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dobe x dual charging station for two controllers for xbox one s (tyx-532s) white logo

It works well, there are no complaints about the functionality at all. There were no problems with the connection. Delivered quickly.See full review

nintendo switch oled game console 64 gb, no games, neon blue/neon red logo

With its pros: Just a bigger screen and a little faster than the first generation Its cons: It makes no sense to buy just a bigger screen and the price, but nothing has changedSee full review

children''s smart watch smart watches children / color touch screen / watch for children. teens/ with sos camera / pink logo

Bought as a gift for my daughter. She really liked it. The color is bright, for real fashionistas. Good quality. Camera works. Communication is good.See full review

logitech g g502 lightspeed, black logo

Wireless and RGB is of course good, the mouse has become more modern, better balanced. Omrons + are the same, 10+ hard-earned ones are objectively too much for her. But in the absence of a better one, we are content with what we have. I do not use software, all presets suit me. Still the best mouse for me, without wires. Hope it lasts as long as the first one. Different pros: 1. Response 2. "Tactility" 3. Wheel 4. Ergonomics 5. Balance 6. Subjectively, the g502 form is the best for me. DifferentSee full review

viatti strada asimmetrico v-130 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

With its pros: Affordability, moderately hard, confidently enter the turns. Got cons: Since it is prone to hernias and cuts, then tire pressure control.See full review

artplays street racing wheel turbo c900 black logo

If you buy for a PC, then for your money it has the right to life. With karaboks based on my experience, there are nuances. As a result, I left it in the country with an old computer, it works in the good old games. Different pros: If you really want, then on a PC this product can even be used as a steering wheel. With its cons: I did not connect to the Xbox One S - according to the conclusion of those. support not enough power on the USB port. Ok, although other devices with this prefix work. CSee full review

battery hedge trimmer al-ko gs 7.2 li multi cutter, 2 ah, 7.2 v logo

Charging didn't help. The light is on, but the scissors do not turn on. After a shake, they turned on and turned off by themselves. As a result, they no longer work.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

A good blood pressure monitor from a well-known company, they generally have a lot of medical equipment. I know blood pressure monitors, inhalers, thermometers, too. I don’t know about the rest, but the blood pressure monitors do great. Mine measures blood pressure and pulse accurately and without strong cuff pressure on the arm. Well, the screen here is large with clear numbers. If anything, it is possible to take a device for the elderly, so that they can see it.See full review


They took it as a navigator, to go to the Crimea. At navigator, you need to load maps with areas, which we did in a couple of hours. I am writing a review after the trip. Communication catches steadily on satellites, the cameras of the radar of moms showed a lot, sometimes showed "closed" cameras. There is an option "Possible ambush", a couple of times showed a real ambush. The device was taken not in vain, for travel it is the most.See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

Good refrigerator for the garden. Moderately large (so that thieves do not take it on the hump)), while narrow and roomy. Definitely better than wide but small refrigerators. The reviews wrote about a freezing fur coat. Well, you don't have to push it to the max! At first I set it to medium power, then removed it by another half, because it cools everything quickly, the freezer freezes perfectly even at this power. Fur coats for a month practically did not accumulate. If you lower the power, theSee full review


Compared to the Hankook, which did not have a single spike left, this rubber is just fire, on the first day it was trained in snowfall, there was a very bad situation on the roads, I had to test the rubber on the very first day, rowing in the snow is excellent, on ice stops well and gets under way with virtually no axle box. Of course, there is a rumble on the asphalt, but the studded tires are all noisy.See full review

bit and socket set makita b-36170, 47 pcs. logo

It’s already nice to hold in your hands))) A screwdriver unexpectedly with a ratchet, a bit holder for a screwdriver is included. It's just a holiday. .See full review


great camera I’ve been using it for half a year already, the first carcass, I shoot only in manual mode (m)) the whale lens 18-105 is also pretty good, video: with the right handling, you can make great videosSee full review


I am very pleased that for little money he repaired the car himself. With its pros: I replaced a non-working native, with this one, albeit cheap, but working. Cons below: Fitting for small hoses, thinner, but treated with electrical tape or plaster.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

Good rubber. This was on a working car, drove half of our country without problems. Now stands on two of his cars. Before that, I only put Hakku, now I understand that in vainSee full review

well pump dab divertron 1000 m (650 w) logo

I was flattered by positive reviews and an expensive price, which guarantees reliability. The unit didn't work. It would be better if I assembled a circuit on a cheap Chinese - and let it burn once every six months, but for four times less money. Pros: All in one Set and forget Powerful, quiet, adapts to water consumption (chastotnik) Some cons: The manufacturer recommends no more than 20 on-off switches per hour (A washing machine at a 40-minute wash already exceeds this figure. Burned out wSee full review

wheel disk x"trike x-113 7х17/5х108 d67.1 et45, hsb logo

In general, I am satisfied with the disks - they are very similar to the standard 17 "Qashkai J11, the mounting holes all fit perfectly, I also did not have to buy new bolts. The disadvantage during operation during the winter is vibrations when driving at 80-90 km / h, either they were poorly balanced, or the disks are slightly crooked ps (11/22/16) the vibrations seemed to be related to the fact that dirt/snow stuck to the discs and caused an imbalance, after the last season balancing was noSee full review

car compressor 70mai air compressor lite midrive tp03, black logo

In general, it copes with its task, the compact one has a slight discrepancy with tire pressure sensors, until I checked who is deceiving the pump or sensor) Top for your moneySee full review


I am very pleased - I quickly folded it, threw it in the trunk and went for a ride wherever you want. Unlike the foldable kid with 20 wheels, this is a complete bike. Comfortable, stylish and durable. Pros: I ride two seasons, drove 800 km, no breakdowns. I drive actively, jump from/to curbs, ride on sand and mud. He at least henna. No eights on the wheels, did not break the pedals, nothing fell off, the switch did not go astray. penetrated)) The seat is comfortable. The Krabi sofa is softer, buSee full review


The car was equipped with 2 cameras. Connected to the remote control. It was regularly checked in the settings that exactly 2 cameras are connected to the remote control. On the cameras themselves, the blue indicator of communication with the remote control was always blinking. Outcome: Camera 1 recorded everything (283 fragments) Camera 2 recorded 80 fragments of which 2/3 were broken. That is, the remote control writes to you: "everything is OK, everything is being written"; indicators show thSee full review

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