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adapter hoco hb27 type-c, hdtv+usb3.0+usb2.0*2, gray logo

Its pros: Quality, design, and most importantly, it works. I really like the blue backlight. Has cons: They delivered another model, but we decided everything with support.See full review

swaddleme®luxe whisper quiet velcro envelope s/m blue/green cars logo

Previously, I took a similar one, it had Velcro for fixing the baby's arms, but they are not here. Just an envelope with "ears" that wrap around the child's hands. Useless, expensive thing. You can use an ordinary diaper for a similar effect.See full review


we have a kitchen-dining room of 20 m, we used it as additional lighting above the table, so we left it. But as the main lighting, it will not work, up to a maximum of 10 m areaSee full review


My unbiased review begins now.Has some pros: Great windbreaker, very well made. Saves 100% from rain. Got cons: Smells a little like rubber. After a while it fades.See full review

pampers baby size count packs logo

Good cheap diapers. Simple to put on and take off when necessary. Velcro serves as the closure, allowing for easy removal and reaffixing as required. There is a delicate aroma present. In all honesty, diapersOpamters are great at absorbing liquid, and their design prevents the diaper's contents from pooling in the middle of the baby's thighs. After a night of use, the does not become irritated and does not develop a diaper rash. I really suggest that you buy.See full review

laser level zitrek ll1v1h logo

The purchase brought only positive emotions.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

For this amount of 1500, a completely normal product has two lines, vertical and horizontal, you can turn them off. Batteries and charger included.See full review

drainage pump makita pf0410 (400 w) logo

Not worth taking this, doesn't meet any standards.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

You should not buy expensive branded units that work well only during the warranty period, and then fail and are not profitable to repair. It is more profitable to buy a cheap Chinese who works the same amount, if not longer.See full review

soocas sonic electric toothbrush x3u (set) facial brush logo

I bought through market express in the . GO application. At 09:55 I placed an order, at 11:10 I already received the goods. Seller 1CLIK. RUSee full review

c-vit moisturizing facial cream by sesderma, 1.7 fl oz logo

The first time I took a product from the C-vit series. I use a week, while there is no pronounced effect. Pleasant aroma, light texture, well absorbed, the face after the cream is very soft, not sticky.See full review

convector electrolux air stream ech/as-1500 mr, white logo

I bought for a room of 19 m2. Heats up quickly, warm air disperses evenly, protected from overheating. There is a power indicator, you can adjust the temperature. Installed on the wall - compact and neat looks.See full review

xiaomi mi air purifier 3c ru air purifier, white logo

But I got a defective one, there was extraneous noise during operation, I returned the money back, I bought another aic 8500 on the same site, in addition to the hepo filter, there is a photocatalyst, deodorizer . I'm happy as an elephant . )See full review

tojiro tojuro set, 3 knives logo

The set is strong, they manage to do everything, I cut, saw, chop, chop, in short, all the cooking is now on them. until they fail. sharpness like new.See full review

boneco s200 aromatisation air humidifier, white logo

The humidifier works very well. No problems taking care of him. There is no white coating, which spoils the furniture very much. But the main purchase criterion was sterile steam, like here. It really won't burn, so we decided to leave the humidifier in our daughters' room.See full review

night projector star master starry sky 012-1361, 2.6 w, armature color: purple, plafon color: colorless logo

We use it every day, very comfortable and not too bright, good options for melodies, excellent fastening to the crib, provides comfort to the baby, does not bother. The baby is delightedSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum-mop essential robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

Excellent thing. Pros: A thing in terms of need in the house is next after the washing machine. And I like wet cleaning too. I stopped washing the floors in the house. Some cons: It is necessary to remove small things from the floor and belts, rags, etc. , so that they do not hang down, otherwise it them in and stops.See full review

saeco lirika one touch cappuccino coffee machine, silver logo

Great coffee machine. Pros below: Excellent value for money. Used for a few months with no problems. Large water tank and coffee container. Cons: Cleaning the milk system is a rather tedious process, but on the other hand, everything is quite easy to disassemble and, in principle, accessible for cleaning.See full review

black balaclava, balaclava, sports mask, one size logo

everything is sewn crookedly, the threads stick out, the edging of the mouth and eyes is sewn on terribly, half fell off at the first fitting - as a result, I stupidly threw it away on the same day as I bought it, I do not advise anyone to swear by ChinaSee full review

xiaomi mi robot vacuum cleaner 1s global robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

I have two cats. It is time consuming to vacuum every day. And now my miracle assistant robot vacuum cleaner does it. Thanks to the creators!See full review

diamond cutting disc di-star 1a1r esthete 11115421010, 125 mm 1 logo

Good disk. They cut ceramic granite tiles, the cut is even without chips. True, they did a wet cut, I don’t know how it will be on a dry one. The disk was centered.See full review

kettle smeg klf05, cream logo

I bought a 800 ml teapot in green as a gift, it is very beautiful, light, metallic inside, odorless, turns on with a pleasant click, boils quickly.See full review

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