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xiaomi pad 5 (2021), global, 6 gb/128 gb, wi-fi, pearl white logo

I took it for a clear task: to process photos, because. I'm a photographer. As a result, in December it cost me 30,000 + the original stylus from China for 8000. The screen does not distort colors, the most "pure" shades. It’s enough for my tasks: it doesn’t slow down, AI operations are performed faster than on the galaxy s20. Don't expect anything beyond his abilities, that's why the price is not iPad) for work what you needSee full review

15.6" notebook lenovo ideapad s145-15iil 1920x1080, intel core i3 1005g1 1.2 ghz, ram 4 gb, ssd 256 gb, intel uhd graphics, windows 10 home, 81w8001jru, platinum gray logo

I ordered a laptop from this online store. The laptop turned out to have a screen defect (there were stripes that could not be removed). Began to discuss the problem with the store's hotline. As a result, after a while they made an exchange of goods. Not at lightning speed, of course. But very quickly. They also gave me a discount on my next purchase. In general, everything was beautifully done. Well done. And the laptop was great.See full review

jbl endurance sprint wireless headphones, red logo

Great headphones. Going in for sports is incredibly comfortable, they never fly out of your ears because of their design. Level sound. Charging lasts for a long time, I listen to music on the way from work and back, enough for several days. Fast charging lasts for an hour for sure. Sometimes a burning indicator interferes, it would be great if you could turn it off.See full review

📶 black d-link dir-842/a wi-fi router – enhanced seo logo

Before that, there was an old Dir-300, which had a broken wifi transmitter. But it did not have to be rebooted twice a day, like this one.See full review

wireless earphones jbl tune 205bt, silver logo

I switched after wired airpods, so I compare with them. The assortment of "non-plugs" with a jumper is very sad, so I settled on these. The bass is present, the music does not sound flat (usually I listen to German heaviness, metalcore, near-folk like In Extremo, alternative or someone in the alter bridge style. For these genres, I have no complaints about the sound for this type of headphones. Most upset the regulator. Interestingly, the developer of this design himself tried to switch compositSee full review

dvr roadgid blick gps wifi, 2 cameras, black logo

A successful acquisition, before that I had never encountered a registrar of this type. Firstly, it is convenient, the review is quite good, everything is visible and fixed calmly, there are no staggers. High quality footage with both cameras. GPS alerts come normally, on time. Has pros: Management is simple. The presence of a second camera. Acceptable price Cons: Departure for a month with him, I will not name critical moments.See full review

mypads a1300-612 light alarm, white logo

Has pros: Pleasantly illuminates, the brightness is gaining gradually, which is very comfortable. Cons: The sound is terrible, it's better not to set it on the alarm clock)))See full review

patriot memory sl 4gb ddr3l 1600mhz sodimm cl11 psd34g1600l81s - high performance ram for ultimate computing logo

Pros: It works and that's what matters. And paired with native Kingston. Some cons: So far, nothing. But she works less than a month. You need to ask in 6 months. Or better - closer to the end of the warranty period.See full review

portable acoustics jbl flip 6, 30 w, white logo

I took a pair to replace a pair of flip 5s purely because of the presence of tweeters. They really do sound better. They work with the phone without complaints, even though the equalizer does not work in the stereo pair. But only one speaker is connected to the laptop, the patibust refuses to turn on even in stereo mode, even in the "party". This is not the case with 5. Everything plows as it should. I also connected it to the Yamaha receiver: it works in stereo, but it would be better if it didSee full review

sound bar jbl bar 2.1 deep bass black logo

I'll tell you right away. I chose a sound bar at a price of up to 15 thousand. And this certainly does not fit into the price. I wouldn't buy it for 26. I got it for 14 and a half at a discount in RBT. In terms of sound quality, it is an order of magnitude or even two higher than everything that I reviewed in my limit up to 15 k. I reviewed a lot of reviews, people love the phrase "the best for this money." Duck here for 15 thousand did not arrange any. This one plays really well. But it's well See full review

baofeng bf-888s radio logo

Bought two of these radios for hunting. Very comfortable, easy to use, enough for 1 full day of charging. When buying, I ran into a problem, as I found many fake baofeng radio stations on the market. It would seem that the radio station is Chinese and why fake, but I found out that baofeng is the official manufacturer of radio stations in China, a huge factory specializing in the production of inexpensive radio stations. But everything that is in demand in 2022 is immediately counterfeited at otSee full review

📸 capturing incredible moments with canon powershot s2 camera is: unveiling ultimate image stability logo

worked for 7 years and began to photograph black screens. they said the matrix died. repair is not worth it. but it was made in Japan :) as it is written on the nameplate below. model is excellent for its time and priceSee full review

mp3 player digma b4 8 gb, black logo

Some pros: Works) The sound is not bad, the volume is enough, the radio catches well. The screen is bright and the information is easy to read. Cons below: After it is fully charged, it turns on with difficulty, you have to press the power button very hard and for a long time.See full review

microsoft ergonomic black keyboard logo

Some pros: The keyboard is great for those who have it as the main working tool, for games and stupidly for the home it is not really needed Its cons: I hope that the eccentric who guessed the function keys F1-F12 to move as close as possible to the numbers in hell is waiting for a particularly perverted punishmentSee full review

wireless headphones huawei freelace pro, smoky-white logo

1. Despite the detachable design, they do not fall apart themselves. And recently I accidentally put a soldering iron on the wire (thirty minutes), only a slightly noticeable trace remained. 2. Noise reduction in the music listening mode is now good for everyone, but when talking, the interlocutor often hears the wind, etc. These ears do not have such a disadvantage. True, microphone noise cancellation works best when speaker noise cancellation is turned off, but at this size, this is understandSee full review

computer headset hyperx cloud stinger, black-red logo

The sound is of high quality, there is nothing to complain about, ideal for those who do not like when they press on their ears, for those who do not like when they press on their heads it will be uncomfortable))See full review

audio-technica wireless headphones ath-anc500bt, black logo

Some pros: Good sound. Noise canceling slightly dampens background noise Has cons: Even with a slight wind, noise reduction does not work adequately and literally amplifies the wind noise. After a couple of days, it starts to piss me off incredibly.See full review

discover the clarity of veber prima 5x20 sky binoculars! logo

I was pleased with the optics in this binoculars, the images are clear, there are few glare, the field of view is wide. There is an adjustment for the right eye, which is not found in most theater binoculars. There are adjustable retractable eyecups, which is very good so as not to stain the lenses from eyelashes. I bought for my wife, for going to the theater, she is very pleased with the binoculars.See full review

realme buds air 3 wireless headphones, nitro blue logo

Has some pros Cool noise reduction, excellent sound, sat in the ears like a glove Some cons: The microphone is not very good, sometimes the interlocutor does not hear meSee full review

smartphone huawei p20 lite 4/64 gb, black logo

It's been about that long since I started using it. And to the point of total disappointment. The bulk of the world's population consists of those living in poverty, which inspired the invention of the device (P20 and P20pro will not collect such circulations). It would be more beneficial to pay the extra 5000 and acquire S7Edge. Got pros: Blue is the color, and the design is sturdy and well-built. killer, a wave of youthful steam. NFC, the type C. Recognition of the person's face, despite the fSee full review

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