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spark plug ilkar7l11 pe5r18110 spark pulg (shanghai) co, ltd mazda 3/6/cx-5 2.0 skyactiv-g 11 art. 94124 logo

There were doubts when choosing. I was afraid of fakes. Made at the NGK factory in China. Compared with the same NGK made in Japan. All the same. And most importantly, the electrode is not magnetized (as it should be), but the skirt is magnetized! Super! Thank you.See full review

bag exegate office f1596 dark-grey logo

Has some pros: Inexpensive and not black. The bag is used very actively and with a heavy load. Still alive. And a bag, and handles, and zippers. The side pocket is very handy. Has some cons: It is inconvenient that the zipper on the pocket has only one "dog" and ends on the side below. It's hard to zip/unzip. You take something out, the rest starts to fall out.See full review

multitool pliers practice 774-351 with stainless steel case logo

I gave it to my wife, about 7 years ago, I practically don’t use it, it lies like a gift, naked China, and of very poor quality. If it's just on the pocket, so that it is, then you can buy it. If you need a working copy, then you should look at more serious models.See full review

general tire grabber x3 245/80 r15 104q all season logo

UAZ Hunter car. I bought General X3 225/75 R16. operation in the countryside. Traveling, fishing, off-road riding. The tire came to replace the worn-out Japanese woman. I took it and I do not regret anyone! ))) American tire, without overpayments for a big name, marketing and advertising. I didn’t balance because in my case I don’t see the point. In general, I am very satisfied with the choice and can recommend it for places with a direction and no roads. I will add a review later.See full review

car charger baseus particular digital display qc pps dual quick charger car charger 65w (tzcckx-0g) with cable (gray) logo

It was purchased in a car, to charge an ultrabook and a smartphone. Copes with this function. It shows the voltage of the on-board network. The only remark is that if two consumers are turned on, in my case, the display with an indication is not visible.See full review

multitool keychain victorinox wine master brown logo

With its pros: Everything but the price. Beautiful packaging. Pleasantly surprised by the presence of a cover. Cover made of soft, relatively thin leather. There are no holes or other devices for attaching to a waist belt. Probably the right decision, because the purpose of this knife is more utilitarian, compared to other models. Its purpose is in the wine cellar, and not for hiking, where you need to saw off the bough of a tree and then cut stakes for a tent or a bowler hat from it. The instruSee full review

jacques bogart one man show gold edition eau de toilette, 100 ml logo

Well, oooochen thermonuclear aroma. I tried to "spread", but it did not work. The whole trouble with this Armata is that it is absolutely unbalanced. Shockingly rude. Maybe someone will play. .See full review

adapter isa ad02 16 a white/grey 1 pc. logo

For the first time I buy such an adapter, I was very pleased with how tightly and accurately the Chinese plug is connected to it - everything is clear, no backlash and wobble. There is also a black adapter in the photo, which the supplier sent to the product, here you can immediately dump it. Very happy with the purchase, I recommendSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

In general, the TV is good. It is quite convenient with the platform, you do not need to install Kinopoisk separately. There are of course some blunting, rather weak in RAM and memory. I turned out to be picky about WiFi (I haven’t fully figured it out yet, but I found that on some routers the connection is interrupted, and on some it doesn’t. ) It’s a pity that you can’t connect to Alice in a duet, but I hope this opportunity will appear in the future. In general, the purchase was satisfied.See full review

continental sportcontact 6 225/35 r19 88 year old logo

Pros: the first season switched to continental, size 19, profile 35, therefore it imposes its own operating characteristics, etc. no complaints, pits should be avoided; there is noise, but my car is such that comfort is not its first feature) handle and handling are beyond praise. With its cons: No deficiencies were identified at this stage of operation.See full review


What can I say, it copes with the task, it works quietly, it’s not expensive, the warranty is a year and it’s not far from me (I hope it won’t come in handy). There is about the same, so I bought a second one to throw in a second car. I advise you to buy.See full review

electric scooter midway i- max pro gray (18000 mah, up to 40 km/h, 600 w) logo

after the purchase, the scooter error appeared. In the service, of course, they quickly eliminated it, but, as they say, the sediment remained. Has some pros: the impression is spoiled by a malfunction initially. And so a good device, reliable. Cons: Immediately after the purchase, it was not possible to go, disappointed.See full review


Has some pros: hammers normally, the front ak74c ural, the subwoofer in the bridge produces the declared 140 watts. Got cons: when listening at a volume of 80% or more, it may go into protection against overheating. outside +25 degrees, in this mode additional cooling is requiredSee full review


A month of use showed stable operation in conditions of extremely poor source water. In M. O. in Krasnogorsk the situation with water quality is terrible - cold water at the entrance to the apartment has pH 7.2, TDS 490 ppm ! - this is an indicator of technical water, it is absolutely impossible to drink this. After two pre-filters installed in the apartment from the cold water riser (10 and 5 microns) pH 7.2, TDS 400-440 ppm. Water quality at the outlet of osmosis + mineralizer pH 6.8, TDS 130-See full review


With its pros: Great watch for your money. They are in a hurry for 5-10 seconds a day, but if they lie on their side at night, they even out the course and everything is fine. Lum super, sapphire crystal. Has cons: The last links of the bracelet are stamped. But the bracelet itself is normal, cast.See full review


With its pros: Great sound Sturdy tripod Suitable for streaming and discord Cons below: The tripod is certainly strong, but it could be better No off buttonSee full review


On the 14th size (Ford Sierra) for 3 seasons, not a single spike flew out, the tires did not poison, they kept perfect on ice, snow, mud. But with the 16th no luck .See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

When buying an electric grill KT-1645, we never doubted the choice of Kitfort shopping mall, a fairly well-known brand. Steaks, vegetables or toast can be easily cooked on it very tasty. It heats perfectly and, most importantly, quickly. Of the minuses, non-removable panels, but they are easy to clean, so you can put up with it. If you do not need any additional features, then this model is ideal. Therefore, I recommend to buy. (There was no magnet with a whale in the box, which upset the drop)See full review


Received a defective cartridge. At first I thought I was cold while I was carrying it down the street. I was hoping the room would warm up and start typing. Didn't start. It's a pity. Thrown away money. It is better to buy in the store.See full review


Some pros: good design Comfortable Acceptable sound, better than many in this price segment Cons below: The battery capacity does not seem to be as advertised. Discharge quickly Sometimes the left and right earbuds are out of sync Does not always connect to devices the first timeSee full review

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