (electric ignition) for gas stoves c00143410, c00039640, wac-4a, ign-7446, cok601un, wc012 logo

The spark is faster and more powerful than the original electric ignition. Aside from a few tweaks, the product does its job.See full review

adapter isa ad02 16 a white/grey 1 pc. logo

Got pros: Good plastic, tightly accepts the plug and fits snugly into sockets. Has cons: It is not very comfortable to remove from the socket - the edge is too thin for my fingers. Here, I would add ears or perforation to the edge - and in general the top.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Not more for a season and then scrapped, so for the money it's cheaper than a Nokia for 3 seasons, at least it's enough, and it's better not to risk it on a cordian.See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

small size fits perfectly in the office. based on the results of 4 months of flight, it is better to keep a normal freezer at a minimum; it freezes quickly, especially when each employee opens the door there. ) probably check the light is there or not)))See full review

charcoal grill weber go anywhere, 43x31x41 cm logo

Pros: Compact, lightweight and very durable. I've used it about 10 times since I bought it and it's like new. Cons below: There is no temperature sensor, it is solved by inserting a standard sensor. Not that it is very necessary, but the option is nice.See full review


I figured out the leg myself - the price of the issue is 100. I took 2 refrigerators for 51000 (with delivery). I was worried that some wrote about loud work. I will say this, for two refrigerators working at the same time (4 compressors) it is quite quiet.See full review


The assembly of the tool is understandable and everyone can do it. There is an instruction for the tool in on the Internet, it's easy to download and print! Delivery on time, fast, packaging reliable! Different pros: The tool is decent, everyone likes it. White color looks great! Keys, convenient settings - a lot. There is a convenient cover for the keyboard, a music stand, the color of the indicators is calm, does not irritate. Different cons: I could not connect the headphones, the input did nSee full review


Cool, honestly. Admired for 40 minutes after connection. No words, made to last. Tactile to . A little more keys for gaming moments and there would be no price Definitely worth your money. TakeSee full review


Hi all. I was given this watch in 2022. I put them on this year and never took them off again. Used them all the time. He went to the mountains, went hiking, swam in salt water, washed himself. In 2022, I was drafted into the army, and I left wearing these watches. I've only taken them a few times in a year. Hours passed with me through all the firing, forced marches, exercises, trenches, hours in the heat and in the cold. When I took them off, I threw them on a shelf across the room. So I used See full review

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