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apple airpods 2 wireless headphones with charging case mv7n2 ru, white logo

The ears are original, absolutely new, in the factory packaging, I came across "Americans", model MV7N2AM / A, the sound quality, volume and frequency range are at their best, especially in comparison with wired earpods. I also took it for use with a PC. Very satisfied. Thank you! P. S Some questions / nuances arose about the guarantee, but the seller explained everything intelligibly.See full review

📸 godox v860iis for sony flash: enhanced lighting solution for sony cameras logo

since I am the owner of Sony cameras, it is impossible to find a single synchronization system at an adequate price for a new shoe and for it to work both in manual and automatic modes, a few months ago I paid attention to the Godox system consisting of the x1t synchronizer and flashes tt685 and tt600, since they made flashes not only for canon and nikon, but also for sony! which is a holiday for Sony owners), but recently ated flashes have appeared, the same in appearance but inside with a lithSee full review

old spice deodorant stick lagoon, 50 ml logo

Deodorant stick Old Spice Lagoon, 50 ml is an excellent option for combating sweat. Easy to use, perfectly applied to areas of the body, smells good. The stick itself is blue, does not leave marks on clothes after application. Perfectly fights with sweat, does not cause irritation and allergies after use. Not expensive and economical. Packing is enough for several months, about four, five.See full review

smart watch apple watch series 7 45 mm aluminum case, dark night logo

Has some pros Beautiful, large, hooked on counting activity and training. You look at your phone less, 81% less, as he himself says. Some cons: You have to recharge every day. Not all straps are color matched. I had to overpay because the market is small, if you want right now.See full review

smart bracelet honor band 5, blue logo

For the past nine months, I have been wearing the bracelet. Without mistakes, simply the pulse measures, here we are required to offer our respects. readings that are identical to those taken from a monitor placed on the chest. Bracelets, on the other hand, are believed to be less accurate. But everything else is just ahs and alas. If you run without a phone, the distance per kilometer you cover will be inaccurate by about 250 meters. As a consequence, neither the running pace nor the distance cSee full review

canon powershot a480 camera, black logo

My fotik is dead, I temporarily take pictures with my phone, but naturally the quality leaves much to be desired. There was a need to photograph sports competitions in the fresh air. I took this Canon A480 camera to work. The shooting conditions were ideal - a bright sunny day. I took about a hundred pictures, and at home when I began to look at the computer I was terribly disappointed. All the pictures are just terrible noise! Also, the sharpness leaves much to be desired. For the sake of interSee full review

portable acoustics jbl go 3, 4.2 w, orange logo

In general, the quality is excellent, the sound is good, the price is pleasant, especially with points. All in all, a great product.See full review

smartphone tecno camon 19 pro 8/128 gb, polar blue logo

I wanted a good camera - I got it, artificial intelligence really helps to take good and high-quality photos and at the same time does not spoil them with excessive colors or brightness. The smartphone is comfortable, fits well in the hand, the bright screen with high resolution pleased the autonomy. I have been using it for 2 weeks, I didn’t get used to the smartphone at all, thanks for this excellent ergonomics and low weight. He would still charge faster and there would be fire in generalSee full review

wireless earphones jbl tune 205bt, silver logo

The headphones have met all of my expectations, therefore I can't complain. When turned up to its maximum volume, the sound is great, there is a gentle bass presence, and it fully blocks out any outside noise. They retain a charge for five to six hours and charge to 100 percent in one hour. I think this is quite convenient, you don't have to worry too much if the headphones are discharged at the most inopportune moment because they can be charged for one hour of listening at a medium volume in jSee full review

sennheiser momentum true wireless 2 wireless headphones, black logo

I read reviews and reviews on the Internet about the incredible sounding SENNHEISER and fell for them. Bought. I will say right away there was no wow effect. At all. The sound is good, but not as much as the reviewers describe it. The ear pads are short, due to this it is difficult to stay in the ears and, accordingly, poor passive noise isolation. But the active noise reduction is very upset. It is practically non-existent. Somewhere, something muffles at medium frequencies, but this cannot be See full review

smartphone lg g6 64gb logo

Everything I've heard about it emphasizes how pricey it is. The price is not going to be cheap, but it is going to be well worth it. This tool has exceeded all of my expectations in every way! He took a trip to the mountains for his holiday, and it was in those mountains that he experienced a "baptism of fire" in its entirety. It was said in one of the articles that I read that it was constructed to meet military strength standards. That statement makes no sense to me, yet I can say that I did nSee full review

