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michelin x-ice north 4 205/55 r16 94t winter logo

This tire has performed very well. Departure on this rubber for three seasons. Road grip is good, the car stops quite quickly, handling is at a height, the tread during this time remained almost like new, although I drove on the highway, in the city on light off-road, on rural roads, pits and ditches, this rubber is all for nothing. Drove about 80,000 km on this rubber in all three seasons. By the beginning of the fourth season, I noticed that about 10-15 spikes were missing and the cord began tSee full review

📱 samsung galaxy s21 5g (sm-g9910) 8/256 gb smartphone - phantom black logo

Before that, there was a samsung galaxy note 10 lite and after buying the s21 fe it didn’t get the “wow” effect and the photo is about the same level, although I like the snap processor more than the exynos.See full review

📱 lenovo tab m8 tb-8505f (2019) ru wi-fi platinum gray - 2gb ram, 32gb storage logo

"Lenovo" is better, especially in comparison with cheaper counterparts. This is the second tablet, the first has outlived be healthy. For a change, they took a try from another company and regretted it right away - it slows down, although the characteristics were stated above. And a year later he ordered to live long. Now they took Lenovo again. This is a conscious choice. The quality is top notch.See full review

🎧 oneplus buds z white wireless earphones logo

Bought for 3k new. They are worth their money. They sound normal, but you need to buy additional Christmas tree-type ear pads so that they do not crawl out of your earsSee full review

wireless headphones soundcore liberty 3 pro, eclipse black logo

The sound is just great! With the right selection, the ear pads do not fall out of the ear, even when worn for a long time (I shook my head to the side for the experiment;) ) For this price, they are amazing!See full review

maybelline new york instant eraser multi-purpose concealer marvel collection logo

Its pros: Well masks redness and bruises, convenient applicator, no excess, therefore, the consumption is very convenient Cons: It dries the areas of application very much and after a while these areas stand out very much. The slightest imperfection is emphasizedSee full review

hou huo hu0061 5-piece set in silver and brown logo

Has some pros Convenient case, the tools are beautiful, sharpening is good, it is convenient to use Has cons: small tools are not very convenient to get, it is very difficult to get a fileSee full review

headphones monoprice noise canceling headphone logo

First, about noise reduction. On the street, cars just rustle past you, that's all. You can't hear people unless they're yelling. The noise of the metro will be heard, although it is quiet, but this is normal, they do not suppress 100% of the noise :) I use it in the office, I listen to trance while I work. I don't listen softly or loudly. You can’t hear people, that is, you can’t hear them at all, if, again, they don’t yell. If someone is standing right next to you and talking in a normal toneSee full review

ultimate protection meets style: transparent commo shield 📱 case for iphone 13 pro max with wireless charging support logo

High-quality case, perfectly sat on 13 pro max. Comfortable in the hand, pleasant to the touch. The color of the phone does not distort. It has protective projections on the camera block and screen, which allows you to put the phone on the table with either side without fear of scratches. The microphone, charging and speaker block is closed from below, all holes match. The volume and power buttons are easy to press. The cover is packed in a high-quality box, it will not wrinkle during transportaSee full review

smartphone huawei p20 lite 4/64 gb, black logo

The phone is quite a solid C grade! The camera, screen, 3.5mm jack are the only pluses in it. But the performance and autonomy in it is lame. Charging literally melts before our eyes. And over time, the fingerprint scanner and the eye protection mode and face unlock begin to work poorly. I had more opinions about this device.See full review

farmstay collagen & hyaluronic acid all-in-one ampoule 250ml logo

Nice scent, soft texture. It absorbs quickly, I apply under the cream. During use, the complexion noticeably evened out, mimic wrinkles disappeared, the skin tightened, it became very tender, even velvety. Looks very well-groomed. I also use it when applying tone and under an alginate mask. Before buying I read a lot of reviews, they are different. For me, it's definitely a wow factor. Just love.See full review

smart xiaomi mi band 7 cn bracelet, black logo

Has some pros: Enlarged display and the ability to keep the watch constantly on Has some cons: with active heart monitoring and constantly turned on hours, the charge lasts for 4 days maximumSee full review

tablet asus nexus 7 (2013) logo

The tablet is very good, suitable for surfing and reading. Judging by the characteristics, it is also suitable for games.See full review

🔌 enhanced connectivity: 3-in-1 fast charging wireless dock (black) logo

Definitely recommend to buy! (12/26/2022 - I recommend finding a better docking station) Its pros: Charges 3 devices at once: (Read in the shortcomings what happened a few months later) smartphone, watch, Headphones. Takes up little space. Eliminates the need to use all the sockets in the apartment. Nice backlight that can be turned on or off Cons: They are not here (December 26, 2022, it started to fail: when the iPhone and AirPods Pro are charging at the same time, it starts blinking (at leastSee full review

xiaomi redmi note 11 pro 5g 8/128gb smartphone, blue atlantic logo

I'm not sure what other purchasers are basing their complaints on, but in my experience, this product has no flaws whatsoever. Everything that's included in it functions perfectly. Everything that is described in the qualities can be found in the item in question. The proximity sensor (light) is operational. The camera is average, though obviously inferior to the one on my NIKON. But you'll need a camera if you want to take decent shots. Because I don't play games on it, the battery lasts for abSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi band 3 global, black logo

I have been using this device for two years now. The other day, Mi Band stopped pairing with the phone. Only reinstalling the application helped with deleting the bluetooth data of the device. As a result, the application deleted its notorious statistics for several months, and not for the last, but randomly. Not that I was very upset - but I really didn’t like it, that is, of all the functionality, a significant part of it turned out to be flawed. The rest of the device delivered a lot of negatSee full review

game console sony playstation 4 slim 1000 gb hdd, black logo

Everything is just at the highest level, only one minus they have - prices. Everything is very expensive when compared with a brother in competition, just a monster in eating money. Worth taking if you want to play exclusive games, but you will have to pay for them accordingly. Plus, pay for PS plus every month (you can, of course, grab a discount for a year or half a year) to play online, well, that’s it, if it weren’t for the wild price tags, there would be space in general. Joysticks, hah, I See full review

eucerin dermopure cleansing gel, 400 ml logo

I've been using this cleanser for a few months now and I'm very happy with it. It cleanses the skin well and refreshes it. After washing, there is no feeling of dryness, the skin is not overdried. The gel is quite economically consumed, it foams well, despite the absence of soap in the composition. It also does not contain alcohol, dyes and fragrances. So my sensitive skin does not give out any unpleasant reactions to this remedy.See full review

wireless charger xiaomi mi 20w wireless charging stand, black logo

Has some pros An excellent device for the price, and works great as a docking station for most phones except the iPhone 12/13. Cons: Not suitable as a docking station for iPhone 13 Pro Max due to camera blocks. The phone can't attach tightly and the charging doesn't work.See full review

tripod 3120 tripod for smartphone and camera with smartphone mount, with case, height 102 cm, portable logo

Terrible purchase. The tripod is flimsy, one link is not fixed. Phone holder doesn't fit well. I do not recommend, I regretted that I saved 400 and did not buy something betterSee full review

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