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gravity holder baseus steel cannon air outlet car mount red logo

It takes up very little space, so it does not interfere at all. Well made, looks nice. Holds the phone well, can be rotated to a horizontal position. The only drawback is that there is no latch at the clip, so it is not very convenient to insert the phone. But there are more pluses than minuses.See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

Revealing my product viewpoint.Got pros: Small fridge, handy. That's exactly what I bought it for. Its cons: It freezes slightly, depending on the temperature outsideSee full review

philips fc8293 powergo vacuum cleaner, red logo

Made in China, don't know how long it will last. My previous Samsung SC-8301 lived for 10 years and still works in the country. True, heavy and unwieldy. And from the very beginning, it pulled noticeably weaker than this, although the power is the same. The fact that there is no electronic power regulator, I do not consider it a disadvantage. The damper on the tube suction force is regulated normally. The tube is telescopic and looks to be of very decent quality. It is convenient and easy to worSee full review

cordiant snow cross 195/65 r15 91t winter logo

I recommend! Its element is snow-covered tracks, and snowdrifts, but on the track in autumn it is noisy but not critical, we are fine, it keeps the road perfectly, ice is its element, in general I recommend it!See full review

cpu cooler deepcool gamma archer pro, black logo

The copper insert is 4 mm and its upper part is also chamfered. The insert is not flush with the sole, protrudes slightly. Therefore, the contact area is smaller than it could be. The upper part of the insert is not fully attached to the radiator body. The coolers ID-Cooling DK-01 and Cooler Master RH-A30-25PK-R1 (both with PWM), as it is not surprising, cool the processor better, although the first one is very noisy, but the second one is already a little quieter.See full review

case fan id-cooling zf-14025-argb, black/argb logo

Excellent coolers. There are rubber spacers that you can glue as needed. Bolts are also available. Everything works well, they work quite quietly. The backlight is pleasant, adjustable (software).See full review

spotlight led gauss 613100320p, 20 w, light: cold white logo

I bought 5 pieces to illuminate the paths around the house. They were fixed on the facade of the house. After several rains, two floodlights fogged up, and then stopped working. Six months later, three out of five searchlights remained in working order. Flickering while working.See full review

wheel disk k&k ks878 6.5x16/5x114.3 d67.1 et50, silver logo

Everything corresponds to the requirements of the client, they got into their regular places as if they were native, without any problems!See full review

induction hob iplate yz-t24, black logo

Its pros: Great stove! Heats food very quickly! Convenient touch control. Cons: Constant heating mode starts at 1000W. For me personally, I would like with 500. But this is so, Wishlist!See full review

gas grill libhof travel grill q-100 logo

convenient to take with you on a picnic, no firewood or smoke, everything works from a gas cylinder, the quality of the material is good.See full review

sports wireless wireless bluetooth headphones / wireless sports headphones / bluetooth headset logo

The sound is crisp and easy to switch tracks. Connect quickly to device. Comfortable, do not fall out. The price is favorable. Thank you for the goods. I recommend to buy.See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Good grill. The simplest, but nothing else is unnecessary. Expands completely. They fried chicken, meat, sandwiches, vegetables . . and even spring rolls). An essential item for me. I don't know how I lived without it before. )))See full review

nokian tires nordman rs2 175/65 r14 86r winter logo

Pros below: Very quiet rubber compared to spikes. Holds great, for city driving it's the most Some cons: You need to feel the moment in order to normally get under way on the ice.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Good value for money Got pros: Great product for your money. All the applications that I need are there. For the kitchen, this TV is what you need. The viewing angle is excellent. Nothing blurs Different cons: If you do not turn it on for a while, then the download will be long.See full review


I connected a bathroom of 6 sq. m. through this device. (the length of the route is ~25 meters of PEX pipe) works fine. On the one hand, I connected it through a regular Eurocone, on the other hand, due to the installation features (seen in the photo), simply through the 3/4 to 1/2 transitionSee full review

compressor inhaler (nebulizer) and cn-231, white logo

The same nonsense as one of the users. The on button is broken. Although not often used. Thrown out. Surely the repair would cost as much as half of the apparatus.See full review


Asphalt is not considered, because. Any tire will do on pavement. I will go straight to the winter disciplines. He does not like abundant porridge - only crawling, only smoothly, annoying neighbors downstream, who are a little more lucky with rubber :) The car wags on gas, ESP is constantly working. On a thin layer of porridge on top of ice / rolled snow, it is simply dangerous - it does not slow down at all, and at low speeds it is also not controlled, because. ABS does not work and the car goeSee full review


Long chose which machine to take, read the reviews and watched the video. Nothing foreshadowed problems, the machine promised to be indestructible SUV. In fact, it turned out to be one day. Right out of the box did not respond to the light on / off button. But this is a feature that can easily be overlooked. On the second day after unpacking and after 2-3 15-minute rides, the wheels stopped turning, most likely the steering servo jammed. The New Year's gift was mercilessly ruined. With tears in See full review


Since the sale of this device is generally prohibited on the territory of 2022, it is not Russified, there is no instruction in 2022n for it, it is not registered in the application and how the brick must be transferred and turned on from the button. So she dragged it around the apartment. Broke down after two months of use . I trusted Market, I use all services, I’m connected to + and the market just kicks me like a soccer ball, call up our supplier, they say we’re just like a newspaper just pSee full review


Before that, there were G700 and G700s - the quality of materials was higher, although they also had a double click on the left button after 2 years and a year, respectively. Got pros: Design. Compartment for weighting agents on a magnet. The weight of the mouse with weights. Different cons: Logitech is not the same anymore :( A thin wire that is terribly damaged. After two weeks of use, there were gaps in left clicks, very rarely, but they did appear.See full review

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