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half mask 3m 7502 complete set (filter 6001, pre-filter, holders), size m logo

The best mask I have ever used. The soft silicone "muzzle" ensures an excellent fit of the mask even on an unshaven face. The filters are generally a fairy tale, the smell of borscht, smoke, etc. is not felt. While I worked in it for 2 days, I did not notice any shortcomings. Hope it lasts a long time (for the price). Took for furniture production.See full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

It is advisable to put it on the sealant immediately, the balancing is normal, after running in after 2-3 thousand, you need to repeat it again. Watch the pressure in cold weather, it happens - it sits down great. Noisy, but given the number of spikes per square centimeter, this is understandable. On cameras I will pass another season easily. A couple of times I got into the line, pulled out with dignity. It will not be possible to drift on such a gear, it is very tearing! :) In general, if the See full review

spring mattress cityflex spring r2 65х125 logo

Pros: What I wanted is moderately soft, mom can lie down with the child Different cons: It would be great if the mattresses were not odorous, the new smell is quite strongSee full review

mechanical jack rhombus911 azard domk0003 (1.75 t) black logo

Reliable, it won’t let you down in cold weather like hydraulics, Ford 1800kg, it lifts better than the regular one, and in general this is not the first jack of this manufacturer that I order, everything works fineSee full review

led bulbs philips ultinonpro w5w (t10) 6000k 11961u30cwb2 2pcs. logo

I put it together with the main LED bulbs. The effect is a furor. Very bright lamps. And whoever talks about weak light - just doesn’t wipe or polish the headlights 😎See full review

dry dog ​​food pro plan opti derma for large breeds with sensitive skin with salmon 14 kg logo

After several unsuccessful attempts with food from other manufacturers, we were forced to stop there, since the dog had no allergies to it, problems with digestion and hair, although I did not plan to initially consider this brand of food when choosing. Mineral supplements and vitamins have to be purchased separately Has pros: Weight 14 kg, sometimes promotional bags of 16 kg come across, it is important for me, since the dog is a giant breed. There is always on sale, the only food that suits a See full review

aura amp-2408 installation kit red/black/blue logo

Delivery to Hong Kong in 3 days (although they write that longer). Brought the courier sdek. The purchase is satisfied. My electrician asked for these ones, which means they are good)) I took them under jbl A6004See full review

saucepan set, saucepan hoffmann, stainless steel, tempered glass, 2.1l , 3.1l , 4.1l logo

In principle, after reading the reviews, I was ready for smaller pots to come, but still unpleasant! The volume is written on the box, as well as on the site, but in fact it is a FALSE AROUND ! I cooked it in one saucepan, everything is clear, the handles on the saucepan and on the lid do not heat up . Beautiful, shiny, everything is great!See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Great grill for the money. It fries well even pieces of meat 4-5 cm thick. Sausages, sausages are wonderful. You can make shawarma or sandwiches. Vegetables are also no problem, you can fix the lid so that it does not close completely and there is no extra pressure on the cooked foods. The grill opens 180° and you get two cooking surfaces, convenient for a large amount of food.See full review

single-phase voltage stabilizer sven vr-l1500 500 w logo

For several years I suffered with a conventional antenna on a DVB-T2 digital TV set-top box. The level / quality signal was constantly jumping, the saved TV programs were flying, the picture was hanging. He twisted and turned the antenna on the roof, changed it to another one, changed the prefix, checked the connections. The result is the same (Recently, for the sake of interest, I plugged a prefix into this stub and, lo and behold, everything became perfect! Now the reception is normal even in See full review

mountain bike (mtb) stels navigator 900 md 29 f020 (2022) black/red 17.5" (requires final assembly) logo

Delivered quickly and on time. I assembled it from the box, although the front brake disc was slightly bent, corrected it in 10 minutes, since YouTube will teach you everything. The bike is otherwise intact, without kotsok. But he took me to a mechanic to set up the brakes and shift gears.See full review


I used to mow the grass with an ordinary scythe 2-3 times a season, got worn out and decided to fork out for a gas trimmer) Now I mow everything, approximately 6 acres at a time. I use gasoline 92 (ROSNEFT), Husqvarna HP oil for 2-stroke engines, OREGON Techni 280 * 2.4 mm fishing line, Oleo-mac gear lubricant and everything in a bundle, the engine runs like clockwork. At first I made the mixture in a ratio of 1:40, as recommended in the service center, but then I decided to do 1:50 and there waSee full review


Pros below: Lasted two weeks, worked well, there is protection against overheating Some cons: Flimsy assembly, not convenient wire connection, 2.5 square meters of pvg was hardly shoved with a turnSee full review


good experience! With its pros: Favorable price, easy installation and water quality by 5 points Has cons: the design is not very stylish and the size is not small, but the main thing here is the functionalitySee full review


Pros: The oil itself is very good. I have been using them for a very long time. Has cons: Oil came in another canister, black. The disadvantage is that in the photo and in the description a slightly different oil.See full review


Bought through the online store. When I opened the box, I was simply stunned: very well made, neat, clear, beautiful. Freeze, boil; boiled and then sharply into the icy water, drove over them in a car, threw them from great heights. Once they charged with all the dope with a soccer ball - at least henna. I've been going for a week now and I'm very happy. And they broke from the impact of an electric shocker of 80,000 volts. But in the end they repaired it, the flight was normal. They don't loSee full review


Embarking on a product review.In the photo in the order in black with a euro outlet, in fact it came in pink with an American outletSee full review


The compressor is good for my parts in the garage. Came well packaged oil was in a separate container. Minimum settings out of the box and into work. I recommend!See full review


I almost always wear it, except, perhaps, for official events: I go to work, ride a bike, swim, run, walk through the woods - all for nothing. great display backlight! the watch is quite large, though smaller than the GA-100. tactile buttons. A few months have slightly warmed up, but in general it is noticeable. the alarm clock is quiet, you may not hear it, fortunately, there are four of them.See full review


I bought the original well, or a copy of the original, if you compare, there are no differences in the coma of the box on which the Q code was previously glued for authenticationSee full review

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