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Okay guys I'm writing on another cosmetics and skin care product including hair cosmetics. They are known as the Eman beauty. This company they are producing products For both male and the females most especially. Making contact with them is not a problem at all because they provided some social medias where they are available and they even provided a telephone number which you can use to calm from any place across the globe. They provided a mailing list so customers can send the emails and See full review

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many cryptocurrencies are traded online these days and are making good profit mean while some other are shutting down dey to some circumstance. One the online online cryptocurrency exchange, which I know is still active today is the coin DCX, their service has been on since 2018 which it was founded. Making trading more legit and easier they decided to create a mobile phone application which make things a bit easier for traders and , storing your cryptocurrencies is possible without the usSee full review

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Children time

Revainrating 3 out of 5

theLondji, this is an online store that deals with the selling of toys and some other entertainment products you can get their product where ever you stay in the world. Sending their products over the globe Is possible through shipping them from the places of manufacturing down to the consumer. But who ever would be getting his or her product from afar should consider that it would be taking time, days if not months before they get their goods. The londji online store used to be very famous, See full review

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The ProbitEX this another exchange that has a very close bund with bitcoin and it was established in 2018.ProbitEX I picked interest in trading of cryptos this days and I've discovered that this is one of the coolest exchanges I've made deals with so far, though they dont have a very active and vigilant security system I once lost my funds here because the security system wasn't active. And I hope they fix this sooner. I enjoyed trading here making deposit was very cool their trading fee isSee full review

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Check this out

Revainrating 2 out of 5

okay 3X long midcap index token, this is an ERC20 token that us very active and provided a live chat for exchanges. You can make trades any time you want here because this is a 24hr token. Fees are a bit expensive here so this would be a disadvantage for some traders, traders without enough finance or traders who don't like spending lots of money on tokens. They have a price change after 24hours, sometimes the price increase and some times it reduces. 3X long midcap index token is sold atSee full review

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Revainrating 4 out of 5

tFamily investment business are made add additional gain or profit to their income within a period of time and this are made in oder to Support the family financially. An example of such family investment business is the TAGStone capital. This family investment is one of the well organized investment I have come acrosFamily s so far, some of the things I discovered about this investment, you can have very good time making investments because they help you develop a plan when you have no idSee full review

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Bitsails Exchange..

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Bitsails exchange this is another crypto currency exchange that was presently established in Italy, i'm still using thus exchange because thus exchange is also a centralized type and we all know that centralised exchanges are really cool and not exposed to security threats and risks. So centralized exchanges let me say are more convenient for me and sure other traders.This exchange allows traders to trade with so many other cryptocurrencies, the well known and even the unknown, I told you guys See full review

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Companies that provide efficient online shopping service service would gain more customer around the globe. This lie company like other online shopping company has very attractive stores where you can go for shopping conveniently that's if you stay around their store or you have enough finance for transportation, but with the help of the internet today you can make other despite your distance from the company and still get your goods. Of the equipments and gadget I have in my house I got tSee full review

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Cosmetic capital, as the name implies we know this deals mainly with the females this medium was established in Australia where they have a beauty shop with so many products. During my registration process it was fast for me and I could easily understand what they asked me and they didn't request for so many documents registration was easy that's what I can say about that it was easy, they have a very attractive platform and they are always active on the social medias they provided, and thus gSee full review

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Okay guys I would be writing on a company known as Olympia sports, as the name it self implies you should be aware that this company deals with the sale of sport equipments including outfits. They have been selling equipments and outfits with so much quality for about forty six (46) years now yet they still have a good number of customer they've been on track since 1975 and things still go well for them. They began to pursue their goals 46 years ago in Portland and am sure they experienced trySee full review

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Coin galaxy according to my research I discovered that this exchange was established in 2019 and they are here with the mindset of providing a good service or place of trading cryptocurrencies with out so much interruptions. This exchange was established in Russia by a young experienced team. This exchange allows traders to trade so many exchanges Bitcoin, etheruem, Tron and so many others. Though a very specific problem I had encounter using this exchange was that it had a poor service wheSee full review

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Coinquista exchange is an online cryptocurrency exchange, which was established for traders to trade cryptos freely without interruptions, and this made lot of users give their complete trust to this exchange. But we all know about what's going on in our present generation how they are lots of hackers and scammers online todat, Some go as far as creating Cryptocurrency exchanges and provide good service to users then all of a sudden make way with their funds. So I advice investors to be very See full review

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Writing on palmex cryptocurrencies exchange which was launched in Bahrain year 2017.this exchange where several trading pairs can be traded, pairs like Bitcoin, they have affordable trading fees, another aspect that made me interested in this exchange is because it is a decentralized exchange and we all know that exchanges like aren't random like the centralized exchange. They provided information about their selves online which I think makes we traders a little bit relief, their website has cSee full review

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Tauros Exchange

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Tauros exchange is an exchange that involves the trading of cryptocurrencies, exchange was apple to create a mobile phone application and wallets in other to make things easier here. this exchange was launched three years ago. One of the most annoying part of this exchange is that if you don't you don't understand the language they support, making exchanges here would be a very difficult task. Before i could use this exchange I had to translate it with a mobile application which helps me in tSee full review

qryptos logo

Qryptos exchange is a multi currency exchange that was established in Japan which I think its owned by a company call Quoine it was founded in the year 2017. The last time I checked they no longer offer any trading Actives, not so bad, but with what I experience this exchange dose not even exist again. I have also noticed They rebranded their company to liquid exchange and since they are no longer an exchange their trading volume is $0. As at when it was still in existence I use to experience See full review

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Cryptoderivatives exchange is a decentralized exchange which is no longer accessible due to kinds of issue like system maintenance or upgrade but let me tell you what i know about this exchange. Cryptoderivatives exchange this exchange is decentralized so it is exposed to risks or attacks from hackers which made more traders less interested. On this exchange I once had an encounter with hackers and then reported to thier customer service which took like five hours before I got responds, the hSee full review

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Out of business

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Golconda exchange, this is another exchange I made research about and got no result they have no information about them. But based on my deep research I would tell you the little I know about them. Okay this exchange was launched in 2020 that's according to my calculations, I saw the name of this exchange ones on one of my social so I decided to try this out because I love trying new discovering, So on getting to register, all the process went through, i checked and I discovered that no exchSee full review

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Good day would be writing on Bibo exchange, they maintain total control over all transactions. Creating an account was easy for me though. This exchange was launched in 2018 at Estonia. Registering was easy. This exchange allows trading with some cryptocurrencies. But at first when I enter their website every thing was writing in Chinese it to I tried to change the language setting but that wasn't possible because I couldn't locate the icon so i had to use a translation application to manSee full review

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Low trading fee

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Iqfinex Exchange is visibly accessible by any trader regardless to your state of origination. It was founded in 2018 in saint Vincent. This Exchange trades fiat cryto and crypto to crypto trading avenue. The Exchange has little members I don't know why but I guess maybe the exchange is not good enough that it why there users are not introducing to other people. In a nutshell this exchange is not recommendable. The trading volume of this exchange is $0.000 with effect to the liquidity. For thiSee full review

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Talking about TemBTC exchange this exchange was launched in 2017 by a team from Brazil, Portuguese was the only language supported here which made it convenient for people that understand this language most especially the south Americans and others from that region. Actually accessed the exchange with the help of a translation application on my phone I think this is one if the ways trader that don't understand Portuguese could manage this exchange. Okay the help of my translation application See full review

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