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brake fluid volkswagen dot-4 b000750m3, 1, 1190, 1 pc logo

Booked at a discount. There are stickers with a code for verification, they break through on the official website, everything is fine, the expiration date is good.See full review

wheel disk x"trike x-113 7х17/5х108 d67.1 et45, hsb logo

Pros below: Beautiful high-quality coloring of gray color, looks like mother-of-pearl. Excellent weight distribution Got cons: The inner diameter, a little less, hardly sat on the hub. Tightened with nuts only. Relatives sat down easily. There was no caliper at hand, I suspect that it is 0.1 - 0.2 mm less than native disksSee full review

bit and socket set makita b-36170, 47 pcs. logo

Never failed. Has some pros: If a question arises with unscrewing something, I take this box and do it. Never made a mistake. Has some cons: Yes. There is a backlash in the screwdriver. But it's not a power tool.See full review

computer chair bloody gc-350 gaming, upholstery: imitation leather, color: black/red logo

I would not recommend a chair, since there are no two identical copies, they are made by some unknown random. I'm still trying to put it down.See full review

onebot smart building block xjxl01iqi volans shuttle machine white, 477 pcs. logo

Some pros: It's going to be interesting. Pretty durable. The child is interested in playing. Some cons: The application is not working. Caterpillars sometimes open.See full review

keychron k5se wireless ultra-slim mechanical keyboard, full size, rgb backlit, brown switch logo

Has some pros: Low profile. Clear, almost silent clicks. High-quality plastic keys. Metal case. Different cons: There is no pause / break key, I had to reassign another one. Alternative key values ​​on the num-pad are not signed. Small enter.See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

If I had money, I would buy others because of poverty and I buy If I had money, I would have bought another 3 years, mileage 36 thousand km, the tread is like new, but it is all cracked and poisons what 70 thousandSee full review

bimetallic thermostat kst820b-1014 0-70c (t250, 250v, 16a, shaft 14 mm) (017792) logo

Unbiased observations from a user.Pros: Appearance, ease of installation, versatility, price. Different cons: The stroke of the regulator is different from the original.See full review

systeme electric socket blnra010216, 16 a, with earth logo

Quality Socket, 10pcs. in the house, the first stand more than 1 year, . In winter, heating radiators 2kV were connected. The flight is normal.See full review


Firsthand product feedback.Great thing, I used to use a manual hole punch, my joints hurt for a long time, now I have this device, things went fasterSee full review


Excellent battery. Everything corresponds to the declared. I took it to my husband, he was very happy, he regularly takes it on a business trip.See full review


Great device. At home it became much more comfortable to breathe. I have such a device in the bedroom 16 sq m and 2 more powerful Panasonic in the hall and the nursery (rooms of 22 sq m). I took it specially with a margin, they work at minimum and medium speeds. At night, they switch to night mode, in which they are practically inaudible and invisible. It does not last longer than 5 days without washing, a foreign smell appears, the moisturizing circle becomes hard. Toli is a feature of such devSee full review


Has some pros: price / quality, did not expect that they would be 100% justified in this regard Some cons: the fact that for a number of basic ones they will not reach 5 points of course =)))See full review


If there was an opportunity to test before buying, I would change my mind about buying. Different pros: Cord length, power, the ability to remove the steam generator. In general, it is suitable for cleaning large apartments, especially where you do not need to climb under sofas, or clean in hard-to-reach places. Don't put this bandura in there. Got cons: Air is blown out to the sides, so if there are pets at home, then all the wool from uncleaned areas will fly up. I immediately wrapped a bunch See full review


Stylish scooter Some pros: Comfortable, beautiful scooter. Been wanting for my daughter for a long time. She is delighted With its cons: I think that this scooter is not suitable for 8-9 years old. Only for children over 11See full review


For 30 minutes on the beach I cut stumps from two 2m logs - quite easily and naturally. Powered by 5 Ah batteries, consumption for 30 minutes is approximately 1/4 charge. Pros: Small, light, balanced for one-hand operation. Easy and quick assembly, chain tension. With its cons: The oil from the tank does indeed poison a little. The cover on the tire with the chain is not fixed, oil and sawdust can be used for storage and transportation.See full review


In general, the mouse is normal, but not for 13k. The battery of the mouse is out of whack. In fact, the mouse has become wired. Stunned, wired mouse for 13k. Super. Its pros: Beautiful, comfortable, accurate, in the hand like a glove. Good software. Some cons: 1. After a year of use, the charge is enough for half a day, it's really sad. In the first week, I remember the charge for two days was exactly enough. 2. In order for the charging to go to the docking station, you need to put in / take oSee full review


I liked the lamp very much, but unfortunately it came broken. I wrote to the support service and they issued a refund without any problems. The money was returned within a few days.See full review


When accelerating, they hum like I'm driving away from the station in a subway car. And so on until I reach 60 km / h. Sucks. ((((((If any bearing hums (hubs, shruz, etc. ) appear in the car, then I simply won’t hear them. Never. I’ll skate the season and go to the trash.See full review

philips fc8293 powergo vacuum cleaner, red logo

Has some pros: Works well, bought to replace the old Philips, which served 10 years. Some cons: there is no cord tightening button, or rather it is, combined with the handle, it is not convenientSee full review

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