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black quadrapoint hub cap for popular plastic & folding wagons with 7/16" size (not suitable for wood or steel wagons) logo

This black Quadrapoint Hub Cap is a great addition to any of your popular plastic or folding wagons with a 7/16" size. It adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to your otherwise simple ride. But let's get one thing straight: if you're driving a wood or steel wagon, this cap isn't gonna cut it. It's like trying to put a top hat on a cow - it just doesn't make sense! You'll be happy to know that the cap is easy to install, and it fits nice and snug, ensuring a secure ride for your precious cSee full review

waterproof fishing hat for men/women with uv protection, wide brim and neck flap – seektop sun hat logo

Purchased this hat for the price and all of the features. Really did not expect much from the extras, but am pleasantly surprised at how well everything works togetherSee full review

hengst filter e129h d222 oil logo

After trying this product I was thoroughly unimpressed .The only positive thing I can say is that it fits in the car just fine. However, it doesn't effectively filter out all the grime and dirt that it`s supposed to. Instead, it just lets all the contaminants circulate through the engine, which can cause serious damage in the long run. I'll definitely be looking for a better replacement part..See full review

12 pack 12oz reusable pet juice bottles with lids - perfect for storing juices, milk & more! logo

The mouth of the bottle is an excellent size. The top secures well. Durable product. Have ordered this product numerous times.See full review

hulisen clear pvc sling bag stadium approved backpack - adjustable strap logo

Not the best Zipper.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

My bag was functioning really great at a music festival, but when I was in the crowd the constant push and pull from people popped the zipper. It will zip up but too much force and zipper pops, opening your bag to everyone.See full review

mtsooning 0 6mm straight electrical drilling logo

When I tried this industrial drill bit, it failed to deliver as expected. The quality of the product is subpar and it lacked the durability needed for heavy-duty tasks .The only redeeming quality is its affordable price. However if you`re looking for a reliable and efficient drill BIT that can handle tough jobs, this is not the one to go for..See full review

men's luxury gold prom design slim fit button up dress shirt - zeroyaa logo

This shirt is perfect!The fit is perfect and the fabric is very comfortable and cool. Every detail is good quality down to the buttons. I got many compliments when wearing this shirt for a holiday event.See full review

berter wrist wraps with thumb support - 2 pack compression straps for gym & weightlifting - men & women logo

Worked well for 4 days

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Wore these lifting for about 4 days, they were fine. Then the next time they seemed to be needing put on tighter as the material seemed to have a trenches out, and the velcro kept lifting off and popping off and coming undone. Tried to wear several times and just seemed worse each time. The Velcro couldn’t stay on and so I have started the return for them. Hopeful to find something better that is more durable and long lasting.See full review

upgrade your skateboard with moboard wheels & t-tool accessories logo

The tool has all the right sizes for a MoBoard Skateboard and is very ergonomic. It's lightweight and sturdy as well. I don't know what the Phillips head screwdriver is for, but its there and I'll probably use it eventually.See full review

thermalon moist heat-cold therapy wrap for neck and shoulders - microwavable and activated logo

This product had great reviews and I don't think it lived up to those reviews. It's a "wet" heat but it's not really wet. I don't personally think that heating wraps or pads should be marketed as "wet" unless they are full of water, like a hydrocolator. This thing generates a LOT of heat when it is microwaved but then you can't apply it right away because of how hot it is and you can't cover it with a towl because it doesn't generate enough heat to adequately penetrate the towel See full review

💎 bocar 3 layer chunky statement beaded necklace set: fashion multi layer women collar necklace with earrings logo

This is a great statement necklace. Beautiful can’t wait to wear it. It gives a plain top a bit of glam! Goes well with lots of styles! Love it!See full review

stylish pizoff women's short 👗 sleeve a-line christmas dress for casual chic logo

This was an unexpected surprise. I love this dress. I followed their size chart and this dress isn't clingy to the point of showing my jelly rolls. It is very flattering and I cannot wait to wear it. I would highly recommend this product and company.See full review

high waisted faux leather shorts for women with pockets and wide leg design by everbellus logo

The third wearing I zipped up the zipper and it never stopped-the zipper handle came off.These are very cute, but too cheaply made. Along with the broken zipper, I found one of the pockets had a ripped seam. Now I'm going to pay the price of the shorts to sew a decorative zipper on the back and also have to reinforce some seams.I only wore these for a combined less than 6 hours. Not worth it.See full review

effortlessly chic: marycrafts women's pull on stretch yoga dress business work pants logo

I needed a new set of work pants and found these. When I tried them on they are super soft and comfy. The length was a concern, but it always is as a 5'1 woman. They were a bit short but I though I wouldn't mind. I've worn them a few times and just feel awkward. If I had to redo it, probably would've just asked for my money back.See full review

zipp battery ytx20l-bs maintenance free replacement battery for powersports equipment: 12v, 1.8a, 18ah, t3 nut and bolt terminal logo

The battery I purchased was for my 2004 Road Star1700. When the battery arrived it sat unopened in the box for nearly a month. When I finally got around to installing, it didn’t hardly have any charge. So I jumped it and road the bike most of the day off and on. The next day same thing. barely would turn the motor over. So I have set it on a 2amp trickle for the last few days while I make repairs and I will try it out again. Trying to be optimistic but you shouldn’t have to charge one like this See full review

1storm motorcycle bike full face helmet mechanic skull: hjdj11 logo

Awesome helmet fits great and looks good too. My only complaint is you can't get a replacement shield that looks like the original one, really wish you could or it was available I'd give 5/5 stars if it wasn't for not being able to get replacement shield that looks like the original one. The vents are nice allow for a nice breeze and prevent fogging up the visor good helmet would recommend to anyone. See full review

strong and versatile double-sided tape for removable mounting, washable and transparent – 16.5ft length logo

This unit is nothing super fancy. However, for the price it works great. I have used it a few times and used several other thermometers along side it to test it's accuracy. So far it's been within a few degrees either way of all of the other units used. It's got a nice large display and is easy to read. It takes a little time to learn the features, but isn't overly complicated.See full review

silicone decompression airtag protective keychain logo

Based on our own experience this silicone protective keychain is a must-have for anyone using GPS systems .Its decompression feature is a real game-changer, providing added protection for the device, which can be damaged during daily use. The keychain also serves as a great way to keep your GPS or other electronics handy, clipped to your keys or bag. The only downside may be that the keychain may be too bulky for some users. Overall, the silicone decompression airtag protective keychain is a greSee full review

tiffany-style semi-flush mount ceiling light with 2 lights, 14-inch wide stained glass pendant for living room, bedroom, and hallway by capulina logo

This light fixture is so well made and looks incredible. We were attempting to achieve a specific look, and it turned out to be above and beyond what what were hoping to achieve.See full review

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