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grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

I bought this appliance after reviewing a bunch of reviews about different electric grills. Everything came together in this, and the price, and quality, and power. Pleased with the BBQ mode. In the mode, the maximum starts to burn strongly, it is better to do everything at the minimum, only at the end add a little temperature for beautiful stripes. The meat is juicy and tasty. Of course, it is more difficult to wash non-removable panels, but nothing flows inside the device. It is better to cleaSee full review

carcape/ car trunk organizer bag. car bag. model diamond honeycomb. black blue logo

The organizer is good, now I hope there will be order in the trunk, I saw the same one in the store, only the price is higher, I recommend it for purchase.See full review

digital piano casio px-s1000 white logo

For the price / quality - this is an ideal option. Sounds great, good quality keyboard. Of the minor cons: the pedal is funny, it always "leaves" me and the control panel will always "slam" if you switch something, as it is made glossy. Well, the latter is not even a disadvantage, but a nitpick.See full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

before this tile I used kitfort 102, I wanted to make it built-in, 102 was not very suitable for this purpose, the choice fell on this one. everything would be fine, but the Chinese stench is something (maybe it will pass with time) kitfort didn’t seem to smell like that, or I don’t remember anymore so both are assembled by the Chinese management is convenient for me, on both tiles on kitfort the lower power threshold is 120 watts, on this 200 although in degrees both seem to be 60 both aSee full review

0241145523 bosch spark plug 1 pc. logo

I took these candles for my Skoda Octavia A7 1.2. I changed it myself without problems, while the flight is normal. They work without complaints. Let's see how long it takes.See full review

universal electric ignition unit for 4 candles multi-spark (electric ignition) for gas stoves c00143410, c00039640, wac-4a, ign-7446, cok601un, wc012 logo

Not bad, I would say even better than the one installed by the manufacturer, the flow sparked more and more often, I was very pleased Thank youSee full review

frame installation geberit duofix 458.124.21.1 up100 glossy chrome logo

The installation is good, there are no questions about the installation, but the sly seller turned out to be from two installations that I bought a couple of months ago, one did not have a mounting kit, but then I didn’t notice because I bought it in advance because there was a good discount. But now I have already seen that in the kit in one installation there is not enough fastening like this. Be careful when buying anything from this seller.See full review

car air freshener air spencer 40 g citrus lemon squash logo

Sharing my product journey.At first it seemed that there was not enough strength of the smell, but it lasts a long time and is not intrusive.See full review


Took my daughter for her birthday. She wanted exactly those headphones. She liked it, that's the most important thing. Very good and high quality workmanship, good soundSee full review


Worked this scythe for nine seasons. I mow about a hectare per season. I spent a hundred liters of gasoline [two bottles of oil]. With a scythe, no problems, I replaced only the fuel filter and the comb, which I broke on the stumps. The average consumption of 1 liter of gasoline per 10 acres. The starter is located in front - it is convenient to start from the shoulder. There is enough power, but back to back, without a margin. The gearbox is strong and reliable, it survived 20 hits on stones anSee full review


These are great headphones that reproduce an unrealistically cool sound🎧 (especially suitable for 🤘Rock🤘), hold a charge well, look cool (especially in blue). I have been using it for 2.5-3 years and there were no problems, except for small scuffs on the upholstery for the head. In general, these are 💥bomb headphones💥 that I advise everyone. I will be using these ears for a very long time and I advise you! ! Too bad they've been taken off the market.See full review


I have a small laptop (ultrabook), so it fits into my pocket (I carry it in a laptop case, since the backpack does not have a soft layer) If you have a gaming one, then you should think about whether it will fit into a backpack. Outwardly, I like it, extra parts can be removed if desired, While walking with them Its pros: Comfortable, strong, sits well on the back, I do not feel weight (I carry a laptop) Its cons: A little smell, but it weathers, No additional pockets, I carry organizers insideSee full review

automotive tool set stels 14099, 47 pcs, gray logo

The quality of the whole set is excellent, complete with bits, torxes, sockets and extensions suitable for all needs. Ideal for home, does not take up much spaceSee full review


You can take. Got pros: Regular mask. Dimming works. I haven’t worked with her much, so I can’t say how she is in long-term use. I took it because of the brand, translated as a welder) Some cons: It is better to look for a model with a faster blackout response, but, in general, you can cook this waySee full review


After 3 months, the bluetooth hung, drove up to the mazin, blocked it. And EVERYTHING, I got home with a friend, I don’t see the bluetooth, and I can’t unlock (See full review


An excellent camera in its price category (I took it for 19000). The kit lens allows you to take great shots. Among my friends there are owners of both canons and nikons, but without exception, everyone gave a high rating to the camera. Now I'm going to take a 50 or 85 mm lens and a flash. Different pros: Price, build quality, fast autofocus in Live View mode. Good rate of fire even in RAW. Swivel screen. A tolerable kit lens compared to the competition. Ability to insert two flash cards at onceSee full review


Cool saw, at 6A you can make about 80 cuts in a 20x20cm beam. It does not weigh much and, unlike gasoline, does not buzz or vibrate. I can’t compare it with network or gasoline, because I didn’t work like that. But the father . . he did not expect that she would cut like that. In general, he likes her.See full review


The filter is used for 10 cu. pool. The assembly did not cause difficulties, there are two holes in the base for mounting on self-tapping screws. At startup, the filter twitches a little. Filled with glass filler 0.4 - 0.6 mm Intex. It copes with its task, the main thing is not to forget to fill in chemistry on time.See full review


Always been a fan of Atlantis. Over time, of course, there is a reduction in the cost of components, but in this price segment it is the best.See full review


Evaluating this item today.Has pros: Adequate price, soft, do not make noise, well balanced. Has some cons: Until I found out, I bought them for the first time.See full review

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