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wall bracket arm media lcd-417, black logo

The kit contains everything you need for installation. All you need is a drill bit. Some pros: Build quality. The scope of adjustments in all planes, as for me, is ideal for the living room kitchen. With its cons: Mounting the TV, or rather fixing it on the bracket, I could come up with some kind of clips, and not two small bolts that you still need to crawl to.See full review

dosimeter scintillation radiacode-101 with spectrometer function logo

An excellent search dosimeter, quickly responds to gamma radiation sources, shows the spectrum and everything is also displayed on a smartphone, written in a magazine. I recommend!See full review

vacuum cleaner xiaomi mjcmy01dy, white logo

Not a bad product, but you can find a better one.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Has some pros: Great vacuum cleaner. A very necessary thing. I regret that I thought for a long time whether or not Cons: We received a vacuum cleaner, took it apart to see, it turned out that someone had already used it, and even did not bother to clean the filter. Not nice. Cleaned and decided to leave, not return.See full review

yokohama bluearth-es es32 195/65 r15 91v summer logo

Nice price, good quality.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good price with a discount from aliexpress. "Wheels here" disappointed, at the end of 2022 they sent rubber with a production date of 2022. From which "wormhole" did you get it and sell it?See full review

smartphone apple iphone xs 64 gb, nano sim+esim, space gray logo

The screen has moved away, now you need to do it, and this is a minimum of 5000, sends Apple support to those, you can’t contact the storeSee full review

cordiant sport 3 205/65 r16 95v summer logo

With its pros: Good wheels for a solid four, probably even with +. By water standards, by country mess of norms, by the ring road and the highway in general excellent. In a word, they are worth their money. My set of R17 50x225 cost 19k, the Koreans are much worse. I recommend . Has cons: Noisy, but I have a ten-year-old Mondeo, so maybe I need to change am)))))See full review

laser level bosch gll 3-80 professional (0601063s00) logo

I was very lucky, in the store the consultant himself offered to open and compare several options of a similar cost. In practice, it immediately became clear that Bosch is much better.See full review

video card msi geforce rtx 3050 gaming x 8g, retail logo

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A video card that has not yet crossed the line “I choose to buy a video card or a car”, so far it is the most normal choice. Released this year, not a beat is not beautiful, all the necessary new technologies are on board. You can play anything in 1080pSee full review

toilet house for cats savic nestor 56x39x38.5 cm white/black 1 pc. logo

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The house is just gorgeous! I reviewed everything on amazon, in terms of key parameters this toilet won everyone, in fact it turned out that way, the product is just super! The first indoor toilet solves the problem of flying litter! We have an Oriental, it is wild, with an ordinary toilet everything flew apart, even considering that the sides were different . Everyone is happy in general!See full review

27" xiaomi 4k monitor 27, 3840x2160, 60hz, ips, cn, black logo

Great product, best quality.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

In appearance, there is the same model with a resolution of 2K. Magneticcomver on the back, thickness of the stand support is 3 mm, the stand itself is metal. The case is made of nice smooth plastic. A light bulb on the bottom end, softly blinks when the backlight is off. Ports are modern - HDMI 2.1 (2x), DP 1.4. Includes USB-C and HDMI cables. The included HDMI transmits 4K 60Hz, just like USB-C. Transmit video and audio over a single USB-C. I heard that problems are possible when charging a maSee full review

game console microsoft xbox series x 1000 gb ssd, black logo

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I bought Xbox Series X in addition to PS5 to cover Boxing exclusives and play the multiplatform that interests me in a comfortable mode for me. My previous Boxing was the 360, I successfully skipped the Juan generation. Series X looks very cool, although many have hated its design, so strict, with smooth edges, it has perfectly taken its place in the interior. Nice and easy to use dashboard. There are not very many settings and categories, everything is intuitive. Gamep is generally a crazy thSee full review

matador mp 47 hectorra 3 185/65 r14 86t summer logo

Well, finally I got to the budget segment of the Continental concern. I tried both the conti and the gislaved, and now the trip to the south was faced with the task of buying new wheels. The budget is of course meager, so I decided to take Matodor. First of all, this is, after all, the Conti group, and secondly, there were no competitors among European tires at such a price. These tires left good impressions, delightful emotions. I would never have thought that for 3 thousand a tire could have cSee full review

continental contipremiumcontact 5 215/55 r17 94v summer logo

I was very pleased with the tires, before that I went to yokohama, dunlop, michellin. The difference between them and the Continental is huge; CPC 5 on the road behaves an order of magnitude better than the rest. Therefore, I think for the winter, too, take conti. I bought in Exclusive on Serdobolskaya I recommend everyone not to save on their own safety and choose the best tire manufacturer.See full review

synthetic motor oil zic x9 fe 5w-30, 4 l, 1 pcs logo

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Hydrocracked oil with the latest additive package. Perfect for turbocharged engines, as well. meets the latest requirements of the API SP standard, which is characterized by additional protection against LSPI (the effect of self-ignition of the fuel mixture during its compression at low speeds and loads). Imported oil of similar properties from other manufacturers (especially from the most famous ones) is much more expensive.See full review

wireless headphones jbl e25bt (live 25bt), black logo

The sound quality is satisfactory, and it looks like a decent model overall. However, there were several little bugs. If I accepted them as a present or if they were brand new, I would look for a different model or maker. Has some pros: • Sound. He is quite good. They fit well in the ear canals. • The colors black and mint are really fashionable. • Be sure to quickly charge. The charge is sufficient for around three days' worth of listening on the commute to and from work. Consists of: • ControlSee full review

a4tech g800v silent gaming keyboard logo

If you spill even half a glass of coffee or soda, and after that you can’t take it apart and clean it right away, then this is the death of the keyboard, my last g 700 died. I spilled something on it in the evening, then I played calmly, and the next morning it was all stuck together, I took it apart and cleaned it, but it didn’t work. I had to buy a new one. The second shortcoming eliminated is true. In games, the keyboard, when pressing additional keys, displays a small window with an indicatoSee full review

leash for dogs flexi new classic l tape 8 m red logo

Its pros: Very comfortable, the mechanisms work well, the shepherd dog withstands well. Has cons: It is not very convenient for the wife to hold in her hand, it is too big for her.See full review

helix hx8 synthetic 5w-40 logo

I ordered 4 liters and it came, it was packed perfectly and the whole canister. So far I liked it, I would like to check this oil. I have already driven about 7 thousand on this oil, the flight is normal.See full review

lamp led yeelight smart led bulb w3 (yldp005), e27, a60, 8 w, 6500 k logo

The goods came quickly, packed in a bubble wrap, the light bulb shines very well, there were no problems with pairing in the mi home application, everything is intuitive) I recommend the store!See full review

screwdriver with interchangeable bits sibrtech 13377, 4 pcs., blue/green logo

The manufacturer should pay special attention in the manufacture of screwdrivers to the alignment of the tip and the handle of the screwdriver, there is a slight deviation in the centering of the axis of the screwdriver, that is, the tip is slightly deviated from the center, of course this is not critical, but not very pleasant either.See full review

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