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electric scooter hiper triumph t105 (2022), up to 130 kg, black logo

Normal scooter for 20ks. Let's see what will happen with long-term operation. Too bad you can't drive it to work. But before the train back and forth there is enough charge. Saves travel time and money. It is more convenient to carry it in the folded state backwards due to the weight distribution.See full review

wheel rim k&k ks632 (16_duster) 6.5x16/5x114.3 d66.1 et50, 8.7 kg, silver logo

ordered 11/11/2022 and still haven’t reached me for 3 weeks in a row, the order is postponed for 7 days in front, and in those support they say that the order didn’t even reach their warehouseSee full review

armrest volkswagen polo sedan / volkswagen polo sedan (2009-2020) with magnetic attachment logo

Discussing this purchase.Pros: Compact, pleasant to the touch, the lid does not rattle Cons below: Doesn't stay on tight and can be easily removed if desired.See full review

digital piano casio px-s1000 white logo

Since childhood, I really wanted to learn how to play something other than nerves. And I'll buy myself some kind of musical instrument! A harmonica for example. And I bought myself a CASIO PX-S1000 digital piano in a white case. For a long time I went looking between four manufacturers: Casio, Yamaha, Korg and Roland. Korg immediately disappeared, because in my city I did not find anything cheaper than $ 1500 After a lot of walking and thinking? there is only one option left - Roland FP 30 in aSee full review

refrigerator biryusa 110, white logo

Among the common disadvantages, there is no normal warranty support. I live in Hong Kong, many SCs that are indicated in the documentation for the refrigerator no longer work with Biryusa. Those three worthless ones that are listed on the site are divided into districts, and so my district is apparently deprived, the SC fundamentally do not pick up the phone. There are also problems with communication simply with the manufacturer. They, apparently, are quite ah-whether there.See full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with large cuff and mains adapter logo

I specially took a large cuff, 45 cm. As I felt the inconvenience of using it, I tried to change the cuff (there is an old device - a semi-automatic device, also AND, a gray cuff by 42 cm). The device showed a cuff error and began to show 5-10 units of pressure more. I had to put everything back in place and get used to it. Got pros: Just enjoy. When the pressure "shocks" - it is problematic to perform some actions. This device is quite easy to put on, and for measurement - I poked a button, sinSee full review

roca the gap 893104100 wall-mounted toilet bowl with horizontal outlet chrome logo

Good afternoon, thanks to the seller delivered quickly, on the trail. day, everything is whole, without chips and cracks, easy to install, very cool, looks stylish, comfortable, the lid with a microlift works perfectly, I don’t even know how we lived without this function! Delight! ! Thanks to the manufacturer!See full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Ordered due to limited budget. Friends advised to take removable panels, as it is very hemorrhoids to stand on the grill itself. Based on the reviews, I chose this model and did not regret it. For this price it's perfect. Everything is perfectly fried, uniform and fast heating, visually attractive. There is a temperature controller. It unfolds, which makes it easier to wash and cook on two surfaces. The plastic is a bit flimsy (but once again I repeat that for this money, it’s even hard to critiSee full review

led headlight/led h7 logo

Lamps fully correspond to their description. They fit the car perfectly 👍🏼 installed quickly and without problems. The light is bright, exactly what I wanted.See full review

sewing machine janome juno 513, white/flowers logo

I chose the machine according to the principle - inexpensively and so that it had the necessary functions, namely a needle threader, overlock stitches. I settled on Juno 513 and did not lose. Everything I need - everything is in it. I bought an additional cover, but for the money that the machine costs, you can spend it on the cover. I rarely sew, but sometimes a machine is needed, so I was satisfied with my choice.See full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

Once every two weeks there are software ates, so it will work better Works through a router on the TLF cinema search and TV everything pulls. By subscription TV channels more. Super for a summer residence. Light fluff. Put it wherever you want, the main thing is that WI-FI reaches out and sit and watch if there is no other work. I adjusted the sound through the JBL speaker.See full review

royal black royal mile 175/65 r14 82h summer logo

The rubber looks good, I didn’t find any “jambs”, but taking into account the price in the current realities, it’s generally normal. Let's ride and see what happens next.See full review


It’s sad, of course, I bought it on Black Friday and somehow I believed that this thing can really cost a lot and the price at a discount of 1600 is quite good, but unfortunately, this charger is not worth even half of this cost. With its pros: If only the appearance of the packaging. Something like apple boxes. And that is all. Different cons: iPhone 13 pro, in order to charge, you must first dance with a tambourine, try a million different poses so that he finds it, and if suddenly a miracle sSee full review


When moving, the native stand of the samsyng TV was lost. As always, market helped out, where there is absolutely everything! I found this stand, everything fit the description, ordered it, delivery to my region is fast, packed perfectly. tempered glass pleased. Installed in place, screwed the TV with nuts, all the holes came up! I recommend buying!See full review


Mixed impressions. On the one hand, the chandelier still performs a decorative function, on the other hand, it looks cheap, but it is not cheap. Its pros: The lamp has an excellent design, for which it was bought. A neutral color temperature can be noted. Some cons: Didn't like the quality of the material. Plastic parts look cheap, and the hole in the shades is drilled with chips (on both lights)See full review


Some pros: 1). Gaming mobility. If a gaming laptop is not for you, then the Switch will help pass the time on a trip, business trip or vacation. And personally, I recommend the OLED model because of the brighter display. 2). Convenient location of buttons, triggers and joysticks. For those who are used to the XBOX controller layout, the Switch's layout will be pleasant and comfortable enough. 3). The presence of many games in the built-in store. Many not quite competent people (for example, AleSee full review


The mirror video recorder is excellent, easy to install, high-quality shooting both day and night. The mirror copes with its task with a bang. I recommend to all car enthusiasts.See full review


A normal product, if you conjure in UEFI and add electrical tape. The fan on this cooler is just rubbish, 0 points. But the radiator is very good, it is 5 points. The average is 3 points. Different pros: A powerful cooler regardless of money, the price of about $20 is the lowest possible. Conveniently fixed on s1151v2. Has cons: 1. Noisy fan that crackles at minimum speed. I set the cooler promotion by voltage in UEFI. Now the fan is not spinning 90% of the time. It turns on only for serious tasSee full review


I use it in programming in conjunction with mx master 3. It is very convenient if there are several computers - you can switch both the mouse and keyboard to another computer simply by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. Clave is great.See full review

t-shirt yandex yndx 1997, size l, milky logo

The T-shirt is made of thick and soft material. The T-shirt has certain easter eggs, such as a QR code that provides a lot of interesting information about museums. I would like to give special respect to the comrades from Kruzhok, they do it very well, it is always nice to support the domestic brand. And even more pleasant to a T-shirt from this capsule collection.See full review

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