💻 lenovo thinkpad e15 gen 2 laptop | intel core i5, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd, nvidia mx450 | 15.6" fhd, windows 10 pro | 20td002rrt logo

Buy, in my opinion, the cheapest version is better, because. SSD is far from the best, 8 GB memory is soldered DDR4 3200. I think you yourself will choose cheaper than the option from the manufacturer. I put in a free slot CT8G4SFRA32A. C4FE works in 2-channel mode. Some pros: Review of LENOVO ThinkPad E15 Gen 2 AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 256 GB. Comfortable touchpad, the keyboard is one of the best, the tink pad is a cool thing. Matrix B156HAN02.1 WDC PC disk SN530 SDBPMPZ-256G-1001 Illumination 2 levelSee full review

protective iphone 11 case pro silicone shock proof bumper for apple iphone 11 pro with camera protection dark green logo

Pros below: Protects your phone from all sides. I liked what makes it square - I like this shape more than the "remnant". All buttons are pressed almost normally. Cons: Literally in 2 weeks, dark hand marks appeared on it. For comparison, I original this does not happen at all.See full review

soundbar yamaha yas-101 logo

In general, satisfied! hard 4! for such money the most it! I think in the future I will buy an external subwoofer. Bought a Yamaha sub for it. Now very satisfied. Conclusion: together with an external subwoofer, excellent budget acoustics with great sound. Has some pros Yamaha's design is top notch as always. The sound is clear, for a room of 56 sq. M. there is enough power, there is surround sound, as far as it is possible to do it with 2 speakers - the wife did not immediately notice the ate See full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

Maybe notifications from messengers would be useful, it would be convenient while driving, but only if they were done in a smart way, but it remained the same as it was through one place in band2. Notification text is poor. So far, autonomy is pleasing - when I started using the bracelet, there was 53% of the charge, and after 2 weeks the charge is 30%, although the sleep assistant is always on. It may have seemed, but it seems that it fits better on the hand and you feel it less than the band2,See full review

power supply super flower leadex silver 850w logo

Can pull the assembly of rtx 2080s and i9 10900k in overclocking quietly. For the gold version now, I think there is no point in taking it, since 850 is quietly enough for this assembly. Has pros: Fully modular power supply which is very convenient for use in small cases. Included in the kit is a bag for wires, which is very convenient. +Quiet + No chaos from cables Has cons: The 24pin and 8+8pin cpu cables are a bit stiff. I have an 8 + 4 pin processor connection on the motherboard and 1 4pin cSee full review

⌚ ticwatch pro 3 ultra wi-fi nfc smartwatch - shadow black logo

In general, before them there were watches Huawei Watch GT3 and I will compare with them. I sold GT3 because I decided to try TRU smart watch on a "full" OS and this is a real disappointment and minus of "smart watch". There is only one plus - the ability to respond to messages and view a picture (one picture) in a notification. Then the wow effect passes quickly. Notifications are not grouped. The system works at the level of a budget phone for 6-8 thousand, with all the ensuing lags and friezeSee full review

samsung 860 evo 500gb ssd mz-n6e500bw logo

Generally. What I wrote above refers to 970 evo plus 500gb, but for some reason aliexpress decided that 860 evo 500gb was bought and asked to leave a review endlessly, so I left a short review))) Pros below: Fast, I would say reactive and this speed is honest. A beautiful box and a long warranty and a stylish appearance of the ssd itself Different cons: For such a price, it would be possible to put a radiator, because like any pcie nvme drive, especially if it works at maximum speeds for pcie 3.See full review

wireless beyerdynamic amiron wireless headphones, black logo

I use two months. I like headphones. It took a week to get used to the fit before I appreciated the long-term comfort and the comfort of the materials. Disadvantages: I didn’t like the sensor with troubles (the volume is always adjusted, without problems, and pressing twice works out every other time). Exclusively for the home. A sound with a good stage, clean highs and accurate bass. Very, very demanding on the quality of the recording. With good mixing and high-quality recording (in the studioSee full review

camera canon powershot sx120 is logo

1) I chose the camera for my trips, and in general it did not let me down, the shooting is great if there were batteries at hand;) Pros below: 1) I think the price corresponds to the quality. 2) Kenons have always been worthy manufacturers of cameras, and this model is no worse than others. of course, in fact, there is nothing super-new or outstanding, but overall a good model. 3) User-friendly interface 4) Enough zoom for mountain shooting, not to mention pixels 5) externally pleasing 6) The maSee full review

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