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Unfortunately it's still hanging on the wall in pieces. There was a problem with rubber plugs where the screws go in and 2 of the holes were missing, if you put screws in they fall through so they need these plugs when we contacted the company (they only had an email, couldn't them call) he said it See full review

milliard shaped support pillow breathable bedding logo

After HOURS of searching for the perfect pregnancy pillow I thought I had to settle for this. I bought it because it's memory foam and it's really hard to find in a pregnancy pillow! This pillow has proven to be the best decision I've ever made while pregnant (and this is my fourth!), it's perfect fSee full review

touched nature piece organic fitted logo

The seal stickers on the top look like they have been tampered with as they don't stick to the box at all even though the bottom stickers are in place. Someone must have opened it and looked inside because the box doesn't hold up, so we're on our own. The only reason this is a problem is because I bSee full review

fragrance scented sachets drawer cotton logo

Chemical Smell: Sachet

It's my own fault - I don't like chemical smells and should have known better than to buy that. I'm in a new apartment with a lingering cigarette smell and am trying to get rid of the cigarette smell quickly. This product does not smell natural. I found the smell like in a cheap hotel. I dropped offSee full review

juicer akamino stainless squeezer extractor logo

This product was misrepresented on the page💯 I bought two of these and they don't work as advertised. The video uses Are Cut @ Paste💯 I would like a refund but that would be more trouble than Wirth. DO NOT BUY👎🏿💯More chaos than juice👎🏿See full review

seltureone compatible for 2021 apple tv 4k siri remote cover television & video logo

I often lose remote controls from our many ATVs and always get cases in different bright colors. This makes the search easier. The new ATV remote controls have sharp edges, a case takes care of that. Good grip, very durable and very beneficial as they are very inexpensive. Highly recommended!See full review

brabantia front large bread platinum logo

I had no luck buying a bread box. I think I bought 3 (from different manufacturers) and they all arrived crumpled. This bread box is spacious. It snaps into place with a magnet, and the finish seems to hide fingerprints better than others. However, it was also the most expensive. It had a small dentSee full review

ummiss panties control breathable underwear women's clothing and lingerie, sleep & lounge logo

Great Post Caesarean

I bought these underwear because I had a Caesarean and wanted clothes that would be higher than my scar. They are thick and good quality so I will definitely be getting more and I would recommend them to anyone who has had abdominal surgery. Very glad I found her.See full review

flash furniture contemporary leather reception logo

Returned as promised when I asked if it was 'white white' because I read reviews that said it wasn't. Someone named Marshall seems to have said yes, it was definitely "white white". Well Marshall is either color blind or not telling the truth lol because this chair is definitely not "white white".See full review

tissot womens quartz stainless steel logo

Good Swiss watch. - watch

I am very satisfied with the Tissot Everytime Watch. It's simple and not too big for my small wrist. I like what is made in Switzerland. Delivery was quick and the watch was well packaged.See full review

ollimy christmas incandescent multicolor waterproof logo

Better than I expected

reviews with videos and pictures of different colors are most likely fake. The way they wrap around the headlights is the first light on one side, then the second light on the opposite side. So if each light had a number, the even numbers would be on one side and the odd numbers on the other. I loveSee full review

stretchy compatible adjustable breathable elastics accessories & supplies logo

I needed a strap that was easy to adjust in length and was also relatively soft on the skin. It's beautiful to look at, but it's prickly! Slightly adjustable in length, but doesn't last! I'm still watchingSee full review

womens backpack vintage shoulder daypack logo

One of my favorite bags.

I've had this bag for 2 years now and I still get compliments on it. This bag can hold so many things and still doesn't look crowded. detachable straps on other bags and vice versa to change the look. Stylish and durable tote bag.See full review

motorola headphones microphone cancelling smartphones logo

These are the only headphones that work with the Moto G5s Plus (great frequency-versatile phone) which lack any documentation on connector size and type as well as about each of them. contact does. "More flexible" product delivery = crappy quality, frustrated users, returns, brand damage, and landfiSee full review

sai baba agarbathi worldss exported logo

Have been using this brand for a long time It's a great box and a great price. I use them to make the house smell nice or during school time to get me in the mood for studying.See full review

big joe 0640614 original sapphire logo

2nd update: I've been using it for two months now and had to downgrade to four stars. The thing went pretty flat. Be prepared to invest big bucks in the filler for this item as it doesn't stay "fluffy" for long and the filler isn't cheap! Update: I've been using this for about a month now and it's pSee full review

vintage artisan handmade leather designer women's handbags & wallets for wallets logo

I'm in ❤ with this bracelet I don't think I've ever loved it that much The craftsmanship says it's made with love 🥰 Sunny's sister ordered one dyed they are equally beautiful I've read reviews with some complaints, that the money slot should be bigger etc. I also read where they revised them and I'See full review

flameless yme flickering candlesticks decoration logo

Mine are NOT warm yellow!

Some time ago I ordered candles for the small candlesticks in my photo. I didn't take them out of the box until my sconces arrived and was frustrated to find that they were LED white instead of warm yellow. My bras arrived very late but I have found that next time I will try the product as soon as iSee full review

ueerdand christmas decorations pillowcase farmhouse logo

These are good covers for the price I paid. I only put them on last weekend so not sure how well they will hold up but for the price I'm happy with them so far.See full review

kinden air tube headsets headphones logo

It didn't work for music

I wish these headphones had better sound for music. They are very affordable and beautifully designed. But I hardly heard the music! I had to return them and buy another brand (SYB Air Tube Stereo Headset with Radiation Shield, EMF Shield (Black, In-Ear Headphones) this cost me twice as much but theSee full review

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