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gaming computer artel pc intel core i5-11400f (4.4 ghz), ram 16 gb, ssd 500 gb, nvidia geforce rtx 3060 (12 gb), windows 10 pro, black logo

And special thanks for the fact that the instructions indicated about the adapter, because I myself forgot about their presenceSee full review

car led bulb h7 dled ultimate s (set of 2 bulbs) logo

My personal usage insights.Different pros: Easy installation, great light, correct pattern. Different cons: The terminals need to be slightly adjusted (bend in a wave)See full review

h4 led lamp for car 2 pcs. led c6 (brighter than xenon) 12/24v 5000k 3800lm / led car lamp logo

In appearance, the quality of the lamps is not bad, nothing falls off, the glue does not stick out. But the light is dim. There is no clear boundary of light. Well, what I wanted for 550r.See full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

took 10 refrigerators for offices, the master repairman tried to repair it uselessly, in other companies they refused to go, all 10 refrigerators work like that. decide whether to pay a low price for such quality PS After the lapse of time, I decided to supplement the review: GUYS AND GIRLS READ THE PASSPORT (MANUAL TO TECHNOLOGY), and there it is written in black and white: "under the freezer there is a window, by opening which you can adjust the temperature of the refrigerator" well, I naturaSee full review

thermoregulator royal thermo smart heat white logo

Unpleasantly surprised "technical support". I was able to get through only after the third attempt. Twice the girl operator wrote down contacts, but no one called back. From the third time, the specialist read the instructions with me and shrugged. All the same, I would like the specialized consultants to know their products to a greater extent, and not read the instructions together with the client.See full review

sound amplifier 2.1 ( 2 * 50w + 100w ) class d on tpa3116d2 + blutooth 5.0 + aux logo

The speakers and subwoofer of the dead 5.1 from the BBK were connected to this device as 3.1 (to the central subwoofer). To watch movies just right, and even the wires were not required - the BT connects perfectly. Got pros: It works, BT connects, there are enough frequency settings for the channels - the sub is separate Has cons: At the maximum volume, it falls silent - you have to turn the volume up by 3/4 in order to control it from the TV set. The case is difficult to build in anywhere - theSee full review

digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

I bought it as a gift for a musician girl (she really liked it) at a New Year's discount, with free shipping, plus 2022 points from - thanks, nice Pros: The best budget piano 1. excellent sound (despite the fact that they write somewhere, it is supposedly quiet). Enough for an apartment, even the neighbors listen. 2. pedal included (read the instructions when connecting it, otherwise it may turn out that its action is inverted) 3. Full weighted full size keyboard 4. customizable metronome 6. AbSee full review

soldering station element 898bd, 700 w black logo

Its pros: Very convenient thermo-hair dryer, for which I bought this station. The soldering iron turned out to be at least as good as the Solomon SL-10. True, the sting bought separately. Fast access to operating temperature for both tools. Convenient temperature control. Compactness, the whole "complex" can be rearranged from place to place with one hand: there are convenient recesses on the top on the case. Has some cons: There are no replaceable tips for a soldering iron in the kit, regular See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Good TV for your money. The picture is normal for TV and movies in the background and before going to bed, the sound is normal for a small room (large margin) - no one will color and sound design on this device. Management is more or less convenient: the search is not very good, but Alice or the audio set is solved. Yes, not very smart - something like a Rostelecom set-top box - RAM would be good from 2 gigs, memory from 32 - it would be much better, but for some reason they don’t do it in this See full review


Gun phone! I call a lot at work, I work on the phone, it holds the battery very well, I had to reflash a little so that the call recording function became available. I mean automaticSee full review


Due to an accident shortly after changing shoes, it was not possible to deal with the quality of the goods (inspections / repairs). Whether it is possible to deal with it now - while without a clue. If it is not possible to make a return by marriage, then the assessment will not change. Has pros: It was the same tires, only R14 on the previous car, everything was flawless there, it clings to the road well Some cons: We purchased winter tires in September, installed them towards the end of OctobeSee full review


Good titanium, silent, there is a good economy function. Simple menu, easy to set up. We have bad water, usually a new titanium does not work for more than 4-5 years. On this we will do every year That, we'll see how long it lasts. They took it for 14750, cheaper than in our store for 2500.See full review


The speed at 5GHz dropped to zero (((( I started digging and on I found out that only channels are available for this dongle for 5GHz 36-64(((((on the router I set 8022022 AC\a\n mode for 5GHz and channel 64 (36-40 are full of neighbors). In the dongle settings (control panel\network and internet\networkcomnnections\TP-Link Wireless USB Adapter) set the mode for Wireless mode : IEEE 8022022 a\n\ac. And it became less happy)))) (ping 3-6 and speed in order).See full review

cycling helmet alpina plose mips black matt (cm:57-61) logo

Pros: The helmet looks good, light. I bought it as a gift for my husband, so I can't rate it myself. With its cons: The box is wrinkled and torn. Such products must be marked: fragile goods, so as not to be thrown or crushed. If I had not ordered to the partner point of issue, I would have returnedSee full review


I purchased a J10E of European assembly at Qashqai. 79 go to the European assembly 1.6, but these also fit and go longer due to the larger stroke of the rod, and there are more of them.See full review


"Mow and squint with pleasure, " said the husband. The trimmer coped with the wall of mustard with a bang. He dreamed of a bicycle handle for 2 years. He really had to adjust after the curved trimmer.See full review


Incomprehensible candles, incomprehensible manufacturer, there is no proprietary v-shaped notch on the central electrode, the resistance of the candles is different from 0.4-1.7 ohms and most importantly, the gap between the electric is different from 0.6-1.3See full review

hankook tire kinergy eco 2 k435 185/70 r14 88h summer logo

My firsthand product examination.There was no information about Kitvy. Let's see how they show themselves. The quality seems to be normal.See full review


By all indications, the oil is original. You can buy from this seller. Checked for freezing, remains in its condition. The color is original.See full review


Classic black color, everything you need is on the case, there is a music stand in the kit, it is convenient to use. It produces a distinctively good sound that can be connected through headphones, but it’s better without them) The keys are pleasant to the touch, there is a dullness, the keyboard, by the way, is full-sized, it is pressed easily, without straining, it absorbs well too. You can connect a pedal, one is included in the kit. It doesn’t take up much space, it’s compact, there’s more tSee full review

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