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smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 2, black logo

I would recommend the bracelet to those who are more interested in the level of daily physical activity. The device is not suitable for measuring heart rate while running:( Got pros: 1. The bracelet is indestructible. Stretches swimming, hot showers, washing dishes. For the test, I threw it at the wall - everything is ok. 2. The sleep sensor actually works, the pedometer works well. 3. The charge lasts 3 weeks, including running. With its cons. 1. Bad heart rate monitor! In a calm state, it measSee full review

xiaomi mi tv stick global tv adapter logo

Less than a month has passed, the remote control stopped working completely, does not react to anything, it is impossible even to reboot! What to do?See full review

canon ef 50mm f/1.4 usm lens, black logo

the first carcass was 450d - 50 mm 1.4 on it is simply gorgeous, the lens catches focus gorgeously, you get sharp pictures, from whom you can definitely take a cropped matrix, the lens works out with a bang for this money, work experience with this lens is 4 years. After switching to a full matrix Canon 6d, something is somehow not right . I don’t quite like the picture, this is my subjective opinion, but it’s up to you.See full review

jbl endurance peak wireless headphones, black logo

In general, I liked these headphones. Inexpensive price, good form factor and sound insulation - all this pleasantly surprises. Moreover, they are quite durable. Different pros: For this class of headphones, the sound is very good. Excellent soundproofing, no noise at all. Nice rubberized body with plastic. Good ear hook. They charge very quickly. There are very high quality magnets in the case and on the headphones themselves. Cool mono right earpiece. Has some cons The microphone is mediocre. See full review

portable recorder zoom h6 black logo

I looked through hundreds of sites and videos, but nowhere was it written or said that this recorder does not pull batteries with a voltage of 3.7V. And as a result, the power controller burned out and burned the SDSee full review

wilkinson sword classic t-shape razor, black, 5 replacement blades logo

My first T-razor. I can only compare with all the usual vests and an electric razor. But they are completely different weight classes. Wilkinson shaves great, at first he didn’t understand, but then he understood and things went on. The main thing is not to rush. For at first the cuts were small, but here it is a matter of technique, it is different. Shaving, of course, takes longer, but damn the process itself is high! Cream, shaving brush, razor and go!) I recommend!See full review

smart tv box vontar h96 max 4/32, android 10 media player logo

When you first turn on, log into accounts and install programs, there are continuous glitches and crashes. Resetting the settings helped. After that, the flight is normal, everything works quite fast, in comparison with the previous device, where the operatives were 2 GB. True, on this device, after dancing with a tambourine, it was still possible to determine that there are not declared 4 GB, but only 3. But still enough. Quite enough. The remote control is quite functional and responsive, whicSee full review

15.6" lenovo ideapad notebook l340-15api 1920x1080, amd ryzen 3 3200u 2.6 ghz, ram 4 gb, ssd 128 gb, hdd 1 tb, amd radeon vega 3, windows 10, 81w00m platinu, hdd home tb logo

Pros: Excellent stereo sound, good microphone, good cooling, for easy installation, the most suitable for games until 2022 is perfect, 8 GB of RAM, lightweight. Has some cons Small viewing angles, 250 GB of internal memory, no usb port on the right side, very dirty, low webcam resolution.See full review

🚗 baseus wireless charger gravity car mount silver - streamlined wireless charging for your car logo

Got pros: Conveniently attached! does not hang out, but this is after a month of use Some cons: Not found yet, but you need to look for the wireless charging module to match the size of the phone moduleSee full review

wall charger satechi 100w usb-c pd compact gan charger, 100w, space gray logo

I took a special for trips for the MacBook. Also suitable for any laptop with USB-PD charging support (tested on matebook). It would have some kind of USB-C cord that would support 100W, and a very necessary thingSee full review

xiaomi mi box s global tv box, black logo

Got pros: Excellent box. connected to the router at 5G speed Flies. But I watch mostly film search and a pipe. Some cons: the sound is quiet. I have to turn on the TV by 75%, I watch TV by an average of 25%See full review

dell km636 keyboard mouse kit logo

I bought it for the workplace, because the wires are tired. I was pleasantly surprised that for this money I managed to get a kit. In addition, a very good set for which it is pleasant to work.See full review

smartphone huawei p20 lite 4/64 gb, black logo

I am one of those people who use the Apple all their lives and do not recognize another technique. I was ashamed to pick up even Samsung or Sony, and even more so, some kind of Huawei . But this phone made me reconsider my views. Times are changing and global manufacturers are developing technology, catching up and in some ways even overtaking the market leaders. This device helped me understand that it's not the hardware, but the software. If you could put the original Ios on it, I'm sure the pSee full review

walkie-talkie baofeng uv-82 (2 power modes) logo

Took for paragliding. With the start, we work a little higher than the LPD. I am delighted with the station and not only me. The other day I saw people have a couple of the same units. I was especially pleased with the range. From one end of the St. Petersburg dam to the other, the connection breaks through with a bang. From the 17th floor, we managed to establish a connection with the field (according to the maps, this is 33 km of almost direct visibility, and the speech was legible and the noSee full review

xiaomi wireless car charger 20w black wireless charger holder logo

Charging intensity - the previous charge on the track was not enough to maintain the charge when the navigator was running, and the phone was gradually discharged as a result. Pros: 1. Charging intensity 2. In addition to that, I had to link the phone to a computer in order to charge it, which was a very inconvenient requirement. There is no such issue with this one; under the same circumstances, there is sufficient power not only to keep the charge at 100%, but also to gradually recharge a phonSee full review

computer headset hyperx cloud stinger, black-red logo

Before that, there were Bloody G501 black, so there is 7.1 sound, soft ear pads, sound mode adjustment, drivers, but they were eaten by a French bulldog. There is a disgusting sound + the price is too high. My last device from HyperX.See full review

keyboard logitech k380 multi-device white, qwerty logo

Pros below: 1. Very nice keyboard; 2. Can connect up to three devices at the same time; Cons below: 1. Not all functions/combinations are indicated on the keyboard; 2. Not all operating systems have special software; 3. Expensive.See full review

samsung gear sport wi-fi nfc smartwatch, black logo

I used this watch for 3 years, mainly as a pedometer, alarm clock and for reading notifications. In this regard, they are doing well. But they failed to teach them any special tricks: the choice of applications is meager and, with the exception of a few standard ones, they are made on their knees, look and work terribly. The watch had to be charged daily for an average of one and a half hours. The water resistance will protect them from rain or splashes in the shower, but when swimming, you haveSee full review

smart xiaomi mi smart band bracelet 4 nfc ru, black logo

Has some pros Hold a charge for a long time NFC payment Watch face selection Has cons: After 2 months they broke down. Just during the day the screen went out, and no longer turned on.See full review

portable acoustics sony srs-x5 20 w logo

Fully charged in 4 hours, plays at medium volume for about 8 hours. You can recharge phones, tablets, etc. Excellent work with NFC connected with Samsung 4.4 Andryusha, with Sonya, with Alcatel, with the Asus tablet, everything is without problems. Bluetooth keeps up to 10 devices in memory (in any case, I have 7 for sure) In general, I am very satisfied, up to 7 thousand is ideal. P. S I don’t believe who says that Bose mini sounds better than this Sonya))))See full review

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